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2021 Jan 1Z0-807 test engine

Q31. Your company provides a marketplace for industrial chemicals. You are required to offer accurate pricing and quantities to all marketplace users.

Marketplace users are globally distributed.

What is the most appropriate technology to use to satisfy this requirement?

A. Server-side distribution using JAX-WS

B. Client-side polling using JAX-RPC

C. Web services using REST

D. An enterprise messaging system

Answer: C

Q32. You are asked to propose a software deployment strategy that will reduce a client will also make deploying and testing their software stack more efficient.

Which element would you include in your proposal?

A. Vertically scalable platform

B. Horizontally scalable platform

C. Virtualized platform

D. Standard unit testing software

Answer: C

Q33. Which two use cases are best suited to the RPC style of messaging using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)?

A. Processing large sized communication messages

B. Implementing line grained services

C. Validating custom data types

D. Implementing asynchronous web services

E. Executing long running multi-part processes

Answer: BC

Q34. The integration team has reported a problem in testing a few deployed MDBs. By design, each MDB listens to one of four named queues. Two producers write messages to each queue. The test issues messages of the same payload type that each producer will send, but varies the number or size of these messages to measure the messaging server’s performance.

The team has noticed that the utilization remains at the same high rate any time the test writes messages destined for the third MDB. The message server log does not reveal any failure in sending messages to this MDB. Which anticipation expresses cause for this condition?

A. Hot Potato

B. Leaky Abstraction

C. Cache less Cow

D. Golden Hammer

Answer: A

Q35. Which three web applications work best when they are designed to be server-push enabled?

A. A news feed used for providing users with frequently updated news content

B. A web chat that allows users to communicate using easily accessible web interfaces

C. A live sporting event application, used to deliver current results during matches

D. An auction system that provides users with live online bidding

E. A graphics rendering application that generates visuals in an orderly fashion

Answer: BCD

Up to date 1Z0-807 test question:

Q36. Your web page design company is designing websites for all the stores in a local mall. Your company must create a consistent "look and fool" for these sites.

After this "look and feel- project has gone through demonstration, enhancement and approval iterations with the mall's .lions, you job is complete and the development of the actual B2C (Business –to-Client) system will be handled by a different firm

Which architecture is most appropriate for your prototype project?

A. Two tier, web-centric

B. Three, web-centric

C. Three-tier, enterprise-centric

D. Three-tier, application-centric

Answer: A

Q37. Which two kinds of applications benefit from the adoption of service oriented architecture (SOA) inspired patterns and practices?

A. An application that retains legacy systems while evolving to accommodate future business demands

B. An application with tightly coupled services that enable messages to flow easily

C. An application that utilizes fine-grained interfaces to provide communication to the object of a service

D. An application in which the communication between services and the business process are platform independent.

Answer: AD

Q38. MedLabML is a startup firm that moves patient data between different care providers to provide a “single patient view”. They use a B2B system to exchange electronic business document with their key suppliers. They are seeking your advice about standards to review for improving their message-level security.

Which standard or API would you recommend they read?

A. SAML 1.1

B. Web Service Interoperability Technology

C. XML Signature


Answer: B

Q39. You are integrating with a single legacy Enterprise Information System. You are interested in the transaction management capabilities of Java Connector Architecture. This new system needs the capability to invoke multiple operations against this single legacy system. these operations succeeded together or fail together as a group.

To which minimum level of transaction management do you set your resource adapter?

A. No transaction

B. Local transaction

C. Distributed transaction

D. Container-managed transaction

Answer: B

Q40. Your company uses a payroll application that was developed using Java technologies. The company has acquired another company and plans to integrate its payroll process in existing application. You have been asked to implement this integration. You observe that

the business logic adopted to calculate the payroll is different in both companies.

Which design pattern would be most appropriate to use in this integration?

A. Strategy

B. Payload Extractor

C. Fly Weight

D. Composite

E. Service Locator

Answer: A