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2021 Jun 1z0-050 real exam

Q121. Which two changes and their effect on the system can be tested by using the Database Replay feature? (Choose two.)

A. multiplexing of the control file

B. database and operating system upgrades

C. adding the redo log member to the database

D. changing the database storage to ASM-managed storage

Answer: BD

Q122. Which three statements are true regarding the functioning of the Autotask Background Process (ABP)? (Choose three.)

A. It translates tasks into jobs for execution by the scheduler.

B. It creates jobs without considering the priorities associated with them.

C. It determines the list of jobs that must be created for each maintenance window.

D. It is spawned by the MMON background process at the start of the maintenance window.

E. It maintains a repository in the SYSTEM tablespace to store the history of the execution of all tasks.

Answer: ACD

Q123. Which two statements about the SQL Management Base (SMB) are true? (Choose two.)

A. It contains only SQL profiles generated by SQL Tuning Advisor.

B. It stores plans generated by the optimizer using a stored outline.

C. It is part of the data dictionary and stored in the SYSAUX tablespace.

D. It is part of the data dictionary and stored in the SYSTEM tablespace.

E. It contains the statement log, the plan history, plan baselines, and SQL profiles.

Answer: CE

Q124. The SQL Tuning Advisor has been configured with default configurations in your database instance. 

Which recommendation is automatically implemented without the DBA's intervention after the SQL Tuning Advisor is run as part of the AUTOTASK framework?

A. statistics recommendations

B. SQL profile recommendations

C. index-related recommendations

D. restructuring of SQL recommendations

Answer: B

Q125. Your organization decided to upgrade the existing Oracle 10g database to Oracle 11g database in a multiprocessor environment. At the end of the upgrade, you observe that the DBA executes the following script:

SQL> @utlrp.sql

What is the significance of executing this script?

A. It performs parallel recompilation of only the stored PL/SQL code.

B. It performs sequential recompilation of only the stored PL/SQL code.

C. It performs parallel recompilation of any stored PL/SQL as well as Java code.

D. It performs sequential recompilation of any stored PL/SQL as well as Java code.

Answer: C

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Q126. You perform the following activities during the database upgrade from Oracle Database 10g to Oracle Database 11g:

1. Capture plans for a SQL workload into a SQL Tuning Set (STS) before upgrade.

2. Load these plans from the STS into the SQL plan baseline immediately after the upgrade.

What is the reason for performing these activities?

A. to minimize plan regression due to the use of a new optimizer version

B. to completely avoid the use of new plans generated by a new optimizer version

C. to prevent plan capturing when the SQL statement is executed after the database upgrade

D. to keep the plan in the plan history so that it can be used when the older version of the optimizer is used

Answer: A

Q127. Which statement is true for enabling Enterprise Manager Support Workbench in Oracle Database 11g to upload the physical files generated by Incident Packaging Service (IPS) to MetaLink?

A. The database must be running in ARCHIVELOG mode.

B. No special setup is required, and the feature is enabled by default.

C. The path for the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) must be configured with the DIAGNOSTIC_DEST initialization parameter.

D. The Enterprise Manager Support Workbench can be enabled only if the background process manageability monitor (MMON) is configured.

E. Select the Enable option in the Oracle Configuration Manager Registration window during the installation of the Oracle Database 11g software, provide valid MetaLink credentials and select license agreement.

Answer: E

Q128. Which tasks can be accomplished using the DBMS_LOB.SETOPTIONS procedure?

A. only encryption and compression settings for all SecureFile LOBs

B. only encryption and deduplication settings for only SecureFile CLOBs

C. deduplication, encryption, and compression settings for all SecureFile LOBs

D. deduplication, encryption, and compression settings only for SecureFile CLOBs

Answer: C

Q129. Which tasks are run automatically as part of the Automated Maintenance Task by default? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Segment Advisor

B. SQL Access Advisor

C. Optimizer statistics gathering

D. Automatic SQL Tuning Advisor

E. Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor

Answer: ACD

Q130. Which two statements are true regarding hot patching? (Choose two.)

A. It requires relinking of the Oracle binary.

B. It does not require database instance shutdown.

C. It can detect conflicts between two online patches.

D. It is available for installing all patches on all platforms.

E. It works only in a single database instance environment.

Answer: BC