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Q231. While you attempt to NFS mount the /export/home directory from host potato onto mount point /data on host tomato, the following error appears: # mount /data nfs mount: potatoe: : RPC: Unknown host The /etc/hosts file on tomato contains the following: # Internet host table localhost tomato potato lettuce 

The /etc/vf stab on tomato contains the following (unrelated lines are omitted): 

What three actions can be taken to mount the file system successfully? (Choose three.) 

A. Create an entry in /etc/aliases: potato potatoe 

B. Type the command: # moun t pota to:/export/home 

C. Comment out the entry in /etc/vf stab, and then execute # mountall 

D. Change potatoe to potato in /etc/vfstab, and then execute # mount /data 

E. Change potato to potatoe in the /etc/hosts file, and then execute 

# mount /data 

F. Type the command: 

# mount —F nfs —o soft,bg potato:/export/home /data 

Answer: D,E,F 

Q232. Your companys security policy does not allow you to connect your servers directly to the internet. You would like to utilize some of the functionality in Solaris 10 to analyze your systems for available OS updates, and also download and install those updates from Sun Microsystems. Which answer describes how to utilize this functionality to analyze your systems for available OS updates, and also download and install those updates without connecting your server directly to the internet? 

A. Connect your server via sftp only when you need to analyze your server for updates. 

B. Use the update manager proxy software and re-direct the client to look for updates on the proxy server. 

C. Get the patches on DVD and use Solaris 10 patch manager tools to analyze your server against the updates on the DVD. 

D. You will not be able to use the update utility to automatically search for updates at Sun Microsystems because the utility requires connecting to a Sun server over the internet. 

Answer: B 

Q233. Given the entry from the /etc/user_attr file: 

Userl0::::profiles=User Security,Maintenance and Repair;roles=MediaAdmin;type=normal Which statement is correct? 

A. The user10 account is a role account. 

B. The MediaAdmin role is defined in the /etc/security/auth_attr file. 

C. The User Security, Maintenance and Repair profile is defined in the /etc/security/prof_attr file. 

D. The User Security and Maintenance and Repair profiles are defined in the /etc/security/prof_attr file. 

Answer: D 

Q234. In which three data sources can the automountd daemon look for maps? (Choose three) 


B. files 




F. swapfs 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q235. You have just configured the network interface on systemA. 

The following information is displayed pertaining to the network interface on systemA: 

lo0: flags=2001000849<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING,MULTICAST,IPv4,VIRTUAL> mtu 8232 index 1 inet netmask ff000000 

rtls0: flags=1004842<BROADCAST, RUNNING, MULTICAST, DHCP, IPv4> mtu 1500 index 2 inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast ether 0:10:dc:a3:7e:4b What is most likely the problem? 

A. The interface is not plumbed. 

B. The interface is not configured. 

C. The interface is not marked as UP 

D. The interface does not have valid routes configured. 

Answer: C

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Q236. When your Solaris system is booted, a startup script initializes the rpcbind service. Which script is it? 

A. /etc/rcS.d/S30network 

B. /lib/svc/method/rpc-bind 

C. /lib/svc/method/net-physical 

D. svc:/network/rpc/bind:default 

Answer: B 

Q237. Given the following content for output from coreadm: 

# coreadm global core file pattern: /var/core/core.%f.%p global core file content: all init core file pattern: core.%f.%p init core file content: default global core dumps: enabled per-process core dumps: enabled global setid core dumps: disabled per-process setid core dumps: disabled global core dump logging: enabled 

Which three commands are issued to set this configuration? (Choose three.) 

A. coreadm -i core.%f.%p 

B. coreadm -g core.%f.%p -G all 

C. coreadm -e global -e log -G all 

D. coreadm -i /var/core/core.%f.%p 

E. coreadm -g /var/core/core.%f.%p 

F. coreadm -G /var/core/core.%f.%p -g all 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q238. Which two commands list the profiles assigned to user fred? (Choose two) 

A. profiles fred 

B. profiles -1 fred 

C. profiles —list fred 

D. grep —w fred /etc/security/prof_attr 

E. grep —w fred /etc/securfity/po1icy.conf 

Answer: A,B 

Q239. Which service is started at boot time, instead of on demand? 

A. ping B. walld C. telnet D. sprayd 

E. mountd 

F. rpcbind 

Answer: E 

Q240. Your system is running a RAID-1 ZFS file system, but the following information is displayed regarding the mirror: 

You took the mirror off-line and have replaced the faulty disk drive. What is the next step to bring the new disk and mirror back on-line? 

A. zpool replace tank c1t1d0 

B. zpool replace c1t1d0 tank 

C. zpool replace tank c1t0d0 c1t1d0 

D. zpool replace tank c1t1d0 c1t0d0 

Answer: A