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2021 Nov 1Z0-498 exam cram

Q11. Choose the correct statement related to the project start and end dates. 

A. If the task dates roll up the task hierarchy automatically, then the project dates can be edited. 

B. If the task dates roll up the task hierarchy automatically, then the project dates cannot be edited. 

C. In an auto roll up of task dates, the project start date does not coincide with the earliest task. 

D. In an auto roll up of task dates, the project start date does not coincide with the latest task finish date. 



Q12. Identify two predefined transaction sources that Fusion PPM uses to import the transactions generated within projects. 

A. Interproject Supplier Invoices 

B. ProjectsIntercompany supplier invoices 

C. Project Allocations 

D. Capitalized Interest 

Answer: A,D 

Q13. Select the appropriate phrase to fill in the blanks below. 

Non-exclusive relationships between multiple projects and tasks with contracts and contract lines is a capability delivered by using_________ 

A. Project Contract-based billing 

B. Project Contract-based costing 

C. Project Contract Collection Center 

D. Contract Team Connect 


Q14. Identify thetrue statement regarding an expenditure item. 

A. An expenditure item can be adjusted on both billable and capitalizeable attributes of a transaction. 

B. An expenditureitem can be adjusted only on the capitalizable attributes of a transaction. 

C. An expenditure item con be adjusted only on the billableattributes of atransaction. 

D. An expenditure Item cannotbe adjusted on any attributes of transcation. 



Can I adjust an expenditure item to be both billable and capitalizable? 

Yes. The billable and capitalizable attributes of a transaction are not mutually exclusive. A project can be both billable and capitalizable. The expenditure items are not restricted to being one or the other. Therefore, you can adjust the expenditure items for both the attributes. 

Q15. Identify the mandatory setup step under Project Invoicing options when you use Fusion Project Billing with Fusion receivables? 

A. Specify unit of measure for invoicelines sent to Fusion receivables 

B. Specify Billing cycles 

C. Specify Override reasons 

D. Define Project Billing DescriptiveFlex Fields 


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Q16. Identify two restrictions that are applied by Oracle Fusion PPM, when exporting a new project from Microsoft Project. 

A. You must selecta source project of template 

B. The primary planning resource breakdown structure associated with the projector template must allow changes at the project level. 

C. The source projector template must allowfor third-party scheduling. 

D. A baseline for the projectplan must beset. 

E. You must generate a budget version and-create a baseline, 

Answer: A,E 

Q17. By using Project Integration Gateway, a person can use Global Data model to provide the capability to set up the integration for a business unit and a project unit combination. Based on this information, identify two true statements regarding this integration model. 

A. Business unit providesFinancial periods and currency 

B. Projectunitprovides financial periodsand currency 

C. Project unitprovides resources. 

D. Business unit provide planning resource breakdown structure. 

Answer: A,D 


Q18. Your client is implementing Fusion Applications for his or her organization and intends to transform the complete costing process through the use of Fusion PPM. One of the concerns the client has is that the user community is required to pick expenditure types from a long list, which are hot specific to their departmental expenses. Identify there levels of filtering that will help you address this concern in Fusion PPM. 

A. filterexpenditure types bused on the Project Unit that owns the project 

B. filterexpenditure types based on the set assigned to the Organization Hierarchy 

C. filter expenditure typesbased onthe set assigned to the project unit 

D. filter expenditure types based on the set assigned to the expenditure types 


Q19. Identify two reference data objects for which the default set assignments canbe done for a project unit set determinant. 

A. Project Definition 

B. Project Transaction Types 

C. Project Rates 

D. Project Accounting Definition 

Answer: B,D 


Q20. Select two correct statements pertaining to project classifications on a template. 

A. There can be a maximum of 20classifications that are allowed for entry using Quick Entry. 

B. When a project is created from a template, the project classifications cannot be deleted or added 

C. A project classification is a mandatory field on a project template 

D. When a project is created from a template, the project classifications can be deleted or added 

Answer: A,B