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2021 Oct 1Z0-822 practice test

Q1. You created a virtual network of three zones. 

One network hosts a web server. 

Another hosts an application server used by the web server. 

The third zone host a video streaming application. 

You already configured a flow to prioritize the video traffic over the web server traffic. You now need to continuously monitor the flow. 

Which tool must you use to gather the flow data? 

A. the system activity reporter (SAR) 

B. extended accounting 

C. the flowstat command 

D. the kstat utility 


Q2. Can you change the scheduling class of a zone's processes to FSS without rebooting? 

A. No. Set the zone's scheduling-class attribute to FSS and reboot. 

B. No. Run dispadmin –d FSS inside the zone, then reboot. 

C. No. Run dispadmin –d FSS in the global zone, then reboot the nonglobal zone. 

D. Yes. Run dispadmin –d FSS inside the zone. 

E. Yes. Run priocntl –s –c FSS –i all inside the zone. 


Q3. Your task is to configure storage for an Oracle Solaris 11 system to support multiple web servers. Each web server will be contained in a separate zone. The system has an attached disk array configured as a JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks). The system also has an internal solid-state drive. 

The data accessed through the websites will be primarily read-only. The web servers are expected to be very busy, so configure the storage for maximum performance. Because the data is primarily static, but redundancy is required to maintain high availability in the event of a hardware failure. Data does not change often, but it is expected that the same data will be accessed many times throughout the day. 

Which configuration option best meets the data storage requirements? 

A. a raid2 storage pool with a separate log device 

B. a mirrored storage pool with a separate cache device 

C. a mirrored storage pool with a separate log device 

D. a three disk striped storage pool with a separate cache device 

E. a raidz1 storage pool with a separate log and cache device 


Q4. Frank is a member of two projects on you system. He has a process running in a project called project-clock and needs to move it under the other project he belongs to. 

Which command must Frank use to move the process? 

A. setproject 

B. newtask 

C. projmod 

D. prtcl 


Q5. You are using AI to install a now operating system. You add the following information to the AI manifest: 

<configuration type=“zone” name=“dbzone source=“”/> 

Which statement is true regarding the zone.cfg file? 

A. It is a text file in a zonecfg configuration format. 

B. It is an AI manifest that specifies how the zone is to be installed. 

C. It is an XML file in a form suitable for use as a command script file for the zonecfq command. 

D. It is an profile with keywords that are specific for configuring a zone as part of the installation 

E. It is an XML file that specifies the zonename, zonepath, and other zonecfg parameters. 


Updated 1Z0-822 test questions:

Q6. Which statement is true regarding an aggregation? 

A. Its member links must all have the same range of operating speeds. 

B. It can be called out by its link name or by its integer key. 

C. Its LACP mode sets the behavior to active or passive. 

D. Its default L2 policy is round-robin. 


Q7. You are about to configure resource controls for a nonglobal zone. You want to first examine settings as well as the system limits for those controls. 

Which command fetches this Information? 

A. priocntl 

B. zonecfg 

C. rctladm 

D. prctl 


Q8. Which two statements are true regarding the audit_remote plugin and the audit service? 

A. audit_remote is not loaded by default. 

B. The standard service port defined by IANA is 16162. 

C. Audit records are sent to all configured remote hosts. 

D. The required GSS_API mechanism is kerberos_v5. 

E. The maximum number of audit records queued before sending is 100. 

Answer: A,D 

Q9. You appended a site-specific Rights Profile to the /etc/security/prof_attr file. Which file will be updated as a result of this operation? 

A. /etc/security/prof_attr.d/local-entries 

B. /etc/security/prof_attr.d/prof_attr 

C. /etc/security/prof_attr.d/core-os 

D. /etc/user_attr 


Q10. You administer an Oracle Solaris 11 system that uses a user-defined Network Configuration 

Profile (NCP). You now need to modify the DNS name servers. Select the profile type that you will need to modify. 

A. Automatic-NCP 

B. Location profile 

C. Network Configuration Unit 

D. External Network Modifiers