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2021 Jul 1Z0-878 test questions

Q91. You configure an NIS domain within your organization. 

The NIS domain includes: 

* One master server 

* Three slave servers 

* 30 client systems 

Which two daemons run only on the master server? (Choose two.) 

A. ypnscd 

B. ypserv 

C. rpc.yppasswdd 

D. ypxfr_1perday 

E. rpc.ypupdated 

Answer: C,E 

Q92. You log in as the root user and issue the command: 

# snoop -q -o filename 

What are two results of issuing this command? (Choose two.) 

A. Network traffic is displayed. 

B. Packet count is NOT displayed. 

C. Network traffic is sent to filename. 

D. The contents of the filename is in ASCII text. 

E. The snoop command quits after a default amount of time. 

Answer: B,C 

Q93. Sometimes a process must give up some of its memory space allocation to another process. The process has some of its pages in RAM paged out. Which two statements accurately describe this paging process? (Choose two.) 

A. All the modified data memory pages of a process are moved to a swap area. 

B. Selected anonymous memory pages that contain private data or stack information are placed in a swap area. 

C. Unchanged file system pages are NOT placed in swap areas because file system data exist as permanent storage. 

D. The size of a memory page is fixed and is based on the architecture of the machine running Solaris 10 OS (8192 bytes for SPARC, 4096 bytes for x86 platforms). 

Answer: B,C 

Q94. Solaris 10 provides a tool to connect, over the internet, to a server at Sun Microsystems and analyze your system for security updates. Before you can fully utilize this tool, you must first register your Solaris 10 OS with Sun Microsystems. Which of the following commands will you use to register your software? 

A. smpatch 

B. sconadm 

C. patchpro 

D. updatemanager 

Answer: B 

Q95. You are creating a new direct map to allow a new application that has been installed on an application server to become available. Which two commands activate the new map? 

(Choose two.) 

A. /usr/sbin/mountall 

B. /usr/sbin/automount 

C. /usr/bin/pkill -HUP inetd 

D. /usr/sadm/bin/smreg add -d /etc/auto_master 

E. /usr/sbin/svcadm restart svc:/system/fileystem/autofs 

Answer: B,E

Improved 1Z0-878 training:

Q96. You need to update a existing BE with the files from you currently running BE so that you can upgrade the existing BE. Which command this? 

A. lucreate 

B. lumake 

C. lucurc 

D. luupgrade 

Answer: B 

Q97. You edit the /etc/dfs/dfstab file and add two new lines on a system that is already functioning as an NFS server. Which command causes these two new resources to be made available? 

A. share 

B. mount -a 

C. mountall 

D. shareall 

E. showmount -a 

Answer: D 

Q98. Which two are necessary to make a valid entry in /etc/inet/hosts? (Choose two.) 

A. loghost 

B. hostname 

C. IP address 

D. localhost 

E. subnet mask 

Answer: B,C 

Q99. You have been assigned a task to create in new profile file for the jumpstart server. Which profile keyword packages that will be installed on the client? 

A. install_type 

B. cluster 

C. system_type 

D. partitioning 

Answer: B 

Q100. You are creating a RAID-5 volume. You have several drives available to use. Which configuration allows the volume to remain available and online in case of a failure of the c3 controller? 

A. c1t0d0, c3t0d0, c3t1d0 

B. c3t1d0, c3t1d1, c3t1d2 

C. c0t0d0, c3t0d0, c4d0d0 

D. c3t1d0s0, c3t1d0s1, c3t1d0s3 

Answer: C