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2021 Jul 1Z0-878 free exam

Q31. Given the following output: 

# zoneadm list -cv 


0 global running / 

-heston-z1 incomplete /export/zones/heston-z1 

-heston-z2 incomplete /export/zones/heston-z2 

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 

A. Two zones are booting. 

B. Two zones are currently in use. 

C. Only one zone is currently in use. 

D. There are three zones configured on this system. 

E. There is only one zone configured on this system. 

Answer: C,D 

Q32. You run the following command: 

ping host1 

After a short time, you receive the following response: 

no answer from host1 

Which is a cause of this message? 

A. The interface on host1 is configured as down. 

B. Your local network interface is configured as down. 

C. Your IP address is not in the /etc/hosts file on host1. 

D. Your local system is unable to resolve the IP address for host1. 

Answer: A 

Q33. Which two commands assign the user1 user the handyman role? (Choose two). 

A. rolemod -U user1 handyman 

B. usermod —R handyman user1 

C. usermod —K roles=handyman user1 

D. rolemod -K users=user1 handyman 

Answer: B,C 

Q34. Which three commands can the system administrator use in the global zone to cause a running local zone to reboot? (Choose three) 

A. reboot —z <zone> 

B. zlogin <zone> reboot 

C. zoneadm —z <zone> boot 

D. zoneadm —z <zone> reboot 

E. halt -z <zone>; boot —z <zone> 

F. zoneadm —z < zone > haIt; zoneadm —z < zone > boot 

Answer: B,D,F 

Q35. The security administrator wishes to create a rights profile which is a superset of another rights profile. Certain commands in the new rights profile are to be run with different attributes to the original profile. How would you implement this using the RBAC framework? 

A. Copy the lines in the /etc/exec_attr file for the original rights profile and assign them to the new rights profile. Modify the attributes as necessary. 

B. Modify the /etc/exec_attr file to use a shell script which checks the rights profile being used and then executes the commands with the appropriate attributes using the pfexec command. 

C. Assign both rights profiles to the appropriate roles and give a higher priority to the commands for the new rights profile when different attributes are required. 

D. Use the profiles keyword when defining the new rights profile in the /etc/prof_attr file to import the original rights profile as part of the new rights profile. 

Answer: B

Down to date 1Z0-878 dumps:

Q36. A disk drive fails in the production server and the database is down for three days while a new drive is installed and the database is recovered from tape. You must mirror the /opt file system without ordering any additional hardware. Given the size of the /opt file system: 

# df -h Filesystem size used avail capacity Mounted on /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s5 5.1G 1.2G 3.9G 24% /opt The following disk slices are available for use: 

c0t0d0s4 5.18 GB c1t0d0s1 1.24 GB c1t0d0s2 8.43 GB c1t0d0s4 1.19 GB c1t0d0s6 6.00 GB 

A. c1t0d0s1 

B. c1t0d0s2 

C. c0t0d0s4 

D. c1t0d0s4 

E. c1t0d0s6 

Answer: B 

Q37. A user requires three file systems of the same size. The user requires the file systems to be able to remain online after a single disk failure. The user is NOT concerned about read or writes performance. The user has provided a disk array with 10 drives in it. The user requires the maximum amount of usable space from this array. 

Which configuration satisfies all of the user's requirements? 

A. three RAID-5 volumes of three drives each with one drive being used as a hot spare 

B. three RAID-0 volumes of three drives each with one drive being used as a hot spare 

C. three soft partitions created on a single RAID-1 volume consisting of all 10 drives 

D. three soft partitions created on a single RAID-5 volume consisting of all 10 drives 

Answer: D 

Q38. Which four are types of AutoFS maps? (Choose four) 

A. Direct 

B. Slave 

C. Binary 

D. Master 

E. Special 

F. Indirect 

G. Sparse 

H. Cannonical 

Answer: A,D,E,F 

Q39. Your x86-based system has a ZFS file system named /files on the c0d1 drive. You want to rename this file system, so that every time the system boots, it is automatically mounted under the name /data. Which answer describes how to change the ZFS file system name from /files to /data? 

A. zfs set mountpoint=/data data 

B. zfs destroy files;zfs create /data 

C. zfs destroy -f files; zpool create data c0d1 

D. Create a directory named /data, then change /files to /data in the /etc/vfstab file. 

Answer: A 

Q40. You are configuring a DNS client on your organization's network. You need to configure the name service switch to tell the client to use DNS. 

Which two are databases in the name service switch for which the dns keyword is valid? (Choose two.) 

A. hosts 

B. ipnodes C. services D. netmasks E. networks 

Answer: A,B