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2021 Jun 1Z0-807 free exam questions

Q11. An investment company has purchased a number of small online business referral systems that appeal to various niche demographics. The company wants to bring these networks together in hopes of finding a broad, single theme and brand image for these groups before they can do that, they need to get the users communicating with outside their current networks.

Which Web Services pattern would you recommend they consider in building a scheme to accommodate this communication?

A. Asynchronous Interactions

B. PAOS Interactions

C. Web Services Broker

D. JMS Bridge

Answer: A

Q12. Which three statements are true about inheritance?

A. Inheritance helps to reuse existing code implementations.

B. It should be possible to substitute the derived class for its base class.

C. Inheritance allows you to modify the behavior of objects.

D. Inheritance promotes encapsulation better than interfaces.

E. The derived class must override all methods of the base class.

Answer: ABC

Q13. An online library wants to introduce a feature where an email notification is generated whenever a book becomes available for circulation. This notification must be sent to only those members who have expressed interest in that book.

Which design pattern would you use to implement this requirement?

A. Observer

B. Payload Extractor

C. Asynchronous Resource Integrator

D. Web Service Broker

E. Service Starter

Answer: A

Q14. Your application uses web services extensively and frequently to distribute large XML objects over HTTP. In addition, the application has been set particularly demanding performance and scalability service level agreements (SLAs).

Which java API is best suited for your application?





Answer: A

Q15. While analyzing an existing web application, you observe the following issues in the source code:

Duplicate control code is scattered throughout various view.

Business and presentation logic are mixed within these view.

The next phase of the project involves refactoring the existing code to address these two issues.

Which design pattern, if employed in the refactoring exercise, would most directly address the two issues?

A. Service to Worker

B. Dispatcher view


D. Composite View

Answer: A


Up to the minute 1Z0-807 simulations:

Q16. You have been tasked with improving the availability of an existing three tier application.

What is your first stop in evaluating what changes should be made to the architecture to achieve the goal?

A. Monitor network traffic between tiers.

B. Separate presentation from business logic.

C. Identify and document all single points of failure.

D. Cluster the presentation tier without session replication.

Answer: C

Q17. Which two security threats are negated by encrypting network transactions with Transport Layer Security (TLS)?

A. SQL injection

B. Session hijacking

C. Man in the middle

D. Cross-site scripting

E. Denial of service

Answer: BC

Q18. Which two statements describe the contact between an Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) container and the EJBs that it hosts?

A. The container provides automatic logging of all exceptions and errors generated by EJB code.

B. The container provides a transparent scaling mechanism to handle spikes in demand.

C. An EJB can extend its services, such as security, to improve performance.

D. The container has a well defined lifecycle model for each EJB type.

Answer: BD

Q19. Which two are primary concerns for a service-oriented architecture (SOA)?

A. Low cohesion

B. Loose coupling

C. Session handling

D. Well defined contracts

Answer: BD

Q20. A successful web application is used by over two hundred thousand users. Due to this substantial load, the database is over bridged and fails frequently. All data, included critical user records and temporary session data, is stored in the database. Because of resource constraints, a new database system cannot be installed.

Which change will reduce the load on the database?

A. Creating more entity beans to optimize interaction wild the database

B. Refactoring the web application to use DAOs to communicate with the database

C. Refactoring the web application to store temporary session data on the web servers

D. Adding more web servers to the web tier to distribute the load and reduce the number of transactions on the database.

Answer: C