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Q21. Select three items that can be managed as a part of the configuration of the KPIs for Project Performance Reporting? 

A. status indicators 

B. trend indicators 

C. dimension indicators 

D. fact indicators 

E. KPI categories 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q22. Select threethings theMajor Axis on the Project Plan Gantt Chart timescale show when the minor axisis set to Months. 

A. Years 

B. Half Years 

C. Weeks 

D. Quarters 

E. Days 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q23. Selectthe- option that accurately completes thissentence. 

Eligiblerevenue is calculated using the formula__________ 

A. Potential Amount * Transfer Price Schedule Markup percentage/l00 

B. Potential Amount * (Transfer Price Schedule Markup percentage/100) * Transferprice rule markup percentage/100) 

C. Potential Revenue Amount* (Contribution percentage/l00) 

D. Qualified Revenue Amount* (Contribution percentage/100) 

Answer: B 

Q24. In your project, during the Project Business Unit implementation, you have set the project accounting calendar to the accounting calendar and you also selected the option to maintain common accounting and project accounting periods. In such a case, which application area is the project period status managed in? 

A. Fusion General Ledger only 

B. US I onProject Portfolio Managementonly 

C. Both Fusion General Ledger and Fusion Project PortfolioManagement 

D. In either Fusion Project Portfolio Management or in Fusion GL 

Answer: D 


Q25. Identify two possible statuses available for reviewing the allocation transaction, after having run the Generate Allocations process in Fusion PPM. 

A. draft success 

B. draft failure 

C. release Failure 

D. deletion in progress 

E. release in progress 

Answer: B,D

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Q26. Identify two statements that are true for Fusion Project Portfolio Management in relation to the Calendar and period management. 

A. You can use the same calendar for both your project accounting and accounting. 

B. Accounting periods are used to track budgets and forecasts, summarize project amounts for reporting, and track project status. 

C. By using the option of “Maintain common accounting and project accounting periods” you increase the period maintenance activity during the month end. 

D. You can maintain the statuses of the periods independently, even in spite of using the same calendar. 

Answer: B,D 

Q27. During an implementation, one of your consultants wants to understand the order in which Fusion PPM searches for the Labor Costing Overrides, Identify the advice that should be shared with the consultant to help him or her obtain an accurate understanding of the order. In which Fusion PPM searches for the Labor Costing Overrides. 

A. Person and Organize> Ion Combination —> Person andJob Combination___> Person 

B. Person---> Person and Job Combination ---> Person, Job and OrganizationCombination 

C. Person, Job and Organization Combination---->Personand Job Combination---->Person 

D. Person,Joband Organization Combination- ->Person and Job combination 

Answer: B 


Q28. Your clienthas expressed a desire to produce and summarizeinvoicelines for non-labor transactionstype or expenditure, based on the high level tastes of the project. Which invoiceformat grouping should be used to achieve this? 

A. Top Task,Employee 

B. Top Task,Expenditure Type 

C. Revenue Category, ExpenditureCategory, Top Task 

D. Top Task,Expenditure Category 

E. TopTask. Revenue Category, Expenditure Category, Expenditure Type 

Answer: B 

Q29. Identify two unique characteristics of a business unit in Fusion PPM. 

A. It is an Anchor for sharing the reference data across applications. 

B. It is defined centrally and acts as a partition for securing transaction-related data. 

C. It can exist in more than one Ledger. 

D. It often represents Project line of business. 

Answer: A,C 


Q30. Most Project Management solutions are plagued with the configurations that have financial and project management reference data intertwined. By introducing which two concepts has Fusion PPM distinguished between these? 

A. Project Unit 

B. Business Unit 

C. SetID 

D. Organization Classification 

E. PPM specific organization hierarchy 

Answer: B,D