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2021 Jun 1Z0-807 practice

Q41. Which two statements are true about RESTful web services?

A. They can be both stateful and stateless.

B. They support the use of AJAX in web applications.

C. They are often similar than their Simple Object Access protocol (SOAP) equivalents.

D. They are independent of the transport protocol.

E. They support Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and message-Oriented Middleware (MOM) integration styles.

Answer: BC

Q42. Your development team wants to use Google Guice. A previous architect assigned this request a low priority, citing the complexity of integration and no compelling benefits statements from the requesting team.

The team claims that their colleagues have achieved the integration using a pattern. This pattern reduced the level of difficulty and risk and did not require vendor support.

Which pattern fits this description?

A. Context Holder

B. Service Starter

C. Dependency Injection Extender

D. Bean Locator

Answer: C

Q43. A business application that runs in an Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) container must communicate with a transactional third-party service. The communication technology must allow changing service providers without changing the application’s business model.

Which technology would meet these requirements?

A. Java Message Service

B. Remote Method Invocation

C. Simple Object Access Protocol

D. Java Connector Architecture

E. Java Business Integration

Answer: A

Q44. A manufacturing company has a large investment in a legacy Inventory Management System (IMS) developed with third-party technologies. You have been asked to design a Java EE application that interacts with it.

You would like to ensure the following:

Minimal application code is required to parse the communication messages.

Communication is asynchronous and stateless.

Performance import of the existing system is minimal.

Which two technologies combined would meet these requirements?






Answer: BD

Q45. You are the lead technical designer for a new B2C retail application. A key goal is to minimize design and build complexity in order to maximize speed to market.

Which three features of JPA make it the most appropriate technology to use in building the persistence layer of the application?

A. JPA ensures thread safe semantics

B. JPA ensures optimal database access logic

C. JPA does not require an FJB container

D. JPA provides vendor-neutral database access

E. JPA provides ACID semantics

F. JPA provides transparent scalability

Answer: CDE

Up to the immediate present 1Z0-807 practice:

Q46. You are using an open source integration framework in your project. However, key interfaces do not explicitly define several strange conditions you have repeatedly seen while testing.

Which option is the name given to the anti pattern described above?

A. Composite View

B. Leaky Abstraction

C. Asynchronous Interaction

D. Golden Hammer

Answer: B

Q47. Which two statements apply to unsigned applets?

A. They can access the client file system.

B. They can connect to third-party servers.

C. They can connect to the originating host.

D. They can invoke public methods of applets on a page.

E. They can load native libraries.

Answer: CD

Q48. A company that sells avatar skins tor virtual reality environments has a static website for advertising their wares. The website was built using What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) html editor and also contains a lot of JavaScript. The company now wants to add server side processing capabilities developing a shopping application, the company is considering using JavaServer Faces (JSF)

Which statement is true?

A. The JavaScrip code has to be rewritten to conform to JSF standards.

B. JSF tags cannot be integrated into the HTML generated by WYSIWYG editors.

C. The web pages cannot be previewed accurately with a generic WYSIWYG HIML editor.

D. The web pages must be converted into Face lets.

Answer: C

Q49. A company is extending is successful social networking site to support the following channels: instant messaging (IM), email messaging and text messaging/SMS. At present, the site has scaled 400% in one year using a standard MVC Web framework the application experiences large surges or spikes in demand and also periods of inactivity. Notification delivery to the three channels does not need to be guaranteed.

Which solutions extends the current architecture and best meets the company’s requirements?

A. Send the notification inline, that is, within the normal HTTP request-response cycle.

B. Place messaging on a Java messaging Service (JMS) queue and use message-driven beans (MDBs) to create and send notifications.

C. Insert the messages into a database and use plain old Java Objects (POJOs) to read the messaging using JDBC and send notifications.

D. Insert the messages into a database and use entity beans to read the messages using JDBC and send notifications.

Answer: B

Q50. What are two consequences of using the Composite View pattern?

A. Improves performance

B. Avoids duplicate content

C. Forces a whole-part dependency

D. Allows tables to be reused in multiple locations

E. Restricts all sub views to have a consistent view technology

Answer: BD