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2021 Jun 1z0-141 exams

Q91. View the Exhibit.

You are coding a trigger (shown in the exhibit) to display the database error that occurs when users encounter the FRM-40505 error about being unable to execute a query. You have created an alert called Query_Alert. For the FRM-40505 error, the trigger should display the database error message in the Query_Alert. For all other errors, the trigger should display default messages on the console message line.

Examine the code for the On-Error trigger. When you attempt to compile this trigger, you receive a compilation error with the message "Error 215 at line 2, column 4: String length constraints must be in range (1..32767)".

What corrections should you make so that the trigger compiles and functions properly?

A. Change all occurrences of error_code, error_type, and error_text to message_code, message_type, and message_text.

B. Change the n variable to a NUMBER data type and change SLQERRM to DBMS_ERROR_TEXT.

C. Eliminate the n variable because SHOW_ALERT does not return a value.

D. Change the n variable to a NUMBER data type, replace SHOW_ALERT with FIND_ALERT, and change the line beginning with SET_ALERT_PROPERTY to SET_ALERT_MESSAGE_PROPERTY('Query_Alert',SQLERRM);.

Answer: B

Q92. In a multiform application, one form must invoke another. The form modules are called Customers and Orders internally, but the compiled files are saved as CUST.FMX and ORD.FMX, respectively.

There is a button in the Customers form with a When-Button-Pressed trigger to invoke the Orders form.

There is a requirement that only one Orders form can be running at a time, so the trigger must check to see if the form is already open. If it is open, the focus must be sent to it. If it is not open, it has to be opened.

Which of these trigger codes will achieve the required functionality?





















Answer: A

Q93. You have been asked to define a data block based on a query that is dependent on SQL only. The data will not be updated by the user. Selection of the tables to be queried will be decided by the user at run time. How should you define the appropriate data source?

A. Define a data block based on a From Clause query and define Transactional triggers for controlling DML statements.

B. Define a data block based on a Ref Cursor.

C. Define a data block based on a Table of Records.

D. Define a data block based on a combination of a Ref Cursor and a Table of Records.

E. Define a data block based on a From Clause query.

Answer: B

Most up-to-date 1z0-141 test questions:

Q94. Which statement is true about client-side validation?

A. It is implemented with the When-Validate-Item and When-Validate-Record triggers.

B. It does not require any middle-tier configuration.

C. It requires a network round trip.

D. It requires setting an item's Implementation Class property.

Answer: D

Q95. The database EMPLOYEES table has a foreign key constraint referencing the DEPARTMENTS table.

You are developing a Human Resources application. HR clerks use the Employees form to query, update, and insert employee records. They occasionally attempt to add an employee who is in a new department that has not yet been entered into the database. When this happens, they receive an error indicating that the parent record cannot be found, so they cannot commit the employee record.

The HR clerks have requested that you place a button on the form to enable them to invoke the Departments form to enter the new department and save it independently. Then they want to be able to return to the Employees form and decide whether or not to save the new employee record.

How should you code the When-Button-Pressed trigger to achieve this?

A. NEW_FORM('Departments');


C. OPEN_FORM('Departments');

D. CALL_FORM('Departments'); E. POST;


F. CALL_FORM('Departments',NO_HIDE);


Answer: G

Q96. View the Exhibit.

You are developing and testing a Forms application on a machine that has plenty of memory. The Customers block, whose Property Palette is shown in the exhibit, is based on a table that contains a large number of records.

The initial query on the block appears quickly. However, after scrolling through hundreds of records in the block, you notice that it is taking longer and longer to retrieve the next set of records. What can you do to improve performance without losing the fast initial response?

A. Set Number of Records Buffered to a smaller number.

B. Set Single Record to Yes.

C. Set Number of Records Buffered to a larger number.

D. Set Number of Records Displayed to a smaller number.

E. Set Query All Records to Yes.

F. Set Query Array Size to a larger number.

Answer: C