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2021 Sep 1Z0-569 question

Q11. Which three statements are correct concerning scaling the deployment topology on Exalogic to additional machines? 

A. If using Active GridLink datasource, then adding a RAC node requires no reconfiguration. 

B. Adding a Coherence node requires no application reconfiguration. 

C. Adding an OHS instance requires reconfiguration of the dynamic server list. 

D. Adding a WebLogic Server instance to the cluster requires that the administration is running. 

Answer: A,B,D 


Q12. After verifying the initial network interfaces, which task does Exalogic Configuration Utility perform? 

A. Set up passwordless SSH access for compute nodes 

B. Distribute data to compute nodes 

C. Copy all node-specific scripts to compute node 

D. Verify passwordless SSH access for compute nodes 

Answer: A 


Q13. When creating an Active Gridlink datasource, it is important to target the data source to 

A. the admin server so that it can be managed 

B. any and all managed servers regardless of what applications are deployed 

C. the managed servers that will have the application deployed that makes use of the datasource 

D. managed servers that will act as standby servers In the event of a failure 

Answer: C 


Q14. Which three problems could affect ILOM login and access over the network? (Choose Three) 

A. Misconfiguration of ILOM IP address 

B. Bad imaging or re imaging of the base operating system on the laptop or terminal 

C. Misconfiguration of WebLogic Server software 

D. Misconfiguration of Cisco Ethernet switch ports 

E. Sideband configuration issues 

Answer: A,C,D 


Q15. When configuring a Solaris zone, which command would you use to list all available physical network interfaces in the global zone? 

A. ipadm show – phys 

B. ipadm show – link 

C. dladm show – link 

D. dladm show – phys 

Answer: D 


24. What is true about the Exalogic InfiniBand network? 

A. On each compute node, one HCA port (Active) connects to one gateway leaf switch and the other HCA port (passive) connects to another gateway leaf switch. 

B. On compute node, both the HCA ports connect to one gateway leaf switch in the rack. 

C. On each compute node, both the HCA ports connect to the InfiniBand 36-port spine switch in the rack. 

D. On each compute node, both the HCA ports connect to the InfiniBand 36-port spine switch in the rack. 

Answer: A 



Abreast of the times 1Z0-569 book:

Q16. What are software optimization features for Exalogic? (Choose two) 

A. JDBC performance accelerator 

B. Serial muxer architecture 

C. Active GridLink for RAC 

D. WebLogic FatPipe architecture 

Answer: A,C 


Active GridLink for RAC and JDBC performance accelerator are software optimization features forExalogic. 

Q17. Which three configurations are performed after powering on the storage appliance for the first time and establishing a connection? 

A. Network 

B. DNS, Time, and Name Services 

C. NTS mounts 

D. Storage 

E. Shares for remote clients to access 

Answer: C,D,E 


Q18. Which two are correct about Node Manager configuration? 

A. Modify and use the original Node Manager configuration and local files located in the middleware home directory. 

B. Copy the original Node Manager configuration and log files to a new directory outside of middleware home. Then, modify properties as necessary. 

C. There is no need to modify the default configuration. 

D. The Node Manager instance running on anExalogiccompute node listens on the BOND0/private address of the compute node. 

Answer: B,D 


Q19. In which scenario would you configure a set of floating IP addresses using the BOND1 interface for WebLogic managed servers and administration server? 

A. When HTTP traffic comes from the external data center 

B. For the private InfiniBand fabric network traffic used by the WebLogic Server instances and coherence servers 

C. For WebLogic Server replication traffic 

D. When database traffic needs to be isolated on a separate virtual LAN 

Answer: A 


Q20. Exalogic uses which techniques to dramatically enhance workload throughput and drastically cut latency? (Choose two) 

A. Serial muxer 

B. Parallel muxer 

C. 1.5K packet sizes 

D. Larger packets >= 32K 

Answer: B,D 


Exalogicuses a parallel muxer and large packets >= 32K to dramatically enhance workload throughput and drastically cut latency.