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2021 Jul 1Z0-864 dumps

Q101. With the release of a new product line, there has been a significant increase in the volume of transactions on your web site. You need to scale your application and manage session failover.

What is the best option for scalability?

A. Add additional web servers and application servers

B. Introduce a High Availability pair and utilize sticky sessions

C. Add additional application servers and implement DNS round robin

D. Add additional application servers and use clustered HttpSession

Answer: D

Q102. Your online e-commerce application has a message-driven bean (MDB) that calls an email server.

Which statement about invoking the MDB is true?

A. The client can access the MDB directly.

B. The client accesses the MDB using an interface.

C. A message-driven bean is simply a JMS message provider.

D. A JMS message is sent to the destination to which the MDB is listening.

Answer: D

Q103. Regulatory requirements force a real estate company to invoke an auditing function around each of the business operations implemented in the business tier of its mortgage approval system. The actual auditing code is distributed to developers as a black-box library that cannot be tampered with. The company wants the process of invoking the auditing behavior to be automatic in all the applications that together compose the system, without requiring any changes to their source code. Repackaging of existing modules to satisfy the requirements is allowed. Which two component types support adding the auditing code around each of the company's business methods without any source code changes? (Choose two.)

A. JPA entity class

B. BMP entity bean

C. CMP entity bean

D. message-driven bean

E. stateless session bean

Answer: DE

Q104. Your company has defined a set of business operations that it makes accessible to client applications. These operations, which are modeled as methods on a stateless session bean component, act as building blocks for complex state changing activities that need to possess atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID) semantics. Which remoting technology is most appropriate out of the box?



C. Web services

D. XML over HTTP

Answer: A

Q105. Security restrictions in a use-case require that the behavior of an EJB business method vary according to the role of the user. How should this be achieved?

A. The deployment descriptor is written using the roles determined by the programmer.

B. The programmer determines a role reference and uses it in the code. This is mapped to a role in the deployment descriptor.

C. The business method determines the role of the user using JNDI and configuration information in the deployment descriptor.

D. The business method determines the role of the user using JAAS and configuration information in the deployment descriptor.

Answer: B

Refresh 1Z0-864 test preparation:

Q106. You are interested in writing an XML messaging application. You would like to make methods calls to an API so you can read SOAP messages containing attachments and optionally send and receive these messages over the Internet. You are most interested in implementing XML messaging from the Java platform. Which Java API is best suited for your solution?





Answer: B

Q107. A company acts as a clearinghouse for credit card transactions. Certain bits of information inside individual transactions must be kept encrypted at all times to limit the potential for fraudulent transactions by untrustworthy merchants. Examples of data that must be kept confidential include the full credit card number and the CVV2 code associated with a card. Additionally, to limit the risk for tampering with transaction information, the company requires that information about a transaction travels as one data packet with the associated digital signature. You have been entrusted with developing the entry point into the system, that is, the component that needs to accept data for an individual transaction and start processing it. Which technology best satisfies the company's requirements?

A. Stateless session bean with RMI interface

B. CMP entity bean generated from a database table

C. Message-driven bean attached to a persistent JMS queue

D. Stateless session bean with a RPC-style web service interface

Answer: C

Q108. A travel company re-architected their application from a two-tier to a three-tier architecture. To see what impact the new architecture would have on its non-functional requirements (NFRs), the company built a prototype based on this new architecture. When they profiled it during testing, the company noticed that clients often share domain objects and leverage some of each other's work. Which characteristic of the prototype could improve based on their observation?

A. Security

B. Flexibility

C. Availability

D. Performance

Answer: D

Q109. A travel company wants to outsource the credit card processing functionality needed by their online flight reservations system. The company wants their application to support the ability to swap third-party vendors without impacting their application's business model. The credit card processing operation must participate in transactions, to ensure business constraints are obeyed. Which Java EE technology would most easily support this requirement?



C. Web Services

D. Java Connector Architecture (JCA)

Answer: D

Q110. Which programmatic activity is NOT appropriate for an MVC-based enterprise web application JSP?

A. Iterating over a collection

B. Embedding JavaScript code

C. Setting state on the user's session

D. Getting state from the user's session

E. Conditional logic to show view elements based on state

Answer: C