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2021 Jul 1z0-241 free practice questions

Q61. Examine this PeopleCode snippet: class RO_ROWSET extends Rowset; Which statement is true?

A. Rowset is a subclass of the RO_ROWSET class.

B. RO_ROWSET is an instance of the Rowset class.

C. RO_ROWSET is a superclass of the Rowset class.

D. Rowset is a superclass of the RO_ROWSET class.

E. RO_ROWSET is an application class in the Rowset application package.

Answer: D

Q62. View the Exhibit.

You access a content reference and see the search page shown.Select the property that you must change so that the search page title is more descriptive.

A. Menu item label

B. Component item label

C. Record definition label

D. Search page item label

Answer: A

Q63. Fill in the blanks using PeopleCode data buffer access classes. A record object contains at least one ____ object.One _____ object can be instantiated to represent the entire component buffer. A row object contains at least one _______ object or _______ object.A rowset object contains at least one _______ object.

A. field, rowset, rowset, record, row

B. row, component, record, field, record

C. scroll, rowset, row, record, row

D. field, page, rowset, row, record E. row, record, record, field, row

Answer: A

Q64. The Run Status column on the Process List page indicates the current state of a process.

Assume that the Process Scheduler server is running, which three statements are true regarding the Run Status column on the Process List page? (Choose three.)

A. Initiated status indicates that a PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Server has acknowledged the new request. At this time, PeopleSoft Process Scheduler validates the parameters that are associated with this request and submits the command line to start the process.

B. Queued status indicates that this process has successfully initiated the program and the program is running.

C. Pending status indicates that this item is waiting for a previous item in the job before PeopleSoft Process Scheduler releases this item. When the previous item has completed successfully, PeopleSoft Process Scheduler changes the status of the item to Queued.

D. Processing status indicates that PeopleSoft Process Scheduler has successfully initiated the program, and that the program is running.

E. No Success status is same as the Error status, which indicates that the program that is associated with the process request encountered an error while processing transactions within the program.

Answer: ACD

Q65. You are importing the DEV_COURSE project from a file. Select the two files that must be present in the DEV_COURSE folder. (Choose two.)






Answer: BE

Latest 1z0-241 test question:

Q66. When you run a Crystal report that has run-time prompts, the prompt values need to be passed using the command line. Which two options will accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A. Create a default Crystal report from PeopleSoft Query using the file name (ACTQRY).RPT.

B. Hard-code that prompt value in quotes into the Process Definition page.

C. Use PeopleSoft Application Designer to create a run control page to gather values from the user and dynamically pass them into the command line.

D. Create a default report from a new or unnamed query object to enable PeopleSoft Query to use the in-memory selected column list to generate the report.

E. Create a default Crystal report from a named query object; the saved representation of the selected column list is used to generate the report.

Answer: BC

Q67. The PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Server Agent should not run continuously. To control its activity , you can schedule a non-running time for the server. This non-running time refers to the number of seconds that you want the agent to wait before it checks for queued process requests in the Process Request table. To set the non-running time for the server, which option do you need to set?

A. The Heartbeat field on the Server Definition page.

B. The Max Concurrent field on the Distribution page.

C. The Sleep Time field on the Server Definition page.

D. The Start Time and End Time fields on the Operation page.

E. The Server Load Balancing Option field on the Operation page.

Answer: C

Q68. View the Exhibit. Select the advanced search page that this record definition will generate.

Answer: D

Q69. Select the two true statements regarding search attributes. (Choose two.)

A. Search keys do not have to be part of the record definition primary key structure.

B. Alternate search keys generate the search page unless they are not list box items.

C. A field does not have to be a search key or an alternate search key to be a list box item.

D. Unlike search keys, alternate search keys do not appear on the search page in Basic Search mode.

Answer: CD

Q70. Select four field definition types that appear in the Field Definition Type drop-down list box when you create a new field definition in Application Designer. (Choose four.)

A. Character

B. Integer

C. Number

D. Signed Number

E. Attachment


G. Binary

Answer: ACDE