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2021 Aug 1Z0-807 study guide

Q1. Which statements are true about Java integration technologies?

A. Remote Method Invocation (RMI) helps to connect subsystems in a loosely coupled manner.

B. Java Message Service (JMS) helps in synchronous messaging between Java and non- Java systems.

C. JMS helps to broadcast messages to multiple Java-based receivers.

D. Java Connector Architecture (JCA) helps to integrate with heterogeneous legacy enterprise information systems.

Answer: C

Q2. While analyzing an application, you observe that it contains numerous Interfaces for complex domain logic. Completing a business Function currently requires calling several of these interfaces in an order that is understood by system experts.

Which design pattern would you suggest to refactor the code?

A. Façade



D. Adapter

E. Decorator

Answer: A

Q3. Your company is considering migrating a persistence module, originally implemented as CMP entity beans, to now use JPA.

Which two statements are true?

A. Each CMP entity bean can be mapped to a single JPA entity class.

B. The client code that accesses the CMP entity beans does not have to change.

C. IPA cannot capture all the kinds of relationships supported by CMP entity beans.

D. The resulting IPA persistence module can be used on both the client and the server.

E. The JNDI name of a JPA entity class can be customized to match that of the corresponding CMP entity bean.

F. Remote clients of the CMP entity beans must start using web services to access the JPA entity classes on the server.

Answer: AD

Q4. A company must honor a service-level agreement (SLA) for its application, which states all database requests must execute within three seconds.

Users complain that some requests take longer than five seconds to complete. You have been contracted to fix the problem.

Which course of action do you recommend?

A. Modify the program to implement multi threading and an event-driven design.

B. Add servers to distribute the load.

C. Upgrade the application server and the operating system.

D. Define a plan for isolating the bottleneck, and define indicators that will measure performance under a test load.

Answer: D

Q5. Which statement is true about the use of security-related annotations in an enterprise bean?

A. They can be used to specify permissions only on business methods.

B. They can be used to specify permissions on a class or its business methods.

C. They can be used to change an authentication mechanism.

D. They can be used to acquire a secure connection using SSL.

E. They can be inherited from a parent abstract class.

Answer: B


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Q6. Which three principles are best practices when implementing a logging strategy for an enterprise application?

A. Never print log messages to the console window.

B. Use the appropriate logger level for logging information.

C. Log messages for every method entry and exit.

D. Include programmer-specific data in the log messages.

E. Include the thread name and Java class name in log messages.

Answer: BCD

Q7. Which two statements are true about java Cryptography Architecture (JCA)?

A. Any JCA provider must implement each supported category of algorithms.

B. Exactly one Implementation of each category of cryptographic algorithms must be provided.

C. Implementations of cryptographic algorithms can be plugged in to a JVM after it has been installed and at run time.

D. Categories of algorithms supported by JCA include message digests, signatures encryption, management, and random number generation.

Answer: CD

Q8. Which type of application would benefit from using the Singleton pattern?

A. An application that interacts with external systems in serial fashion.

B. An application that interacts with external systems in parallel fashion.

C. A clustered application that can support 200 concurrent users.

D. An application that requires remote monitoring capabilities

Answer: A

Q9. Your company has decided to expose a set of business operations through an API so that clients can access them remotely. These operations, which are modeled as methods on a stateless session bean component, act as building blocks for complex state-changing activities that need to possess atomicity,, consistency, isolation and durability (ACID) semantics.

Select the best technology to implement the API.

A. Remote Method Invocation (RMI)

B. Java Message Service (JMS)

C. XML over HTTP

D. Java Connector Architecture (JCA)

Answer: A

Q10. Which two measures are most effective in protecting websites from cross site scripting (XSS) attacks?

A. Escape “<” and “>” parameters that displayed or evaluated by the JavaScript interpreter.

B. URL-encode “<” and “>”parameters so they will never be evaluated by the JavaScript Interpreter.

C. Ensure that the session cookie is sent only on UTTPS connections.

D. Treat all user-supplied input as unsafe, and white list known good characters

E. Execute all user-supplied scripts in a server-side sandbox.

Answer: CE