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2021 Oct 1Z0-559 study guide

Q41. Which two guest operating systems are supported when deploying a VMware vSphere Desktop Provider within Oracle VDI? 

A. Oracle Linux 5.6 

B. Windows 2000 SP4 

C. Windows 7 

D. Oracle Solaris 10 

E. Windows XP 

Answer: B,E 


Q42. Which three OS platforms need to have the Sun Ray Connector Windows components installed? 

A. Windows7on VMwarevSphere 

B. Windows 7on Microsoft Hyper-V 

C. Windows7on VirtualBoxover VRDP 

D. Windows7on VirtualBox over RDP 

E. Linuxon VirtualBox over VRDP 

F. Solarison VirtualBox over VRDP 

Answer: A,B,C 


Q43. Which Oracle VIM component protocol has the highest requirement for network bandwidth? 








Q44. Which command do you run, to check the status of the Oracle VDI Database? 

A. vdbstat -all 

B. vdi-db status 

C. vda-sql status 

D. vda-db-status 


Reference: 8.5.3) 

Q45. If you wanted to quickly add a Microsoft AD user directory to your Oracle VDI center for testing, what would be one way you could do that without having to do any extra configuration on the OVDI hosts? 

A. Choose theLDAP option in the Oracle VDI AD setup wizard 

B. Choose the Kerberos optionin the Oracle VDI AD setupwizard 

C. Choose thePublicKey Authenticationoptionin the Oracle VDI ADset up wizard 

D. ChoosetheOracle Directory server In the Oracle VDIAD setup wizard 



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Q46. Which hypervisor is required when presenting multi monitor Windows XP VMs? 

A. MicrosoftHyper-V 

B. VMware vSphere 

C. OracleVMVirtualBox using MSRDP 

D. OracleVMVirtualBox using vRDP 



Q47. There are five Desktop States in Oracle VDI. Identify the correct list. 

A. Ready, Idle, Active, Reserved, Maintenance 

B. Available, Ready, Used, Maintenance, Recycle 

C. Available, Idle, Used, Reserved, Unresponsive 

D. Ready, Active, Idle, Reserved, Unresponsive 

E. Active, Idle, Used, Maintenance, Recycle 


Reference: desktop states) 

Q48. Some companies have multiple sites that are geographically separated. Users sometimes travel from one site to another and require access to their desktops from their home VDI Center. Global Oracle VDI Centers . 

A. allow VMs tobe"hot" migratedbetween in a data center 

B. have nothing to do with geographically separatedVDIcontort and are used as an administration tool, providingasingle point of administration for allVDIenvironments for multipleindependent companies 

C. enable a singleVDIenvironment to host Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for multiple independent organizations 

D. extend the "hotdesking"experience of asingle VDI environment to encompass multiple VDIenvironments 


Reference:, first para) 

Q49. After setting up the user directory on your Oracle VDI center, you are told that the security level needs to be changed. If you have already chosen the connection type, is it still possible to change the security level? 

A. Yes, you can change the sosecuritylevel, but onlyif you have defined additional fallback hosts. 

B. Yes, it is possible to change the security level, but only if additional Fallback hosts have not yetbeen defined. 

C. Yes,it is possible to change the security level, but only if you are using AD. 

D. No,itis notpossible tochangethe securitylevels in either LDAP or Active Directory. 


Reference: 3.11.2) 

Q50. When trying to setup a new company you realize that the system will not let you add Active Directory to your environment. You have verified that Active Directory and the network are set up correctly. You have also verified that the VDI core server is configured and networked correctly. Which condition would prevent you from adding Active Directory to your environment? 

A. The IP address and diskspaceon the host are not configured correctly. 

B. WindowsLicenseagreements will cause ActiveDirectory to denyahost to be added asaguest. 

C. IP-SEC and Virtualizationcompatibility on the VDI core server will cause this issue. 

D. Kerberos and time synchronization must be configured correctly on the OracleVDIcore server. 



73. A user asks you to explain how his Oracle VDI session is delivered to his client device as a desktop. Which statement is true? 

A. Oracle VDIbrokers access automatically managed virtual machines based on directory assignments. 

B. By ITassignment and manual user creation of datacenter-based VMs. 

C. Oracle VDI is using KVM overEthernetto grantaccess toyour physical desktop stacked in thedatacenter. 

D. It is not. Oracle VDIis only for servervirtualizeddesktops.