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2021 Aug 1Z0-807 practice exam

Q51. You have been recruited by an online retailer of footwear to conduct a review of their online systems. Your primary Finding is that the development team has implemented duplicated complex business logic as Java scripts directly into the JSPs, causing performance, scalability, and maintainability issues.

Which two design patterns would you select to improve the current code base?

A. View Helper

B. From Controller

C. Composite View

D. Service-to-Worker

E. Business Delegate

Answer: BD

Q52. During a security audit, it is noted that your application is vulnerable to SQL Injection attacks.

Which two action would you perform to address this vulnerability?

A. Use parameterized stored procedures with the embedded parameters.

B. Add a text input validation filter to check user-supplied data.

C. Configure user permissions in the deployment descriptor.

D. Configure security roles in the deployment descriptor.

E. Deploy the Internet facing nodes in a well defined demilitarized zone (DMZ) layer.

F. Use parameterized stored procedures with the principle of least privilege.

Answer: AB

Q53. You are the architect for a patient management system with an HTMLUI. Currently, it is used by ward nurses who access the system using dockable tablet computers. The application uses the HttpSession object to store information.In phase two of the implementation, nurses will also have access through smart phones. These phones will use a native client rather than HTML, and will access the same business logic using a Web service.

Which two are optimal methods to manage conversational state in the new version of the system?

A. The HTML UI and native clients both use HttpSession objects.

B. The HTML UI and native clients both use stateful session beans.

C. The HTML UI and native clients both use stateless session beans.

D. The HTML UI uses an HttpSession object, native clients create a session management object.

E. The HTML UI and native clients both use singleton beans.

Answer: BD

Q54. Which is an objective of the Strategy pattern?

A. To provide a way to configure a class with one of many behaviors

B. To define an object that encapsulates how a set of objects interacts

C. To define the skeleton of an algorithm, deferring some steps to subclasses

D. To decouple an abstraction horn its implementation so that the two can vary independently

E. To define a family of algorithms, encapsulate each one, and make them interchangeable

F. To allow subclasses to redefine certain steps of an algorithm without changing the algorithm's structure

Answer: A

Q55. You are implementing an online music that will store and play a user’s collection of songs. You want users to rate their songs and view the top songs from friends. All queries must complete in four seconds or less.

Which approach would meet the response time requirement with minimal overhead?

A. Java class that uses JDBC with embedded SQL

B. Java class that uses an optimized stored procedure

C. JPA entity class with a lazy fetching strategy

D. JPA entity class with an eager fetching strategy

Answer: B

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Q56. Blue Berry Corporation, one of the biggest fruit traders in Canada, has the biggest competitor, Red Cherry Corporation. Blue Berry uses a web application that is developed by using java technologies, whereas Red Cherry’s web application uses non-Java technologies. Blue Berry plans to share business sensitive, transactional data between the two systems by integrating them in a loosely coupled manner.

Which technology should be used to this?




D. RMI over IIOP


Answer: B

Q57. Which two functions are essential parts of a service oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure?

A. The service provider, which executes business logic in a stateless fashion

B. The service consumer, which accesses services from the service repository

C. The service repository, which stores software component metadata

D. The service broker, which delivers well-defined service-level agreements

E. The service look-up facility, which provides a central resource for naming and access

Answer: AC

Q58. Your company is creating a Java EE corporate wide workflow system in winch significant internal business events are consumed by multiple applications. Due to multi-year development plans, many of these applications do not exist yet, even at the design stage.

IT has defined standard data formats for these events in the form of small XML documents.

Also, the rules for how an application filters and processes events are not fixed In advance and can change over the life or the application.

Which combination of technologies is best for distributing and consuming these events throughout the company?

A. Relational database and JDBC

B. HTTP client library and servlets

C. Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and stateless session beans

D. Java Message Service (JMS) topics and message-driven beans

E. JMS queues and message-driven beans

Answer: D

Q59. Which two statements are true about transport-layer security?

A. It applies to both a message body and its attachments.

B. It is loosely coupled with the transport-layer protocol.

C. It is an end-to-end security mechanism.

D. It prevents the captured data from being replayed at a later time.

Answer: AD

Q60. Which two statements are true about security strategies at the message level?

A. Messages are secured during transport and after arrival at their destination

B. Each portion of a compound message is secured.

C. SSL is required to ensure authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality.

D. Message attachments are secured without the need for a dedicated API.

E. Security is dependent on the application environment or the transport protocol.

Answer: AD