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2021 Jul 1Z0-822 braindumps

Q31. You must configure your server to use IPMP with probe based failure detection enabled. Which statement is a valid constraint or feature that applies to this requirement? 

A. Link-based detection is supported only on Genetic Land Driver version 2 (GLDv2)-complaint NICs. 

B. GLDv2 NICs are not supported in Oracle Solaris 11. 

C. GLDv3 NICs configured for link based detection by default. 

D. You must first disable link based detection before configuring probe-based failure detection. 

Answer: D 

Q32. Your organization uses a fixed base configuration for all Oracle Solaris native brand zones that are created. You want to configure your server so that it will use your company template when the create command is issued. Identify the preferred way to accomplish this. 

A. Change the /etc/zones/SYSblank.xml link to link to your company template and use create –b. 

B. Set the default_template property in the system/zones service to your company template. 

C. Change the /etc/zones/SYSsolaris.xml link to link to your company template. 

D. Set the zone_default_template parameter in the /etc/default/zones file. 

Answer: C 

Q33. Which sequence of commands will create a virtual network interface? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 

Answer: A 

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23824_01/html/821-1458/gfkby.html 

Q34. What is true about crash dump configuration? 

A. The minfree value can be to protect a percentage of available disk space. 

B. The default size of the dump device is configurable. 

C. You can use one ZFS volume for both swap and dump. 

D. You can set quota on a ZFS dump device. 

E. When set on the dump device, the minfree value sets the total size of the dump device to be a percentage of the total size of the root pool. 

Answer: C 

Q35. You want to configure an anonymous IPMP group. 

Which method lets you enable this behavior? 

A. Set the config/transitive-probing property to true in the svc:/network/imp:default service. 

B. Use the ipadm set-ifprop command to set the anonymous property to true for the IPMP interface. 

C. Edit the /etc/default./mpathd file and set TRACK_INTERFACES_ONLY_WITH GROUPS=no. 

D. Set the config/anonymous property to true in the svc:/network/ipmp:default service. 

Answer: C 

Reference: http://simplex.swordsaint.net/files/solaris_11_training_material/man_05.pdf (page 944, last para) 


Latest 1Z0-822 exam question:

Q36. Examine the following information: Which statement describes the user auuser audit mask? 

A. All failed and successful lo events, all failed and successful am events will be logged, no ss events will be logged. 

B. All failed and successful lo events, all failed and successful am events and successful ss events will be logged. 

C. All failed and successful lo events, all failed and successful am events and failed ss events will be logged. 

D. All failed and successful lo events and all failed and successful ss events will be logged. 

Answer: A 

Q37. What can you retrieve using a vmstat command? 

A. the number of kernel threads active on the system 

B. the amount of physical memory available on the system 

C. the rate of system calls made on the system 

D. the amount of time spent on paging activity 

Answer: A 

28. User Frank is a member of two projects. He currently has a process running. He needs to move the process from its current project to the other project. Which command must Frank use to determine the process’ task ID? 

A. projects 

B. prtcl 

C. id 

D. ps 

Answer: D 

Q38. Yon are using the svc:/network/http:apache22 service to manage your web server. 

You have noticed that this service starts as the root: user and later changes to a nonprivileged user called webservd. You do not want this service to operate as the root user and any time. Which option correctly describes how you could achieve this task? 

A. Modify the privileges in the service configuration. 

B. Add an authorization to the webservd users' rights' profile. 

C. Create a webservd role with a modified exec_attr entry. 

D. Modify the PHIV_AWARE state of the service configuration. 

Answer: A 

Q39. Your company has set a policy that all Oracle Solaris 11 instances must have a backup boot environment created whenever software packages are added, removed, or updated. The current boot environment must not be modified. The backup boot environment must represent the system image before the procedure and the new boot environment must represent the image before the procedure. The image properties on your system are as follows: You are instructed to install the top utility. 

Which two will allow the top package to be installed on the system while adhering to the company policy? 

A. pkg property pkg-install=backup-bepkg install top 

B. pkg set-property be-policy create-backuppkg install top 

C. pkg install --be-name BE2 top 

D. pkg set-property be-policy always-newpkg install top 

E. pkg set-property create-backup truepkg install top 

Answer: D 

Q40. You are about to configure an AI server and you need to determine if NWAM is configured, if the system has a manually configured IP interface. Which command gives you this information? 

A. nscfg list 

B. netadm list 

C. netcfg list 

D. svcs network/physical 

Answer: C