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2021 Jun 1z0-238 vce

Q151. As an Oracle Applications DBA, you are asked to bring up the Oracle Applications R12 environment, which is restored from backup. You try to start the services and find that the startup scripts,, and are missing. Identity which utility you will use to re-create these scripts? 






Answer: C 

Q152. During the AutoUpgrade process, a worker process fails to complete the assigned job, and updates the status as failed. The Review worker status window of AD Controller also shows that the worker status is failed. The log file shows that one of the tables that needs to be updated is locked, and the worker is waiting for the lock to be released and timed out. If the job is deferred after the worker fails, what do you do next? 

A. Resolve the error and restart the failed job. 

B. Review the worker log file and resolve the error. 

C. Restart the failed job and verify the worker status. 

D. No immediate action is required unless the job fails again. 

Answer: D 

Q153. You decide to bring up the database manually while cloning Oracle E-Business Suite R12. Identify the options of that you would choose to successfully complete the clone on the database tier. 

A. dbTechStack only 

B. databaseTechStack only 

C. database and dbconfig <Target CONTEXT_NAME>.xml 

D. dbTechStack and dbconfig <Target CONTEXT_NAME>.xml 

Answer: D

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Q154. Which option is required when using the Applied Patches Advanced Search feature in OAM? 

A. Patch ID 

B. Language 

C. Server Type 

D. Applications System Name 

E. Product that owns the patch 

F. Applied From Date and To Date 

G. APPL_TOP where the patches were applied 

Answer: D 

Q155. You suddenly start receiving errors indicating that there are numerous Java files in the database that are corrupted and cannot be run. You determined that you must reload the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to fix the errors. In addition to reloading the JVM, what Oracle database utilities, if any, do you need to run and why? (Choose all that apply.) 

A. Compile the Menu information to restore Java menu files to the application forms. 

B. Reload JAR files to the database because after reloading the JVM, the Java class files would be missing. 

C. Compile the APPS schema because after the JVM has been reloaded, APPS permissions need to be reestablished. 

D. None of the Oracle database utilities need to be run because by reloading the JVM, all corrected Java files are corrected with the new files loaded during this process. 

Answer: B 

Q156. Which directory in Oracle Applications R12 contains ORACLE_HOME used for the tools components of the Applications technology stack? 

A. apps/tech_st/8.1.7 

B. apps/tech_st/8.0.6 

C. apps/tech_st/10.1.3 

D. apps/tech_st/10.1.2 

E. apps/tech_st/10.2.0 

Answer: D 

Q157. A patch was applied successfully last night to the Oracle Applications environment to fix a bug. To check the bug fix, the Applications DBA accessed the "Bug Fixes Report." There are 1,000 files displayed in the report. The intended file for the bug fix does not appear. What should the Applications DBA do next? 

A. Access the Timing report. 

B. Check readme.txt for postinstallation steps. 

C. Start the Oracle Application Manager (OAM) process. 

D. Use the filter to reduce the number of files in the report. 

E. Reapply the patch on the Oracle Applications environment. 

Answer: D