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2021 Aug 1Z0-878 braindumps

Q121. Click the Exhibit button. 

You are observing a junior administrator. They have just entered the command shown in the exhibit. Examine the exhibit and select the answer that best describes the purpose of the command. 

A. upgrade the newbe environment with a flash archive located in /opt/local/trap 

B. upgrade the newbe environment with a OS image located in /opt/iocal/tmp 

C. temporarily mount the file system /opt/local/tmp in the newbe environment 

D. patch the newbe environment with patches located in /opt/local/tmp 

Answer: D 

Q122. During boot up, your x86-based laptop that is running the Solaris 10 OS displays the message: 

NFS server arizona not responding, still trying 

Which two are valid troubleshooting procedures for this problem? (Choose two.) 

A. restart the NFS client-side daemons 

B. verify that the nfsd daemon is running on your laptop 

C. verify that your laptop is connected to the correct network 

D. verify that the server arizona is up and that its network interface is up. 

E. verify that the NFS client entry in /etc/inetd.conf is correct, then get inetd to reread the /etc/inetd.conf 

Answer: C,D 

Q123. Which three statements accurately describe the /etc/nsswiten.conf file? (Choose three.) 

A. The /etc/nsswitch.conf file includes a list of databases that are sources of information about IP addresses, users, and groups. 

B. The /etc/nsswitch.conf file can specify a number of data sources, such as NIS, NIS+, LDAP, DNS, or local files. 

C. The /etc/nssw itch, conf file must be created manually as part of the installation process. 

D. Each data item in the /etc/nsswiten.conf file must have at least one data source, but cannot have more than three data sources. 

E. The /etc/nsswitch.conf file is only necessary if multiple data sources are being used to track IP addresses, users, and groups. 

F. The lookup order for each item is specified in the /etc/nsswiten. conf file. 

Answer: A,B,F 

Q124. The system administrator has placed several entries in the direct map of a Solaris 10 OS machine that is configured to use local files. 

Which three features are direct map entries? (Choose three.) 

A. Direct maps can always be browsed. 

B. Direct maps specify relative paths only. 

C. Direct maps specify the absolute path of the mount point. 

D. A /- entry in the master map defines a mount point for direct maps. 

E. A master map that is a local file can only have one direct map entry. 

F. The directory specified in the map entry can be mounted from a comma-separated list of servers. 

Answer: C,D,F 

Q125. Which three commands are valid ways to start a NIS server? (Choose three.) 

A. svcadm enable nis 

B. svcadm enable nis/server 

C. /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypserv 

D. /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypstart 

E. svcadm enable svc:/network/nis/server 

Answer: B,D,E 


Regenerate 1Z0-878 exam question:

Q126. Users dbadmin, webadmin, and user6 all have their home directories located on serveri in the /export/home directory. 

Given these three files on a system named ciient6: 

/etc/passwd: dbadmin:x:100:10:Database Admin:/home/dbadmin:/bin/csh webadmin:x:101:10:Web Admin:/home/webadmin:/bin/ks h user6:x:101:10:User number 6:/home/user6:/bin/csh 

/etc/auto_master: #Master map for automounter /net —hosts —nosuid,nobrowse /home auto_home —nobrowse /etc/auto_home: #Home automounter map 

* serveri:/export/home/& 

Only user6 is currently logged in to ciient6, and dbadmin and webadmin have no processes running and have never logged in to ciient6. There have been no attempts to access the home directories of dbadmin and webadmin. 

Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.) 

A. Running Is /home outputs user 6. 

B. The dbadmin and webadmin users will NOT be able to log in to ciient6 because their home directories do not exist. 

C. A new user named user7 that is added to /etc/passwd on client6 and has a home directory on serveri as /export/home/user7 will be able to log in without restarting the automounter on client6. 

D. Running the mount on ciient6 command will show the home directories of webadmin, dbadmin, and user6 listed as being mounted. 

Answer: A,C 

Q127. As part of an early warning system, a system administrator disables the remote shell service and replaces it with a script. This script logs that it was called with the auth facility and the warning level. The script also logs the process ID of the invoking shell. 

What is the proper invocation of logger? 

A. logger -i -p auth.warning "rsh attempted from $ruser@$host to $user" 

B. logger -p warning.auth "rsh[$$]: attempted from $ruser@$host to $user" 

C. logger -i -p auth.warning -t rsh "attempted from $ruser@$host to $user" 

D. logger -p auth.warning -t rsh "[$$] attempted from $ruser@$host to $user" 

Answer: C 

Q128. Given this line from the name service configuration file: 

hosts:nis [NOTFOUND=return] files 

Which two statements correctly describe the behavior of the name service switch? 

(Choose two.) 

A. If NIS were unavailable, the attempt to locate a host's IP address would be abandoned. 

B. If NIS were unavailable, the attempt to locate the host's address would be continued within the local file (/etc/inet/hosts). 

C. If NIS were available, but a host IP address was NOT in the NIS map, the attempt to locate the host's address would be abandoned. 

D. If NIS were available, but a host IP address was NOT in the NIS tables, the attempt to locate the host's address would be continued by searching for it in the local file (/etc/inet/hosts). 

Answer: B,C 

Q129. The director of IT operations wants all important messages and all security related syslog events forwarded to a central system. The IT staff decides that this means that they need to forward all the auth messages and all other messages above the notice level, excluding the user messages to the bigbrother system. 

Which line needs to be added to the /etc/syslog.conf file? 

A. auth.*;*.notice;user.crit @bigbrother 

B. auth.debug;*.notice;user.none @bigbrother 

C. auth.debug;*.warning;user.none @bigbrother 

D. *.emerg;*.alert;*.crit;*.warning;auth.* @bigbrother 

Answer: B 

Q130. What are two requirements to JumpStart systems with Solaris OS using PXE boot? (Choose two.) 

A. an FTP server with x86 install images 

B. an install server with x86 install images 

C. a DHCP server with appropriate vendor options configured 

D. a BOOTPARAM server with appropriate vendor options configured 

Answer: B,C