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2021 Jun 1Z0-498 sample question

Q31. Select the option that would accurately fill the blank below. 

The relationships between the Business Units and the Project Units in Fusion PPM are _________. 

A. One-to-One 

B. One-to-Many 

C. Many-to-Many 

D. Many-to-One 

Answer: C 

Q32. Identify four allocation methods available as a seeded method under Oracle Fusion Project Costing. 

A. spread evenly 

B. prorate 

C. percentage and spread evenly 

D. manual 

E. variable 

F. use client extension basis 

Answer: A,B,D,E 

Q33. Project Analytics in Fusion Applications provides the project commitment summary. Select three additional commitment sources provided by Project Analytics. 

A. Requisitions 

B. Purchase Orders 

C. Unaccounted Supplier Invoices 

D. PO Receipts 

E. Timecards 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q34. Select the option that enables the transactions from other sub ledger modules that are imported into Project Costing and are in :Rejected” or “Pending for processing” stage to be viewed. 

A. Review Commitment Transactions 

B. Manage Expenditure Items 

C. ManageUnreleased Expenditure Batches 

D. Manage Unprocessed Transactions 

Answer: D 

Q35. Which software application licenses are required for planning revenue when setting up Financial Plan types? 

A. Oracle Fusion Project Billing 

B. Oracle Fusion Project Costing 

C. Oracle FusionIntegration Gateway 

D. Oracle Fusion Project Execution Management 

Answer: D 


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Q36. Identify the statement that correctly describes how the Fusion PPM would handle a scenario in which someone attempts to import a configuration package into a instance of Fusion PPM where the implementation project name already exists. 

A. The upload program ends in error. 

B. The upload program completes in success but does not update records. 

C. A warning is generated thatthe current implementation project currently in the system will be replaced by the new configuration package. 

D. There is no warning; however, the current Implementation project is replaced withthe contents on the new configuration package. 

Answer: D 

Q37. In one of your implementations, you are required to synchronize the Fusion Project Information with Microsoft Project. During synchronization, you realize that the default settings areconfigured so that the project attributes are transferred. Identify four attributes that are imported into Microsoft Project. 

A. task structure 

B. resources 

C. task attributes 

D. actual quantities and costs 

E. scheduling and progress 

Answer: A,C,D,E 

Q38. Identify two keybusiness valuepropositions of Fusion Project Portfolio Management. 

A. enhanced user productivity and reduced supportcosts 

B. improveddecision-making by answering keybusiness questions while users enter transactions 

C. elimination ofexception-based management 

D. reducedcommunicationand collaboration by creating a community forthe project team 

Answer: B,C 


Q39. Identifythree true statements about Oracle BusinessIntelligence Applications. 

A. Oracle BusinessIntelligence Applications provide unlimited historical analysis, including trending and cross-domain insight 

B. Oracle Businessintelligence Applications provide pre-packaged data warehouse, ETL, metrics, andinteractive dashboards. 

C. Oracle Business IntelligenceApplications are built- on Oracle BusinessIntelligence EnterpriseEdition technology, 

D. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications ore not available for EBS,Peoplesoft,JD Edwards, andSieble. 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q40. Select the appropriate option to fill in the blank below. 

A person is allowed to remove transactions when the Project Invoice status is _____ 

A. Released 

B. Draft 

C. Accepted 

D. Transferred 

Answer: B