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2021 Dec 1z0-238 free practice questions

Q21. You run adcfgclone.pl on the target node. It completes with errors. Where can you locate the log files for the database and application tiers? 

A. On the database tier: 


On the application tier: 


B. On the database tier: 

RDBMS $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/ApplyDBTier_<timestamp>.log 

On the application tier: 


C. On the database tier: 


On the application tier: 


D. On the database tier: 

RDBMS $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/<context>/ApplyDBTier_<timestamp>.log 

On the application tier: 



Q22. In Oracle Applications R12, the Applications modules (packaged in the formsapp.ear file) are deployed to the OC4JForms instance. Identify the ORACLE_HOME used by this OC4J instance. 

A. 8.0.6 

B. 8.1.7 

C. 10.1.2 

D. 10.1.3 



Q23. Sam has to apply a patch on his Oracle Applications system. He has already brought down the services on the application tier. The database tier and the database listener are up and running. He goes through the readme of the patch and discovers that three prerequisite patches need to be applied on the system before applying the main patch. Now, Sam needs to check if these prerequisite patches have already been applied to the system, so he decides to extract this information from the database. Identify the tables that would help him in extracting the above information from the database. (Choose all that apply.) 

A. ad_bugs 

B. fnd_bugs 

C. ad_patches 

D. ad_patches_applied 

E. ad_applied_patches 

Answer: A,E 

Q24. AD Administration contains a utility named Maintain Snapshot Information. Which statements correctly describe the functionality of this utility? (Choose all that apply.) 

A. You can create a copy of an existing snapshot. 

B. You can delete the current view snapshot. 

C. You can create a list of the current view and named snapshots stored in your system. 

D. You can export an existing snapshot to a file for storage or to another system. 

E. You can update the current view snapshot with any changes to the snapshot since the last update. 

Answer: A,C,D,E 

Q25. Identify the environmental variable that defines to which ORACLE schema the System Administration responsibility connects. 







Refresh 1z0-238 brain dumps:

Q26. You just brought the middle tier back after a hardware problem has been fixed. Oracle Applications now experience problems with an entire product group of forms (fnd), which includes the sign-on form. 

You decide that you will generate the forms files in AD Administration to see whether this will fix the problem. 

You answered the prompts from the utility as follows: 

1. Do you want to generate Oracle Forms using your current character set? (Yes) 

2. Do you want to regenerate Oracle Forms PL/SQL library files? (Yes) 

3. Do you want to regenerate Oracle Forms executable files? (Yes) 

4. Do you want to regenerate Oracle Forms menu files? (Yes) 

5. Enter the list of products, or enter 'all' [all]: (fnd) 

6. Do you want to generate specific form objects for each selected product? (Yes) 

7. Enter libraries and menus to generate, or enter 'all' [all]: (APPCORE.pll, the main library) 

8. Enter forms to generate, or enter 'all' [all]: FNDSCSGN.fmx 

The utility finished with no errors in the log file. 

What is the outcome of running the adadmin utility? 

A. All forms in the product group fnd now render with errors. 

B. All forms in the product group fnd now render without errors. 

C. All forms but one in the product group fnd now render with errors. 

D. All forms but one in the product group fnd now render without errors. 


Q27. The AD Administration task utility Compile APPS Schema is similar to the "Validate APPS Schema" task, except that instead of just producing a list of invalid objects, it compiles invalid objects using multiple workers in an attempt to move them back to the valid object state. This task is most often run when custom packages are moved into the APPS schema, and during the upgrade process. The "Compile APPS Schema" task can be toggled to compile all objects or just the invalid objects. Choose three correct benefits of using this task. (Choose three.) 

A. increases run-time performance in the applications 

B. corrects all corrupt schema package bodies and headers 

C. finds truly invalid objects before users get a run-time error 

D. allows new custom or patched packages to be immediately validated 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q28. What are the prerequisites (minimum version) at the operating system level before cloning an environment in Oracle Applications Release 12? 

A. tar version 4.x (Minimum) and zip version 3 (Minimum) 

B. perl version 5.x (Minimum) and zip version 2.3 (Minimum) 

C. gzip version 2.5 (Minimum) and tar version 5.0 (Minimum) 

D. gunzip version 5.x (Minimum) and perl version 5.x (Minimum) 

E. perl version 2.3 (Minimum) , zip version 5.x (Minimum), and gunzip version 5.x (Minimum) 


Q29. In your Oracle Applications R12 E-Business Suite implementation, the database is corrupt. To resolve it, the database Java Virtual Machine (JVM) was reloaded. Identify the type of problem that may occur and the related correct solution. 

A. Problem: Many invalid objects are found in the APPS schema. 

Solution: Run the "Validate APPS schema" task by using the adadmin utility. 

B. Problem: All Oracle Applications Java classes are missing. 

Solution: Run the "Reload JAR files to the DB" task by using the adadmin utility. 

C. Problem: The Application screen display does not come up with one of the installed language characters. 

Solution: Run the "Convert Character set" task by using the adadmin utility. 

D. Problem: The Application window does not show any of the Accounts Receivables data. 

Solution: Use the "Compile/Reload Applications Database Entities" option from the adadmin utility. 


Q30. The Oracle Applications R12 database administrator (DBA) runs the "Recreate grants and synonyms for APPS schema" task by using the adadmin utility when grants or synonyms are missing from the database. Which three causes are responsible for this? (Choose three.) 

A. incomplete database migrations (exports or imports) 

B. patch and administrative sessions that failed to run successfully to completion 

C. invoking PL/SQL routines to maintain multilingual tables by adding missing, untranslated rows 

D. installing or maintaining Oracle Applications R12 E-Business Suite underlying database components or options such as Replication 

Answer: A,B,D