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2021 Oct 1Z0-822 vce

Q21. Your company requires all nonglobal zones to have a limit on the number of processes. The policy is designed to prevent runaway processes from impacting the global zone and other nonglobal zones. To set a limit on processes, you set the following controls: 


name: zone.max-processes 

value: (priv=privileged,limit=1000,action=none) 


name: zone.max-lwps 

value: (priv=privileged,limit=5000,action=deny) You must now enable system logging for the zone.max-processes resource control to record when the limit is exceeded. Which command enables system logging for a resource control? 

A. priocntl 

B. zonecfg 

C. rctladm 

D. prctl 


Q22. Which three options will take precedence over one-another in a local zone that uses the Fair Share Scheduler? 

A. the global resource control zone.cpu-shares 

B. the global default scheduling class 

C. the local zone attribute scheduling-class 

D. the local zone attribute cpu-shares 

E. the scheduling class of the pool assigned to a zone 


Q23. You need to configure three zones. 

-zone1 will run an HTTP server, zone2 an application server, and zone3 a database. 

-zone1 must be accessible to clients on other systems. 

-zone2 and zone3 must not be accessible to the outside world. 

-zone2 and zone3 must also communicate without going through zone1. 

Identify the correct requirement. 

A. zone1 will need a VNIC to connect to a physical Ethernet link. 

B. zone1 will need at least two VNICs. 

C. zone2 and zone3 will need a dedicated etherstub. 

D. One etherstub will be necessary. 

E. A flow is needed to filter HTTP requests to zone1. 


Q24. Which utility/service must you use to set processes with FSS by default? 

A. priocntl 

B. svc:/system/scheduler:default 

C. dispadmin 

D. projmod 


Q25. To reduce the use at storage space on your server, you want to eliminate duplicate copies of data in your server's ZFS file systems. How do you specify that pool1/data should not contain duplicate data blocks on write operations? 

A. zfs create –o compression=on pool1/data 

B. zpool create –o deduplication=on pool1 ; zfs create pool1/data 

C. zpool create –o dedupratio=on pool1 ; zfs create pool1/data 

D. zfs create –o dedupratio=2 pool1/data 

E. zfs create –o dedup=on pool1/data 


Refresh 1Z0-822 test question:

Q26. You are tasked to reconfigure zone1 to use virtual interface vnic1 as its network interface. Which two steps must be included? 

A. Disable IP Filter and IPsec. 

B. Configure the NWAM NCP to Automatic. 

C. Change the shared IP zone to an exclusive IP zone. 

D. Reboot zonal so that changes made with zonecfq take effect. 

E. From the global zone, set the IP address of vnic1 and configure the default route. 

Answer: C,E 

Q27. You configured IPMP on the system: 

Based on this information, select the correct conclusion. 

A. No default route is configured. 

B. in.mpathd cannot identify failed interfaces. 

C. There are no active interfaces in the group. 

D. There are three standby interfaces in the group. 

E. The property transitive-probing is false. 


Q28. You are mentoring a colleague who recently added a local7.notice entry to the /etc/syslog.conf file. After restarting the logging service, your colleague notices that no new records are being logged and asks for your help. Included in the file are these entries: 

… (19)*.alert root (20)*.emerg* (21)local7.notice /var/log/Appx.log … 

While running the syslogd process in debug mode, you notice the following: 

You examine the /var/adm/messages file: 

Jan 6 00:23:10 so111-server  syslogd: line 21: unknown priority name “notice ” 

What do you identify as the cause of the problem? 

A. There is a control or nonprintable character at the end of line 21 in the /etc/syslog.conf file. 

B. The application that logs to /var/log/Appx.log does not support the notice priority. 

C. There is an extra space in line 21 in the /etc/syslog.comf file. 

D. The facility local7 does not support the notice priority. 


Q29. ou have a server that has two zones configured. These zones use the pool named pool_zones. Examine the following configuration information: 

The system has four CPUs. Assume that both zones are under heavy load. Examine the following partial output: 

Which option describes the values you would expect to see for the CPU field for the zones? 

A. approximately 40% for z1 and approximately 60% for z2 

B. approximately 60% for z1 and approximately 40% for z2 

C. approximately 20% for z1 and approximately 30% for z2 

D. approximately 30% for z1 and approximately 20% for z2 

E. approximately 25% for z1 and approximately 25% for z2 


Q30. onsider the following command: 

dispadmin -c IA -g -r 1000000 

Which statement correctly describes the result? 

A. The quantum will be reported in milliseconds. 

B. The quantum will be output every 1000000 milliseconds. 

C. The quantum will be reported in microseconds. 

D. The quantum will be output every 1000000 microseconds.