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2021 Dec 1Z0-569 test question

Q51. In order to scale the WebLogic Server cluster beyond a single computers node, the domain must be propagated to additional computers nodes. How is this best accomplished? 

A. The domain can simply be zipped (using tar, cpio, or jar), copied over, and extracted on the other computer node. 

B. Web logic Server has specific commands like and that are designed for this purpose. 

C. The step can be accomplished most easily through the admin server when the second machine is added to the cluster. 

D. WithExalogicElastic Cloud software, domain propagation is automatic when additional machine is added to the cluster. 



Q52. What are characteristics of InfiniBand? (Choose two) 

A. Delivers 50% less latency via native Sockets Direct Protocol (SDP) 

B. Cuts number of buffer copies from four to two 

C. Provides 3X throughput over 10Gb Ethernet 

D. Uses packets of 16K instead of 4K 

Answer: A,C 


InfiniBand provides 3X throughput over 10Gb Ethernet and it delivers 50% less latency via native Sockets Direct Protocol (SDP). 

Q53. Where do you specify a listen address for Node Manager running on Exalogic compute nodes? 

A. In the file 

B. In the etc/hosts file on the compute nodes 

C. On the shared storage appliance 

D. In the file 



Q54. Which command would you use to perform comprehensive diagnostics on the entire fabric? 

A. ibdiagpath -v -1 

B. ibportstate 

C. ibtracert slid dlid 

D. ibdiagnet -v -r 


Reference: 14-7 topic: 14.1.11) 

Q55. Which two network channels are necessary to be configured for managed servers? 

A. HTTP client channel 

B. T3 channel 

C. SDP channel 

D. EoIB channel 

Answer: A,B 


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Q56. Which two statements are true about Node Manager? 

A. One node manager per domain 

B. Node manager must start inExalogicwith xinetd deamon 

C. Not needed node manager instance for control de lifecycle life of managed server, becauseExalogicsupport the needed for elastic grown of domains. 



Q57. What IP type is used when configuring non-global zones on Exalogic compute nodes? 

A. IP shared between global zone and non-global zone 

B. Exclusive IP for the non-global zone 

C. Virtual IP 

D. Floating IP 



Q58. WebLogic Server provides in two ways including and 

A. RAC datasource 

B. JDBC over SDP 

C. Active GridLink 

D. Multi-datasource 

Answer: C,D 


Q59. Which Exalogic component has direct network access to the Power Distribution Units (PDUs)? (Choose one) 

A. Cisco management switch 

B. InfiniBand switches 

C. Compute nodes 

D. Storage appliance 



The Cisco management switch has direct network access to the Power Distribution Units (PDUs). 

Q60. IPoIB sits atop the InfiniBand core in the Exalogic architecture. What is IPoIB? (Choose one) 

A. Internet Protocol over InfiniBand 

B. Internet Policy for Internet Broadband 

C. Internet Protocol for Infinite Bandwidth 

D. Internet Protocol over Internet Broadband 



IPoIB is Internet Protocol over InfiniBand.