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2021 Aug 1Z0-498 question

Q41. You have created a Financial Plan type where the planning amount option is set as cost amounts only.Based on this information identify two true scenarios. 

A. All budget versions created for the financial plan type contain only cost amounts. 

B. All forecast versions created for the financial plan typecontainonly cost amounts. 

C. Allbudget versioncreatedfor the financial plan typecontainonly cost amounts and margin. 

D. All forecast versions created for the financial plan type contain only cost amounts and margin 

Answer: B 


Q42. Select the two options that would accurately fill in the blanks in the sentences below. 

The rate sources in Fusion PPM are based on the Schedule Types specified on the Invoice and Revenue Methods. If the schedule type is Labor Schedule, Bill Rate, then a valid rate source would be ____________ or _______. 

A. Labor burden schedule 

B. Job billrate schedule 

C. Burden schedule 

D. Employee bill rate schedule 

E. Labortransfer price schedule 

Answer: B,D 

Q43. Select the contract status in which the contract can be reverted to a pervious active version. 

A. In draft status 

B. Underamendment status 

C. In pending acceptance status 

D. Under amendment status and approved 

Answer: A 

Q44. Identify the two abstract roles predefined in Fusion PPM. 

A. Project Administrator B. Project Manager 

C. Project Accountant 

D. Project Team Member 

E. Project Creator 

Answer: B,D 

Q45. A customer is using Fusion Payables and Fusion Project Portfolio Management. The customer has two suppliers setup with names X and Y respectively. Supplier Y has been merged with supplier X. the supplier merge program is run from the supplier merge option in Fusion Payables and you have chosen to merge all transactions. What will happen to the supplier references on transactions related to supplier Y that are already interfaced to Fusion Project Portfolio Management? 

A. The supplier merge program does not impact any supplier transactions that are already in Fusion PPM. 

B. The supplier merge program completes with error.The merge is not possible because the transactions are already in Fusion PPM. 

C. The supplier references to supplier Y will be modified to supplier X for all transactions existing in Fusion PPM. 

D. The transact Ions related to supplierX and Y will be deleted from Fusion PPM. 

E. The transaction related to Supplier Y will be deleted from Fusion PPM. 

Answer: A

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Q46. Which two options are relevant and true for Manual CapitalEvents? 

A. Costs and assets are grouped periodically throughout the duration of the project. 

B. Costs and assets areusually grouped at the required time within the project duration 

C. They aresuitable for blanketprojectsthat capture costs for repetitive work. 

D. They are suitable Tor [Phased projects where assets are placedIn service after eachphase is completed. 

Answer: A,C 


Q47. Identify two entitles included in theProject Transaction Type Reference DataModel. 

A. Project PlanType 

B. Project Expenditure Type 

C. Financial Plan Type 

D. Project Work Type 

Answer: A,C 


Q48. As you implement the Project Integration Gateway, you are required to set up the 

integration options for exporting actual amounts. What are the two valid options for export? 

A. Actual Burdened Cost 

B. Actual Raw cost 

C. Actual Quantitiesand Burdened Costs 

D. Actual Quantities end Raw Cost 

Answer: B,C 

Q49. Your company has set up the burdening functionality to capture the overhead costs incurred on all projects. It has been decided that these overhead costs will be stored as a separate expenditure item performed to set up the required expense account? 

A. Set up the account at the expenditure type defined for the burden transaction. 

B. Set up the total burdened cost credit SLA. 

C. Set up the burden cost account SLA, 

D. Set up the burden cost clearing account SLA. 

E. Set up the account at the expenditure category defined for the burden transaction. 

Answer: C 

72. Select three options included in Project Billing for Contract Types. 

A. Burdened Costs 

B. Interprojcet 

C. Billing Controls 

D. Intercompany 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q50. Identify three valid values for the pre-seeded Status Indicators in Fusion Project Performance Reporting. 

A. On Track 

B. On Budget 

C. At Risk 

D. Critical 

E. High Variance 

Answer: A,C,D