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2021 Oct 1Z0-569 practice exam

Q61. When using OHS and the WebLogic Server proxy plugin with dynamic server lists, what, if any, configuration is required at the OHS tier when adding additional WebLogic Server instances? 

A. OHS must be restarted and up on restart; the dynamic server list will be automatically updated with newly added server(s) 

B. OHS httpd.conf must be updated with the newly added WebLogic Server(s). 

C. Nothing. Newly added WebLogic Server instances are automatically picked up and the plugin is dynamically reconfigured. 

D. The admin server must be restarted when the cluster has been reconfigured. This will, in turn, notify the web tier (OHS). 

Answer: A 


Q62. In the ILOM CLI from an Exalogic compute node, which command can be used to view a list of components that have been faulted? 

A. view /SP/faultmgmt B. show /SP/faultmgmt C. view /CMM/faultmgmt 

Answer: B 


Q63. SDP sits atop the InfiniBand core in the Exalogic architecture. What is SDP? (choose one) 

A. Sockets Direct Protocol 

B. Service Data Point 

C. Secure Delivery Platform 

D. Session Description Protocol 

Answer: A 


SDP is Sockets Direct Protocol. 

Q64. Which default profile configuration is supported by Exalogic? 

A. triple mirrored 

B. mirrored 

C. single parity RAID, narrow stripes 

D. triple parity RAID, wide stripes 

Answer: B 


Q65. Which two software components are central to providing the performance benefits delivered by an Exalogic machine? 

A. WebLogic Server 

B. Coherence 

C. SOA Suite 

D. Oracle Database 

E. Oracle VM 

Answer: A,B 

Explanation: Coherence provides replicated and distributed (partitioned) data management and caching services on top of a reliable, highly scalable peer-to-peer clustering protocol. Coherence has no single points of failure; it automatically and transparently fails over and redistributes its clustered data management services when a server becomes inoperative or is disconnected from the network. When a new server is added, or when a failed server is restarted, it automatically joins the cluster and Coherence fails back services to it, transparently redistributing the cluster load. Coherence includes network-level fault tolerance features and transparent soft re-start capability to enable servers to self-heal.

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Q66. Which is true about the InfiniBand spine switch as it is used in Exalogic? (Choose two) 

A. It is a full 36-port QDR InfiniBand switch. 

B. It is included in quarter, half and full rack configurations 

C. It is only used when wiring multi-rack configurations. 

D. It is used for all InfiniBand switching required between compute nodes and the storage appliance. 

Answer: A,C 


The InfiniBand spine switch is only used when wiring multi-rack configurations. In addition, It is a full 36-portQDR InfiniBand switch. 

Q67. To reduce I/O operations , what's are proposed in Exalogic 

A. JSP Compliler use buffer bytes instead static array buffers 

B. Servlets container uses byte buffer instead of temporary buffer 

C. JVM use byte buffer-aware streams instead of kernel level chunked streams 

D. Kernel reduce buffer placeing it over the heap 

Answer: A,B 


Q68. Which two JARs/WARs must be deployed on WebLogic Server to Coherence Web to function properly on Exalogic? 

A. Coherence.jar 

B. Active – cache.jar 

C. Active – cache.war 

D. Coherence – web – spi.war 

E. Sdp.jar 

Answer: A,D 


Q69. What function does the Cisco management switch serve in the Exalogic architecture? (Choose one) 

A. It bridges theExalogicInfiniBand network to the data center's 10Gb Ethernet service network. 

B. It bridges theExalogic1Gb Ethernet management network to the data center's 1Gb Ethernet management network. 

C. It connects the InfiniBand gateways toExalogic's internal 1Gb Ethernet management network. 

D. It connects theExalogicInfiniBand network to the data center's 1Gb Ethernet management network. 

Answer: B 


The Cisco management switch bridges theExalogic1Gb Ethernet management network to the data center's 1Gb Ethernet management network. 

Q70. Which command can be used to display the overall status of an InfiniBand switch in an Exalogic machine? 

A. showunhealthy 

B. listlinkup 

C. ibcheckerrors 

D. env_test 

Answer: D 

Reference: Verifying the status of a gateway switch)