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2021 Dec 1z0-238 exam question

Q91. Identify three facts that you should consider when planning a shared APPL_TOP Oracle Applications installation. (Choose three.) 

A. It supports a shared Applications technology stack. 

B. Overall disk space requirements may not be reduced. 

C. It can maximize system availability and meet additional usage requirements. 

D. It provides for utilization of distributed AD, improving patch application efficiency. 

E. Administrative tasks, such as patch application, need to be carried out only once. 

F. It provides flexibility because Oracle homes in a shared APPL_TOP are not required to be at the same patch level. 

G. It provides versatility because APPL_TOP can be shared across nodes running operating systems that are not binary compatible. 

Answer: C,D,E 

Q92. R12 Rapid Install sets the APPL_TOP directory value to _____. 

A. <base directory>/<SID>APPL 

B. <base directory>/APPL<SID> 

C. <base directory>/<db_name>APPL 

D. <base directory>/apps/apps_st/appl 

E. <base directory>/<context_name>APPL 


Q93. Applying a patch in Pre-Install mode performs which three actions only? (Choose three.) 

A. generates JAR files 

B. reads product drivers file 

C. relinks all the executables 

D. performs file copy actions 

E. performs version checking 

F. relinks FND and AD executables only 

Answer: D,E,F 

Q94. Sam has to apply a patch on his Oracle Applications system. He has already brought down the services on the application tier. The database tier and the database listener are up and running. He goes through the readme of the patch and discovers that three prerequisite patches need to be applied on the system before applying the main patch. Now, Sam needs to check if these prerequisite patches have already been applied to the system, so he decides to extract this information from the database. Identify the tables that would help him in extracting the above information from the database. (Choose all that apply.) 

A. ad_bugs 

B. fnd_bugs 

C. ad_patches 

D. ad_patches_applied 

E. ad_applied_patches 

Answer: A,E 

Q95. When you run an autopatch session, the AutoPatch utility prompts you to mention batchsize to be used for the current session along with a suggested value. What is the significance of batchsize while applying the patch? 

A. batchsize determines the number of parallel workers to be used during the autopatch session. 

B. batchsize determines the number of scripts that would be run in parallel during the autopatch session. 

C. batchsize determines the number of objects that would be compiled in parallel during the autopatch session. 

D. batchsize determines the number of rows that would be committed when certain scripts are run during the autopatch session. 


Updated 1z0-238 exam answers:

Q96. As an Applications DBA, you have been asked to apply a patch that updates the Applications Context file and runs AutoConfig. The application does not work properly with the new, updated application environment. What should you do to roll back an AutoConfig session? 

A. Use the script which is located at <INST_TOP>/admin/out/<MMDDhhmm>. 

B. Use the script which is located at <INST_TOP>/admin/log/<MMDDhhmm>. 

C. Use the script which is located at <APPL_TOP>/admin/log/<MMDDhhmm>. 

D. Use the script which is located at <INST_TOP>/admin/out/<MMDDhhmm>. 


Q97. Which piece of information is captured as part of the Patch Impact Analysis of a particular patch? 

A. prerequisite patches that can be merged and applied 

B. objects that would be rendered invalid after applying the patch 

C. objects that would be dropped from the database during patch application 

D. prerequisite patches required by the patch along with the readme of each patch 


Q98. A company has implemented Oracle Applications Release 12. It wants to configure a system that sends emails to key database administrators (DBAs) when a tablespace in the Oracle Applications database does not have adequate free space. Identify which component in the Oracle Applications technology layer performs this task. 

A. Oracle Alert 

B. Oracle Workflow 

C. Oracle E-mail Notification 

D. Oracle Applications Framework 


Q99. Which Oracle Applications environment file compiles and links custom Oracle Forms user exits and concurrent programs with Oracle Applications R12? 

A. fndenv.env 

B. devenv.env 

C. adovars.env 




Q100. On a database server that uses a Windows platform, there are two ways to stop a database. One way is to go to the Windows Services window, and then click Stop. Which is the other way (on a Windows platform)? 

A. $ stop normal 

B. $ stop <SID> 

C. C:> addbctl.cmd stop normal 

D. C:> addinctl.cmd stop <SID> 

E. C:> addbctl.cmd shutdown immediate