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2021 Sep 1Z0-822 rapidshare

Q41. You and an associate named Frank administer a Solaris server. Frank will be responsible for monitoring system resource usage, so you set up a project entry for his account. Consider the following commands and output: 

Which is Frank’s default project? 

A. default 

B. clockfix 

C. user.frank 

D. group.staff 

Answer: B 

Q42. Changes were made to the application/pkg/server:default service when an administrator made modifications to add a local package repository. 

Which command should be used to identify the changes that were made to the application/pkg/server:default service? 

A. svcs –l application/pkg/server:default B. svcs –vx application/pkg/server:default C. svccfg –s application/pkg/server listprop 

D. svccfg –s application/pkg/server:default listcust –L 

E. svccfg –s application/pkg/server listpg 

Answer: D 


Q43. Which command reports the scheduling class a process falls under? 

A. ps 

B. priocnt1 

C. dispadmin 

D. rctladm 

E. prstat 

Answer: C 

Q44. You must configure a ZFS file system on an Oracle Solaris 11 server to share it over NFS. 

(rpool/export/share/data mounted on /export/share/data) 

The file system must be configured for read-only access and must assign anonymous users a UID of 0. The file system must allow read and write access for local users. 

Assuming all ZFS properties except mountpoint are at their default settings, which option supports these requirements? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 

Answer: A 

Q45. You capped the physical memory for the testzone at 50M. Which option would temporary increase the cap to 100M? 

A. rctladm –z testzone zone.capped-memory=100M 

B. rcapadm –z testzone –m 100M 

C. rcapadm –z testzone zone.capped-memory=100M 

D. prctl testzone –m 100M 

Answer: C

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Q46. You are considering using IPMP and Link Aggregation. Which two statements are true about these technologies? 

A. IPMP requires all interfaces to support the same bit rate. 

B. Both technologies can increase outbound bandwidth. 

C. Link Aggregation does not offer link failure protection. 

D. Link Aggregation requires all interfaces to support the same bit rate. 

E. IPMP supports load spreading across all interfaces for inbound traffic 

Answer: C,E 

Q47. You are creating a native Oracle Solaris zone that will be called zd1. The zone must have a virtual network interface configured. You use the following command to create the zone configuration: 

# zonecfg –z zd1 

zonecfg:zd1> create 

What is the minimum specification required to complete the configuration before the exit command is issued? 

A. A zonepath must be set. 

B. An anet resource must be added. 

C. No other configuration parameters need to be set. 

D. Both an anet configuration and a zonepath must be set. 

Answer: D 

Q48. Oracle has released a new version of the Solaris operating system and it is located in a repository on SRVA and is stored in the rpool/export/sllRepo file system. The repository is accessible to SRVB through the /remoteRepo NFS mount point. 

You need to add a local repository on SRVB in the /export/sllReleaseRepo file system. The repository will be an exact copy of the repository that is stored on SRVA. Currently, the only publisher on SVRB is: 

Which command must you use to copy the contents of the repository from SRVA to the local file system on SRVB? 

A. pkgrepo create /export/sllReleaseRepopkgrecv –s /remoteRepo –d /export/sllReleaseRepo 

B. pkgrecv –s file:///remoteRepo –d file:///export/sllReleaseRepo ‘*’ 

C. pkgrecv –s /remoteRepo –d /export/sllReleaseRepo ‘*’ 

D. pkgrecv –s /remoteRepo –d file:///export/sllReleaseRepo ‘*’ 

E. rsync –aP /remoteRepo /export/sllReleaseRepo 

Answer: A 

Q49. Which vmstat field output indicates the effort the system is making to find memory for future processes? 

A. re 

B. sr 

C. free 

D. fr 

Answer: A 

Q50. You decide to create a new rights profile to include a selection of Solaris authorizations and commands. The commands in your selection will require extra privileges. 

Which two files will you modify to add these privileges and authorizations? 

A. /etc/user_attr 

B. /etc/security/auth_attr 

C. /etc/security/prof_attr 

D. /etc/security/exec_attr 

E. /etc/security/prof_attr.d/core-os 

F. /etc/security/auth_attr.d/core-os 

Answer: A,C 

Reference: (See rights profiles)