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2021 Feb 1Z0-519 exam answers

Q21. Vision Corporation is a semiconductor discrete manufacturing organization; it has its own manufacturing and distribution centers located globally,

It has this operating units:

US - USA operating unit

CAN - Canadian operating unit

UK - UK operating unit

MX - Mexican operating unit

IND- India operating unit

SPA -Spain operating unit

FRA - France operating unit

NL - Netherlands operating Unit

GER -Germany operating unit

These are the inventory organizations that existineach operating unit:

Inventory Org - Operating unit

VC (Master Org)-US

US1 (Child Org)- US

US2 (Child Org)-us

CA1 (Child Org)-CAN

MXl (Child Org)-MX

INI (Child Org)-IND

SP1 (Child Org)-SPA

FR1 (Child Org)-FRA

NLl (Child Org)- NL

GEl (Child Org)-GER

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. MasterOrganizationVC cannot be shared across operating units.

B. Items cannot be assigned to inventory organizations across operating units.

C. All inventory organizations do not need to be in the same operating unit to assign items.

D. You can define an item in INI inventory organization and assign it to GEl inventory organization

E. Items defined in VC organization can be assigned to US1, US2, NLl, and MXl inventory organizations.

Answer: CE

Q22. Company X has three Operating Units: A, B, and C. Each Operating Unit has the MO: Security Access profile option called ABC Security assigned. Operating Unitahas froth the MO: Operating Unit profile option and the MO; Default Operating Unit profile option assigned to it.

Which statement is true?

A. Paul can create transactions for the A, B, and C Operating Units.

B. All transactions created by Paul are automatically assigned to the Operating Unit A.

C. Paul can report on data across A, B, and C Operating Units, but enter transactions only against

D. Paul can report on data across A, B Operating Units.

E. The profile option did not include Operating Unit B and Operating Unit Cdue to an error by the system administrator.

F. The Payables responsibility is linked to the Operating Unit A by the MO: Operating Unit profile option and can create transactions for that Operating Unit alone.

Answer: A

Q23. Which two statements are true regarding partitioning of data by an application? (Choose two.)

A. General Ledger is partitioned by Ledgers.

B. Accounts Payable is partitioned by Ledgers.

C. Fixed Assets are partitioned by Operating Unit.

D. Accounts Receivable is partitioned by Operating Unit.

E. Order Management is partitioned by Inventory Organization.

Answer: AD

Q24. Which three statements are true when disabling lots? (Choose three.)

A. Lots are included as on-hand availability in reports.

B. Lots are not included as on-hand availability in reports.

C. Lots do not appear in the list of values during receipt transactions.

D. Lots appear in the list of values for receipts and ail other transactions.

E. Lots are considered as on-hand supply when you perform min-max or re-orderpointplanning.

F. Lots are not considered as on-hand supply when you perform min-max orre-orderpoint planning.

G. Lots are not included in Available to Promise, Available to Reserve, and Available to transact calculations.

Answer: ACE

Q25. The SLA: SRS Trace Mode profile option indicates wherethedebug Information provided by the concurrent programs is printed. The valuesforthis profile option are_____and_____. (Choose two.)

A. AF File

B. LogFile

C. OutFile

D. User Defined file name

Answer: AB

Improve 1Z0-519 exam question:

Q26. Your client has inventory organizations that belong to different operating units. All Items are manufacturedinone operating unit and shipped to distribution warehouses that belong to other operating units. On an exception basis, transfers may be arranged between distribution warehouses in different operating units.

All transfers between operating units are at the shipping organization's standard cost plus a transfer charge percentage.

Identify three inventory setup steps that are required for allowing the receiving inventory organization to correctly process receipts from inventory organizations belonging to another operating unit. (Choose three.)

A. Define an Intercompany Price List.

B. Define the correct Unit of Measure conversions for Dual UOM.

C. Define Intercompany Relations for each pair of operating units.

D. Define a separate Item Master Organization for each operating unit.

E. Define Receiving Options for each inventory organization in each operating unit.

F. Define Shipping Networks for each pair of shipping and receiving inventory organizations.

G. Ensure that the Receiving Options are uniform for ail inventory organizations in each operatingunit.

Answer: CEF

Q27. Select three true statements about inventory reservations. (Choose three.)

A. A reservation is a link between a supply source and a demand source.

B. For on-hand Inventory supply, there is only one type of reservation called high-level reservation.

C. For on-hand inventory supply, there is only one type of reservation called low-level reservation.

D. Reservations can be created only by Oracle applications or via forms. They cannot be imported from third-party applications.

E. A reservation creates a permanent data link between a supply source and a demand source, and represents a guaranteed allotment of material to a specified demand source.

F. Item reservations prevent the allocation of material you previously set aside for a sales order, account, account alias, inventory allotment, user-defined source, process batch components or, Oracle Complex

Maintenance and Repair Overhaul work order components.

G. Item reservations allow the allocation of material you previously set aside for a sales order, account, account alias, inventory allotment, user-defined source, process batch components or, Oracle Complex

Maintenance and Repair Overhaul work order components as long as the quantity is not negative.

Answer: AEF

Q28. Your client does not want to implement account alias issues or receipts. When performing setups, what should you do about the account alias flexfield?

A. Define segments, but do not compile.

B. Create at least one alias, compile, then disable the alias.

C. Ignore the account alias flexfield because it would not be required.

D. Compile the flexfield structure because it is required by Oracle Inventory.

E. Define default account aliases that can be used at a laterdatebut ensure they are disabled now.

Answer: D

Q29. Identify the four resources that Oracle Technology Network (OTN) provides. (Choose four.)

A. sample codes

B. Bug Database

C. technical articles

D. product downloads

E. product documentation

F. Applications Electronic Technical Reference Manuals (eTRM)

Answer: ACDE

Q30. Identify two features of an "Independent" value set.(Choose two.)

A. The reis a predefined list of values for a segment.

B. The values are stored in a product applications table.

C. The values are stored in an Oracle Application Object Library table.

D. You can enter a value other than those in the predefined list of values.

Answer: AC