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2021 Dec 1Z0-559 practice question

Q1. All hosts in the same Oracle VDI center must use the same  . 

A. amount of RAM 

B. CPU speeds 

C. storage provider 

D. operating system 

E. disk size 


Reference: Supported installation platforms for Oracle VDI, first para) 

Q2. Identify the Desktop state where the desktop is assigned, but is not currently in use or the user has logged off. 

A. Available 

B. Used 

C. Idle 

D. Reserved 

E. Unresponsive 


Reference: 5.4.2, Idle) 

Q3. Which three statements are true when implementing personal hard drives? 

A. The assignment type for desktops in the pool must be manual. 

B. The Desktop Provider type must be either Oracle VM VirtualBox or Microsoft Hyper-V. 

C. Thedesktop must be a Microsoft Windows desktop. 

D. System preparation must be enabled for the pool. 

E. The userdirectory must be Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition. 

Answer: B,C,D 


personal-hard-drives(5.7.9, see the bulleted points) 

Q4. Oracle Virtual Desktop client on a user's PC is unable to connect to a VDI server on another subnet, even though a Sun Ray Client on the same network works correctly. What would cause this? 

A. Access has not been enabled on theVDIserverfor OVDC Clients. 

B. OVDC uses a differentprotocol which might be blocked by a firewall. 

C. OVDC does not support the encryption method configured for use on the server. 

D. OVDC is intended for use with Secure Global Desktop, not Sun Ray Server. 



Q5. You are installing an Oracle VDI center that consists of a primary host only for a customer. Is this a supported configuration? 

A. Yes, only on Solaris10platforms. 

B. Yes,it issupported. 

C. Yes, butonly if you have a remote database configured. Otherwise, it is not supported. 

D. No, itis not supported unless it has a primary and secondary VDI host configured. 



Replace 1Z0-559 download:

Q6. Which two statements are correct about the default Oracle VDI built-in database configuration? 

A. Thesecondary database is not active unlesstheprimary host is unavailable. 

B. Allnon-primary VDI Center hosts have a read-only copy of the database. 

C. The first secondary hostadded to the VDI Center runs a slave database. 

D. There is one primary host and two secondary hosts in a VDI Center always. 

Answer: A,C 

Reference: 2.1.2) 

Q7. Oracle VDI 3.4 enhances the video quality rendered by ALP, allowing HD quality on the Sun Ray 3 plus clients. How is this accomplished? 

A. The CPU on the Sun Ray clientis leveraged more on3.4compared to otherversions ofOracleVDI. 

B. The memory ofthe Sun Ray client does local decoding of the video streamfrom the Sun Ray server. 

C. TheGPU onthe Sun Rayclientdoes local decoding of the video stream from the Sun Ray server. 

D. The ALP protocol has beenmodified to automaticallyuse lossless compression when handling thevideo stream. 



Q8. Which statement is true with regards to Oracle VDI automatic installation? 

A. Oracle VDIincludes aninstallationscript to automate the installationof Oracle VDICoreSoftware. 

B. OracleVDI includes an installation script to automate only theinstallation of Oracle VDI,but not Sun Ray services or VirtualBox. 

C. OracleVDI includes an installation script to automate the installation of OracleVDICore Softwareand by defaultaremote MySQLdatabase. 

D. OracleVDIdoesnot include any installation scripts thatautomate theinstallation ofOracle VDI core. You must manually install all the tore pieces one by one. 



Q9. Identify the mechanism for combining one or more network interfaces to provide better throughput and failover capabilities. 


B. Port authentication 

C. Spanning Tree 

D. Link Aggregation 

E. Dedicated link 


Reference: 7.5.2) 

Q10. Oracle VDI can be operated with or without smart cards. By default it configured for both card and non-card sessions. How do you require smart cards and deny users without smart cards? Identity the two correct answers. 

A. Using the command utpolicy in theCLI 

B. Using the kiosk mode pagein the Sun Ray Webadmin GUI to enable the session type 

C. Using the kiosk mode script when the smart card is inserted 

D. Using the system policy page In the Sun Ray Webadmin GUI to change the policy