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2021 Jul 1Z0-519 practice test

Q51. The materials manager has noticed that several items were created and assigned to various inventory organizations, but the analyst skipped the "Copy from Template" step. The manager would like to know how to correct the items.

Which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

A. Apply the template in the organization item. It would automatically update the Master Item window.

B. You can use the Item Attribute Copy form to update the value of an item attribute across multiple organizations in a given organization hierarchy.

C. You can change an organization-level attribute with the Master Item window. If you do this, it will update the organization-level attribute across all organizations.

D. You can use the Organization Item window to update organization-level item attributes. This would update organization-level attributes in your current organization only.

E. To update master-level attributes, use the Master Item window. If an attribute is controlled at the master level, the value of the attribute applies for all organizations to which the item is assigned.

Answer: BDE

Q52. Two Customer Service Representativeseach book a sales order for an item that is revision and lot controlled. There are no other open, active sales orders for this Item.

Each Customer Service Representative pick releases their order to the same warehouse independently.

The Pick Release Rule used by both includes Auto Allocation.

On the resulting Move Orders, Inventory has allocated all the requested quantity for one of the sales orders, but only half the requested quantity on the second sales order was available to be allocated.

Using the Transact Move Orders form, which action sequence can the warehouse person use to reduce the allocation on the first Move Order so that both customer orders can be equally satisfied?

A. 1. View/Update Allocations;

2. Change the allocated Revision and Quantity values, as appropriate.

B. 1. View/Update Allocations;

2. Change the allocated Revision and Quantity values;

3. Change the allocated Lot and Quantity values, as appropriate

C. 1. View/Update Allocations;

2. Change the allocated Lot and Quantity values, as appropriate;

3. Select the appropriate Missing Quantity Action.

D. 1. View/Update Allocations;

2. Change the allocated Revision and Quantity values, as appropriate;

3. Change the DestinationSub inventory.

Answer: C

Q53. For the profile option TP: INV Cycle Count Entriesform to Background processing.

What are the system requirements for it to be effective? (Choose two.)

A. the Receiving Transaction manager must be active.

B. the Cost Manager Interface manager must be active.

C. the Move Transaction interface manager must be active.

D. the Material Transaction interface manager must be active.

E. the Lot Move Transaction interface manager must be active.

Answer: BD

Q54. At which level can costing methods, such as Standard Costing or Average Costing (Moving Average costing), be controlled in an inventory organization?

1) Individual item level

2) subinventory level

3) Inventory organization level

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. 3 only

D. 1 and 3

E. 1 and 2

F. 2 and 3

G. 1, 2, and 3

Answer: C

Q55. ABC Corp. has determined its Accounting Key Flexfield structure for the Implementation of Oracle EBusiness Suite Release 12. The Accounting Key Flexfield structure contains five Segments: Company,

Business Unit, Department, Account, and Product

They have the following requirements:

1) the Department values should be based on the Business Units,

2) They want to produce a quarterly Balance Sheet for each Company.

Which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

A. The Product Value Set is dependent on the Accounts.

B. The Business Unit Value Set is defined as Independent

C. The Account Segment has a Value Set with no Validation.

D. The Company Segment is qualified as the Balancing Segment.

E. The Department Segment is qualified as an Inter company Segment

F. Cross validation rules are required to enforce dependency of Departments on the Business Units.

Answer: BDF

Down to date 1Z0-519 book:

Q56. Which two are supply sources for Supplier and Production inventory replenishment? (Choose two.)

A. Discrete job

B. Intransft order

C. External sales order

D. Replenishment move order

E. Internal purchase requisition

F. External purchase requisition

Answer: AF

Q57. Identify three valid sources of Inventory Supply. (Choose three.)

A. Approved Requisition Lines

B. Miscellaneous Transactions

C. Scheduled CMRO Work Orders

D. Approved Purchase Order Lines

E. Sales Order Lines in Entered status

F. WIP Work Orders in Released status

G. Sales Orders Lines in Scheduled status

Answer: CFG

Q58. Oracle Inventory interacts with other Oracle applications by sharing information.

Which two pieces of information does Oracle Inventory receive from the Order Management application?

(Choose two.)

A. UOM information IS

B. shipping information

C. on-hand information

D. ATP supply information

E. reservations information

Answer: BE

Q59. ABC Corp. is in the business of manufacturing laptops. They run marketing campaigns to attract and secure orders, and then produce a forecast based on the sales order history.

Identify the two business flows in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 that meet their requirements. (Choose two.)

A. Order to Cash

B. Forecast to Plan

C. Demand to Build D

D. Campaign to Order

E. Contract to Renewal

Answer: BD

Q60. Your customer is planning to dose the accounting period in Inventory. Before closing the period, the customer would like to view the total number of pending transactions in one form.

Which form would provide this Information?

A. Pending Status

B. View Material Transactions

C. Find Pending Transactions

D. Transaction Open Interface

E. Inventory Accounting Period

Answer: E