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2021 Jan 1Z0-822 brain dumps

Q11. Consider the following ZFS configuration: 

You have created snapshots of the homo directories which are as follows: 

You have another storage pool named bpool on the same system. You use the following command to store the snapshots in this pool: 

# zfs send rpool/export/home@11.28.12  | zfs recv –f bpool@11.28.12 

What will be created in the pool bpool as a result of this operation? 


A. bpool/export/home/bpool/export/home/curly 

B. bpool/export/home/bpool/export/home/curlybpool/export/home@12.25.11 

C. bpool/export/home/bpool/export/home/curlybpool@12.25.11 

D. bpool/curlybpool/curly@12.25.11 

E. bpool/curly 

F. bpool/curly 


Q12. Given the following commands and output: 

Which statement summarizes this sequence of commands? 

A. The BE solaris in the Global zone is the same BE that is listed in the third command. 

B. The BE solaris-1 is activated to boot when the ozone zone is rebooted. 

C. The BE solaris-1 was created when the BE solaris-2 was created. 

D. The BE ozone2 is a BE of a zone with the zone name ozone2. 


Q13. You are the primary administrator for a set of Oracle Solaris 11 servers. You noticed some changes to configuration files. Yon are concerned that someone may have unauthorized access cm that an authorized user may be abusing the access privilege. You want to track users of these systems to determine what tasks each user performs. Select the best way to gather this information. 

A. Solaris auditing 

B. the system/event service 

C. the system-logging service 

D. Basic Audit Reporting Tool 

E. System Extended Accounting 


Q14. You are the administrator of on Oracle Solaris 11 Al server. 

You added a client. Then you created a custom manifest, custom criteria, and a custom profile for the client. 

You made an error in the package path within the custom manifest. 

When will the error appear? 

A. when the manifest is checked during client preinstall 

B. when the manifest is used during client install 

C. when the manifest is updated on the AI server 

D. when the manifest is added to the AI server 


Q15. You have assigned rights profiles directly to the uses frank and now you want to add another profile. Which command enables you to list profiles directly assigned to frank? 

A. userattr profiles frank 

B. profiles –p frank 

C. useratter –p frank 

D. profiles frank 


Reference: (see the example 9-1) 

Update 1Z0-822 exam prep:

Q16. You added an update to the system using a support repository updates (SRU) image: 

# mkdir /SRU 

# mount –F hsfs /var/tem/sru-name.iso  /SRU # pkgrecv –s /SRU/repo –d /export/IPS/repo ‘*’ 

You now want to clear all catalog, search and other cached information from this package repository. Select the command that clears cached data. 

A. pkg refresh 

B. pkgrepo rebuild 

C. pkgrepo refresh 

D. pkg.depotd restart 


Q17. Examine the following command: 

ipadm create-addr -T static -a net0/v6 

Which two statements are true? 

A. The interface is plumbed. 

B. The interface is marked down. 

C. The netmask value is ffffffc0. 

D. The link local IPv6 address fe80::112 is created. 

E. Multicast datagrams are not enabled on this interface. 

Answer: C,D 

Q18. The publisher is available on this server. A new repository has been created in the /export/sllReaseRepo file system and you want to add the gzip package to this repository. Which is a valid method for adding the gzip package to the /export/sllReleaseRepo repository? 

A. pkgrecv –s –d /export/sllReleaseRepo gzip 

B. pkgrecv –s /export/sllReleaseRepo –d gzip 

C. pkgrecv –s pkgrecv –d /export/sllReleaseRepo gzip 

D. rsync –aP –d /export/sllReleaseRepo gzip 


Q19. Partial output of the command zonecfg into displayed as follows: 


name: zone.cpu-shares 

value: (priv=privileged,limit=20,action=none) 

Upon booting the zone, you receive this warning: 

WARNING: The zone.cpu-shares rctl is set but FSS is not the default scheduling class for this zone. FSS will be used for processes in the zone but to get the full benefit of FSS, it should be the default scheduling class. Which action resolves the issue? 

A. In the global zone, run the command dispadmin –d FSS. 

B. In the nonglobal zone, run the command dispadmin –d FSS. 

C. Change the zone resource control value to (priv=privileged,limit=20,action=none,default) 

D. Modify the general/scheduler property in the svc:/system/zones:default service. 


Q20. Your organization uses NFS to share data from Oracle Solaris servers to Oracle Solaris clients. The server currently has an NFS share configured for the rpool/export/data file system. A client is currently mounting this file system. As administrator, you add a new file system rpool/export/data/yesterdays_data, and copy data into the new file system. 

Which action is required for the client currently mounting the rpool/expor/data file system to access the new data? 

A. The rpool/export/data/yesterdays_data file system must be mounted. 

B. No action is required because the data is automatically made available. 

C. The rpool/export/data file system must be remounted. 

D. The nfs/client server must be restarted.