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Q111. A relational data model has three tables (Customer, Address, and Purchase). You are comparing modeling these tables with CMP entity beans and JPA using an ORM tool. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. The JPA version contains fewer classes and interfaces.

B. The CMP version contains fewer classes and interfaces.

C. The JPA entity classes can be instantiated with the "new" statement.

D. In JPA entity classes, data are accessed using abstract getter methods.

E. Both CMP entity beans and JPA entity classes can be directly used as DAO classes.

Answer: AC

Q112. Which design pattern is useful for hiding the construction and implementation details of an object?

A. Flyweight

B. Singleton

C. Abstract Factory

D. Chain of Command

Answer: C

Q113. Your consulting company has been asked to enhance an existing application. The current application is a two-tier system in which all of the business logic is located in thick clients. You are considering a solution that would involve moving the business logic out of the client (thus allowing the client to be a standard browser), and moving the business logic into the server's database in the form of stored procedures. Which statement is true about your proposed solution?

A. It will improve the scalability of the system.

B. It will improve the manageability of the system.

C. It will reduce the amount of traffic on the network.

D. It will, in effect, turn the application into a three-tier system.

Answer: B

Q114. What are three web service support features in Java EE? (Choose three.)

A. Generating a web service from an MDB

B. Generating a Java class from a WSDL file

C. Associating a Java class with a WSDL file

D. Associating a JMS queue with a WSDL file

E. Generating a web service from a stateful session bean

F. Generating a web service from a stateless session bean

Answer: BCF

Q115. What are two consequences of using the Observer pattern? (Choose two.)

A. The source is loosely coupled with the observer.

B. Changes in a source are broadcast to all observers.

C. The observer must be tightly coupled with the source.

D. An observer is restricted to observing only one source.

E. An adaptor is needed when subclasses of the source are added.

Answer: AB

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Q116. Your new application incorporates messaging. If the receiver is down, the message is stored by the sending component. When the receiving application becomes available, all of the stored messages are delivered. Which solution is most appropriate?

A. JMS with asynchronous communication

B. JMS with synchronous communication

C. RPC with asynchronous communication

D. RPC with synchronous communication

Answer: A


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Q118. Your company has a web site that was created exclusively in JSP pages. The company now wants to add role-based security to the site to limit access to certain pages. Which three are used to facilitate this authorization mechanism? (Choose three.)

A. a servlet Front Controller

B. EJB security constraints

C. a servlet Filter to intercept HTTP requests

D. web resource constraints in the deployment descriptor

Answer: ACD

Q119. A design company that makes avatar skins for virtual reality environments wants to create an online catalog system that enables customers to purchase skin textures. The company is concerned about being ranked well by search engines and therefore wants their entire catalog to be easily parsed by the search engine bots. Which view generation strategy is the most problematic for this endeavor?

A. using servlets

B. using JSF tags

C. using JSP tags

D. using PHP tags

Answer: B


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