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2021 Nov 1Z0-569 exam prep

Q1. Which best summarizes the factory storage configuration for FXBIOQIC? 

A. Onecommon project only 

B. Node-specific projects and shares only 

C. Onecommon project and some node-specific Projects and shares depending on the rack 

D. Onecommon project and one node-specific project 



Q2. GridLink data sources support SDP when Exalogic is connected directly to   . (Choose one) 

A. WebLogic Server 

B. Cyberdata 


D. Exadata 



GridLink data sources support SDP whenExalogicis connected directly to Exadata. 

Q3. All full-rack and partial rack configurations contain   TB of disk storage. 

A. 10 

B. 32 

C. 40 

D. 10 


Reference: Hardware) 

Q4. After creating a mount point for a shared file system on a Exalogic Linux compute node, which file would you edit to add entries for the mount point? 

A. /etc/resolv.conf 

B. /etc/fstab 

C. /etc/iscsi.conf 

D. /etc/xinetd.conf 



Q5. In an Exalogic machine, which network interface is used by applications running on compute nodes to communicate with applications running on other compute nodes? 



C. NET0 

D. ETH0 



Down to date 1Z0-569 practice:

Q6. What is the primary difference between installing WebLogic Server on Exalogic and installing on a typical Linux system? 

A. You must install Weblogic server once per compute node. 

B. Instead of installing on local compute node storage, WebLogic binaries are installed on the 7230 shared storage appliance. 

C. Prior to installation, the file system must be configured for InfiniBand access. 

D. There is no difference. 



60. On which machine will you open the Exalogic configurator spreadsheet for entering a customer's input? 

A. on the master compute node 

B. on the laptop that is connected toExalogicmachine 

C. on any of the compute nodes 

D. on all compute nodes 



Q7. Which profile configuration results in data loss even if a single disk fails? 

A. Single parity RAID, narrow stripes 

B. Mirrored 

C. Striped 

D. Double parity RAID 



Q8. Which is true about Exalogic rack configurations? (Choose one) 

A. AnExalogicmachine can grow to include 8 racks. 

B. Exadata racks can be included in a multi-rackExalogiccluster configuration. 

C. When expanding beyond a single rack,Exalogicbecomes a cluster of independentExalogicmachines. 

D. Standard 10Gb Ethernet is used to interconnect multiple racks. 



Q9. Which two statements are correct about ILOM ? 

A. It cannot manage anExalogiccompute node when the compute node is powered off. 

B. It can manage a compute node without consuming system resources. 

C. It can power the system on or off, either locally or remotely. 

D. It can launch Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center to monitor theExalogicmachine hardware 

Answer: B,C 


Q10. An Exalogic X2-2 rack contains 42 slots. What would you find at rack slots numbered 17-22 in a quarter, half-rack, or full-rack configuration? 

A. X4170 M2 compute nodes 

B. ZFS 7320 storage appliance components 

C. Cisco 4948 switches 

D. InfiniBand spine switches 


Reference: 1- 1, 1-2, 1-3)