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2021 Jul 1Z0-807 practice exam

Q21. Which two statements are true about delegation as an Object-Oriented Design technique?

A. It is applied to a system only at compile time.

B. It is an essential element of the Singleton pattern.

C. It allows you to replace Inheritance with composition.

D. In Java technology, it is always implemented through the use of generics.

E. It always requires that at least two objects are involved in handling a request.

Answer: CE

Q22. YourDocs is an application that retrieves PDF documents of selected topics from both trusted and untrusted websites. It has been developed using a non-Java technology. You are designing your Mlearn, a mobile-based e-learning application, which will be implemented in Java. You plan to integrate YourDocs with your application.

Which web service technology would you choose to Integrate YourDocs into the YourMLearn application?





Answer: D

Q23. You are the operations architect for a large online retailer. During peak times, your set of monitored applications exhibits non-reproducible errors. The data center is growing at 50% per annum, while your team headcount remains constant.

Which method would you use to implement an affective monitoring strategy?

A. Use the Visitor pattern to collect per-JVM statistics and store them centrally.

B. Use the Strategy pattern to encapsulate collection logic for each JVM.

C. Use the Thread Tracker to monitor the JVMs directly.

D. Use the Observer pattern to monitor each JVM directly.

Answer: D

Q24. You are conducting a security audit for a web application that uses URL rewriting. The application does not allow for user-generated content and is accessible only via secured VPN.

Which two security threats would you prioritize in your audit?

A. SQL injection

B. Cross-site scripting

C. Parameter-site manipulating

D. Session hijacking

E. Denial-of-service attacks

Answer: CD

Q25. Oasis Corporation has decided to develop a single Instance multi-tiered application with its existing EIS resources. You are the technical lead for the Integration team responsible for providing the following:

A common Interface that can easily access the heterogeneous EIS resources

Generic transaction mechanism support for EIS resource managers

A connection pool to legacy EIS resources

Which two technologies would you use to meet these requirements?






Answer: BC

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Q26. Which two are objectives of the Abstract Factory pattern?

A. To create whole-part hierarchies

B. To create families of related objects

C. To enforce dependencies between concrete classes

D. To specify the types of objects to create by using a sample instance

E. To separate the construction of a complex object from its representation

Answer: BC

Q27. StockTeller is a Java-based application designed to retrieve the current market for a portfolio of publicly listed stocks. You have been tasked to design a bolt on module for StockTeller called EBroker, a Java E-based online application that needs to asynchronously communicate with StockTeller to retrieve market prices for securities in a secure manner.

Which web service technology would you choose to integrate StockTeller into the EBroker application?

A. JAX-WS using HTTP




Answer: B

Q28. You are designing a new subsystem to store and scratch for user commands in a fashion company’s website. On class, CommentManager, is responsible for accessing comment data and providing read-only access to other objects in the subsystem.

Which two implementation details are necessary for the Cementmanager class?

A. The storage mechanism implemented in CommentManager must be private to CommentManager.

B. All the accessor and mutator methods in CommentManager must have the static modifier in their declarations.

C. The comments must be assessable directly only within CommentManager.

D. CommentManager should be a singleton object.

Answer: AC

Q29. Which two are significant advantages of developing web applications with JavaServer Faces (JSF)?

A. JSF pages can be previewed outside the web container.

B. Backing beans can be unit tested outside the web container.

C. Client-side validation mechanisms are automatically generated.

D. JSF pages can be integrated with AJAX.

Answer: CD

Q30. ABC Travel offers a night reservation service, exposed as a web service. XYZ Stays offers a hotel reservation service, also exposed as a web service. ABC and XYZ will not change their web service. A startup company has contacted you for advice about designing a new service that combines flight and hotel reservations, which they will offer as a web service.

The startup company plans to provide their service by implementing a portable Java EE solution that aggregates the two services offered by ABC Travel and XYZ Stays, a combined reservation succeeded.

Only if both the flight reservation and the hotel reservation succeed Which is the most effective way to meet the business requirement?

A. The startup company should implement their new service as a web service that uses an XA transaction manager.

B. The startup company cannot implement their new service as a web service, but must use an enterprise JavaBean (EJB) component to gain transaction propagation.

C. The startup company should implement their new service as a web service by calling the two existing services, and implementing their own compensating transaction.

D. The startup company can implement their new service as a web service by calling the two existing services in a single transaction, relying on transaction propagation to support this business rule.

Answer: C