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2021 Sep 1Z0-559 exam answers

Q11. A customer has an IT group that needs to be able to plug in USB 2.0 devices. Which three steps do you need to take in order to allow USB redirection in a Windows 7 virtual machine? 

A. Prepare virtualmachinetemplate, ensuring thata USB 2.0 controlleris enabled on thevirtualmachine 

B. EnableUSB support in the Pool settings tab 

C. Create local useraccountsin the virtual machine 

D. Import the prepared virtual machine asatemplate into the Oracle VDI host 

E. It you are using VRDP, enable COM port mapping 

Answer: A,B,E 


Q12. Which key combinations can be used on a Sun Ray Client to check the firmware version currently installed? 

A. Props-M and Alt-Pause-M 

B. Stop-V and Ctrl-Pause-V 

C. Stop-C and Ctrl-Pause-C 

D. Stop-Fand Ctrl-Pause-F 

Answer: B 


Q13. Kerberos requires some specific configuration on the Active Directly server prior to setting up the user directory in the Oracle VDI Manager. Select three options that apply. 

A. Kerberos authentication must be enabledin Active Directory. 

B. The /etc/krb5/krb5.conf file must be enabled in Active Directory. 

C. Ensure that each ActiveDirectory forest has a global catalog server. 

D. You must set theForestFunctionalLevelto Windows2008 or Windows 2008R2 if theDomain Controller isrunning on a Microsoft Windows2008 or2008 R2server. 

E. Ensure thatthe Active Directory server has at least 4GB RAM and a 2.8GHz CPU minimum. 

Answer: A,C,D 

Reference: steps 1, 2 and 3) 

Q14. You are designing an Oracle VDI environment for a customer. The customer has told you that the desktop clients may or may not be on the corporate LAN. Furthermore, the bandwidth is high, but the latency may or may not be very reliable. 

What ALP element is an advantage in this type of scenario? 

A. It primarily uses theTCX-based protocol to deliver graphics to the screen. 

B. It uses the local CPU on a PC to help with graphic performance. 

C. It uses the local memory on a PC to help with graphic performance. 

D. It primarily uses the UDP-based protocol to deliver graphics to the screen. 

E. It uses Microsoft RDP to help handle the bandwidth and the latency to the client. 

Answer: A,E 


26. While setting up Oracle VDI, it is discovered that Sun Ray Clients are not being automatically updated to the latest firmware. Which two actions need to be taken to enable automatic firmware updates when they are connected to the network? 

A. Usethe utfwadmcommand to populate the /tftpboot directory on the firmware server 

B. Use the utfwload command to populate the /tftpboot directory on the firmware server 

C. Configure option 66 in DHCP, or sunray-config-serversin DNS to point to the firmware server. 

D. Configure option 49 in DHCP, or sunray-servers in DNS to point to the firmwareserver 

Answer: A,C 


Q15. The smart card has several functions when used with a Sun Ray client. Which function is not possible when using a smart card with a Sun Ray or Oracle Virtual Desktop Client (OVDC)? 

A. Access toaWindowsXPdesktop session with pin based certificate authentication 

B. Using OVDC withasmart card to connect to a desktop session 

C. Using a Proximity card readerconnected to a Sun Ray Client 

D. Access to PKI certificates stored on the smart card 

E. Connectinganexternal USB card reader to Sun Ray or OVDC 

Answer: A 


Far out 1Z0-559 sample question:

Q16. You are about to enable maintenance mode on the Desktop Provider storage servers. Which statement correctly describes the desktop state at this point? 

A. Thedesktops hosted on the storage are migrated to storage attached to a different DesktopProvider. 

B. All new desktop clonesforthatDesktop Provider are rerouted tootherDesktop Providers. 

C. The storage is disabled and the desktops are either suspended or shutdown.The desktopsareunavailable until the server is re-enabled. 

D. Any new access to any Desktop Provider within Oracle VDI is suspended until the maintenance modeis completed and the servers are re-enabled. 

Answer: C 

Reference: 8.6.2) 

Q17. Identity three Kiosk Session types that are provided by Oracle. 

A. Sun Java Desktop System 3 

B. Flexible Kiosk Mode 

C. Sun Virtual Desktop Access 

D. VMware View Manager Session 

E. Web Kiosk Mode Browser 

F. Generic X Session 

Answer: A,C,F 

Reference: the image) 

Q18. Users cannot log in to their desktops and after investigation it seems to have started right after the primary LDAP server went offline. What settings need to be the same on the primary LDAP server and backup LDAP server so that VDI will continue to operate? 

A. Thesame security level, TCP port, base dim, and credentials 

B. Thesame hostname,LDAP server, MAC address, and baseDN 

C. The sameDNSname, baseDN, SSLcertificates,andversion ofLDAP 

D. The same toot password, base DN, SSI certificates, and forest configuration 

Answer: D 


Q19. You are designing an Oracle VDI deployment for a call center where there is minimal desk space and a minimal number of power outlets. Which client configuration should be chosen? 

A. A PC running the OVDC 

B. Theintegrated SunRay 3i 

C. Thesmall form factor Sun Ray3 

D. Sun Ray3+withtwo monitors 

Answer: B 


Q20. You are asked to build an Oracle vim pilot. What is the minimum hardware requirement for the Oracle VDI core services? 

A. At least one 2.0GHz x86-64CPU, 4GBRAM, and 32GB ofdisk space 

B. At least one 2.0GHz x8o CPU,1GB KAM, and 64GB of disk space 

C. At leastone SPARCT-Series CPU, 2GB KAM, and 64GB of disk space 

D. At least two 2.6GHz x86-64 CPU's, 8GB RAM, and 32GB of disk space 

Answer: A 

Reference: 2.2.1)