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2021 Aug 1Z0-559 answers

Q21. Before templates or snapshots can be created, which two elements must be configured on the Oracle VDI environment? 

A. Network 

B. Authentication 

C. Storage 

D. Desktop Access 

E. Visualization 

Answer: A,C 


Q22. When you configure multiple Companies in VDI, the domain field is not displayed on the Oracle VDI login screen in order to maintain privacy. Instead, the user must provide the company information as part of their login. What are the three options for providing the company information? 

A. userid@domainname, userid@companyname, user's badge ID 

B. userid@domainname, userid@companyname, <user's mail address) 

C. userid@domainname, companynameuserid, <user's mail address> 

D. userid/domainname, <user's mail address>, company password 

Answer: B 


Q23. Which combination of Oracle VDI software modules will be installed with the command vda-install? 

A. VDIcore,VDI Center Agent, MySQLDatabase,VDIWeb server, RDP Broker,JRE, and Sun Ray Server 

B. VDIcore,VDICenter Agent, MySQLDatabase, VDI Webserver, VirtualBox, Sun Ray Client,JREand Sun Ray Server 

C. VDI core, VDIcenterAgent, MySQL Database,VDIWeb server, VirtualBox, RDP Broker,Sun RayClient,JRE, and Sun Ray Server 

D. VDIcore, VIM CenterAgent,MySQL Database, VDI Web server,VirtualBox, RDP Broker,Sun RayClient,andSun Ray Server 

Answer: A 

Q24. For registered token-IDs, you can override the default session type policy. Which three session types can you select? 

A. Card 

B. Kiosk 

C. Regular 

D. Solaris 

E. Default 

F. Alternative 

Answer: B,C,E 

Reference: figure 7.2) 

Q25. Sun Ray connector for windows RDP settings can be configured through the VDI admin GUI or the command line. What is the correct option for enabling upstream audio? 

A. –r soundin:on B. –r soundin:high C. –r sound:in 

D. –r sound:high 

Answer: B 


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Q26. Which two hypervisor options do not support template revision management from the Oracle VDI admin GUI? 

A. OracleVirtualBox 

B. Microsoft Windows2008Hyper-V 

C. VMware vSphere 

D. Citrix XenDesktop 

Answer: B,C 


52. Your users are complaining that their Sun Ray clients are no longer connecting to their Oracle VDI session. The users state that there is an hour glass on the screen and the OSD icon is showing the number 21. Which condition will cause this OSD code to appear? 

A. When the Sun Ray clientis downloading now firmware 

B. Whenthe VPN connection is attempting to connect or reconnect 

C. When DHCP services are notresponding 

D. When thereis no access to the VirtualBox VMs 

Answer: C 

Reference: 21) 

Q27. Which three platforms are supported for the Oracle Virtual Desktop client? 

A. Windows 7 

B. Wyse OS 

C. iPad iOS 

D. Solaris 10 

E. Apple Mac OS X 

Answer: A,C,E 


Q28. From a CLI, which command will display a detailed view of the backup command syntax? 

A. /opt/sun/cacao2/bin/cacaoadm –h 

B. /opt/SUNWvda/sbin/vda-center –h 

C. /opt/SUNWvda/sbin/vda-backup–h 

D. /opt/SUNWvda/sbin/vda –h 

Answer: C 

Reference: restore.html(see step 1) 

Q29. Which two methods can be used to create specific group of users that can be assigned to a pool of desktop in Oracle VDI? 

A. Createanow directory group on theLDAPor ADserver 

B. Create a custom group filter within the Oracle to VDI Center 

C. Create a custom group by using the Sun Ray server AdministrationGUI 

D. Add specificusernames to the Group key in the MySQLdatabase 

E. Create a now groupin /etc/groups and add user names to it 

Answer: B,C 


Q30. When configuring Oracle VDI to use kerberos for authentication with Active Directory, you use kinit to manually test the validity of the kerberos configuration on your VDI host. This check falls. What is a possible cause? 

A. Language setting on VDI host differs from that on AD controller 

B. Solaris kerberos linkages needto be updated 

C. Solaris hosthas not been addedto AD as an authorized client 

D. System time/date on Solaris differs too greatly from that on the AD controller 

Answer: A