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2021 Nov 1Z0-822 free practice questions

Q51. Which three statements describe Solaris 11 boot environments (BEs)? 

A. A full backup of your OS image is provided. 

B. Packages can be installed and uninstalled in an inactive BE. 

C. The OS can be upgraded in an active BF while the system is live without impacting production. 

D. A new BE can be created from the snapshot of an existing BE. 

E. A BE can become active without rebooting the system. 

F. An active BE can be unmounted and upgraded without impacting production. 

Answer: C,D,F 

Q52. You are creating a new SMF service named newservice. You perform the following steps: 


What is the next step that you must perform to install this service? 

A. Enable the service 

B. Export the service 

C. Import the service. 

D. Create a snapshot of the service to be stored in the repository. 


Reference: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/systems/articles/smf-example-jsp-136458.html (See first three bulleted points on the page) 

Q53. Which is the result of the following command? 

# zfs send –i dpool/sales/qrreports@qtrreport dpool/sales/qrreports@mth3qtrreport 

A. An error message will be sent to standard error. 

B. The dpool/sales/qrreports@qtrreport snapshot is saved to disk. 

C. The dpool/sales/qrreports@mth3qtrreport snapshot is saved to disk 

D. The difference between the First snapshot and the second snapshot will be written to disk 


Q54. What is true regarding an IPMP group? 

A. All underlying interfaces are physical Ethernet links. 

B. All interfaces connect to the same switch. 

C. It does not persist across reboots. 

D. Testing for failover can be done using the ipadm delete-ipmp command. 


Q55. What are targets for IPMP probe-based failure detection configured by? 

A. responses to SNMP requests 

B. specifying host routes in the routing table 

C. specifying hosts in /etc/default/mpathd 

D. setting the property svc:/network/ipmp/config/transitive-probing 


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Q56. You administer an Oracle Solaris 11 server. You created an IPS repository and set the pkg publisher origin. You did not configure the pkg/service service. 

What type of access have you provided for your now repository? 

A. a file interface repository 

B. a local host-only repository 

C. a testing-interface repository 

D. a pkg.depotd configured interface 


Q57. Identify two acceptable values for a <dependent> element in a service manifest. 

A. require_all B. optional_all C. optional_any D. restart_on 

E. none 

Answer: B,D 

Q58. Choose two true statements regarding signed IPS packages. 

A. A signature takes the form of an action statement in a manifest. 

B. A package can be signed before adding it to a repository. 

C. A package manifest may contain more than one signature. 

D. Only one organization can apply signatures to a given package. 

Answer: A,C 

Q59. You added an interface to the IPMP group ipmp0 with the following commands: 

# ipadm create-ip net4 

# ipadm add-ipmp –i net4 ipmp0 

Which statement regarding the newly added interface is correct? 

A. Link state failure detection will not occur. 

B. Probe-based failure detection will not occur. 

C. Without a data IP address, it cannot become active. 

D. These changes will be lost when the system is booted. 

Answer: A,C 

Q60. The following command is issued: 

pkg set-publisher –P publisher2 

What is the impact on your system? 

A. makes the specified publisher sticky 

B. makes the specified publisher the highest-ranked publisher 

C. displays information about the specified publisher 

D. moves the specified publisher one step higher in the search order 


Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19963-01/html/820-6572/gkksw.html (see example 3-26)