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2021 Sep 1Z0-822 brain dumps

Q71. Select the two requirements of all interfaces in an IP network multipathing group (IPMP). 

A. be statically configured 

B. have test IP addresses configured 

C. have data IP addresses configured 

D. be connected to the same IP subnet 

E. have the same set of STREAMS modules 

Answer: B,D 

Q72. Your organization uses NFS to share data from Oracle Solaris servers to Oracle Solaris clients. For the nfsmapid daemon to work properly the client and server must be on the same domain. 

Select the location that has the highest precedence when the nfsmapid daemon searches for a domain name. 

A. the nfsmapid_domain parameter in the mapid SMF service. 

B. the nfsmapid_domain parameter in the /etc/default/nfs file 

C. the domain name in the /etc/default/domainname file, if it exists. 

D. a_nfsv4idmapdomain TXT record found by the configured domain name servers 

Answer: C 

Q73. You are asked to configure your system to save crash dump information. While choosing a directory to save the dump data, you consider protecting a minimum amount of free space.  What is the default minimum free space in a crash dump directory? 

A. By default, the minimum free space is 10% of the size of the dump volume. 

B. By default, no minimum free space is set. 

C. By default, the minimum free space is 1 MB. 

D. By default, the space is determined by the amount of swap space. 

E. By default, the spat e is determined by the amount of memory installed in the system. 

Answer: C 

Q74. Assume you are on a system that has a valid use account johnjay Consider the following command-line invocation: 

rolemod –p “Network Administrator,All,Stop” johnjay 

What is the result? 

A. The user will not acquire profiles allowed in /etc/secutity/policy.conf 

B. There is no effect. The user acquires all profiles before the Stop profile is read. 

C. The system will return an error. 

D. The user gets Network Administrator profile and all profiles listed in the All macro. 

Answer: D 

Q75. Consider the following: 

What is true concerning this publisher's Signature Policy? 

A. Only packages from this publisher must have at least one valid signature. 

B. All manifests from this publisher must have a cryptographic signature. 

C. All newly installed packages must have at least one valid signature. 

D. Signed and unsigned packages from this publisher can be installed. 

Answer: D

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Q76. Which four configuration elements are managed by the dumpadm utility? 

A. the location of the dump device 

B. the location of the savecore directory 

C. the index number for the next core dump 

D. the reserved file system space that a core dump may not use 

E. the compression of the crash dump file 

F. the size of the dump device 

Answer: A,B,C,D 

Reference: (dumpadm command, see the table) 

Q77. What is the effect of configuring privileges via the zonecfg utility? 

A. It forces every /one process to run with the same privileges. 

B. It restricts zone processes to the inherited set of zsched's privileges. 

C. It restricts zone processes to the inherited set of zoneadmd's privileges. 

D. It removes some privileges that are normally available in the zone. 

E. It can add some new privileges to or exclude some default privileges from the zone. 

Answer: C,D 

Q78. Which two statements correct regarding Link Aggregations? 

A. The MAC address of the first configured link is used for all links. 

B. A link with an existing IP interface cannot be added to an aggregation. 

C. The switch must support the Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP). 

D. Links of differing bit rates can be aggregated, but performance gains may not be realized. 

E. The –f option of dladm allows aggregating devices that do not support link state notification. 

Answer: B,E 

Q79. You are configuring a system on your network that was installed using LiveCD. You configured applied a static IP address to the system. You now need to configure a default router. Assume that name services are file based and the router’s IP address is 

Which two methods should you use to configure a default route on this Oracle Solaris 11 system? 

A. svccfg –s network/physical setprop config/defroute=;svcadm refresh network/physical; svcadm restart network/physical 

B. svccfg –s routing/route setprop config/defroute=;svcadm refresh routing/route; svcadm restart routing/route 

C. Add the IP address to the /etc/defaultrouter file and run route add default 

D. netadm modify –p ncp DefaultFixed set-prop –p defroute= 

E. ipadm set-prop –p defaultrouter= 

Answer: B 

Q80. Which two zpool subcommands will permanently remove a submirror from active storage pool? 

A. remove 

B. detach 

C. destroy 

D. offline 

E. replace 

F. split 

G. zpool does not permit this operation on an active storage pool unless the submirror faults. 

Answer: A,B