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Q81. An airline flight monitoring system must notify several other systems when a flight's status changes. All of the systems are written in the Java programming language and located on the same local area network. One of these systems, the crew scheduler, must receive all flight status changes. If the crew scheduler system is down, it must receive all status changes when it restarts. How should the crew scheduler receive flight status changes?

A. As a JMS durable subscriber

B. Using XML over HTTP with correlation IDs

C. Through a Java Connector Architecture adapter

D. As an asynchronous RPC-style SOAP web service

Answer: A

Q82. Which three are benefits of design patterns? (Choose three.)

A. They act as a learning aid.

B. They provide standard code libraries.

C. They provide a common design vocabulary.

D. They are best suited for implementation details.

E. They standardize the way designs are developed.

F. They provide a standard object-oriented development process.

Answer: ACE

Q83. A company created its own MVC-like framework in the years before Struts and JSF. Unfortunately, the company's Front Controller has become bloated with too many features including fine-grained authorization, view dispatching, and business logic invocation. Which three patterns could be applied to reduce the complexity of this Front Controller? (Choose three.)

A. Mediator

B. Command

C. View Helper

D. Intercepting Filter

E. Composite View

F. Application Controller

Answer: BDF

Q84. A fashion web site has many small chunks of content that web designers cut-and-paste in many pages. Over time, inconsistencies have emerged as one designer alters the HTML of a given chunk. As an architect, one of your tasks is to introduce a mechanism to be used by the web designers to isolate these chunks and keep them consistent. Which two technologies allow web designers to isolate and reuse these chunks of HTML? (Choose two.)

A. tag files

B. simple tag handlers

C. classic tag handlers

D. JSP include directive

E. JSP forward directive

F. JSP Expression Language

Answer: AD

Q85. Your company's new Internet application has complex requirements for the restriction of web page access, and you know the site's current security requirements are subject to change. You have recommended to your Chief Technology Officer that the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) should be used for security. Which three security features influenced your decision? (Choose three.)

A. Single sign-on support

B. A framework for SOA governance

C. Pluggable Authentication Modules

D. Secure Internet connections using sockets

E. A framework for encryption, key generation, and key agreement

F. A flexible access control policy for user-based, group-based, and role-based authorization

Answer: ACF

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Q86. Which technology is NOT capable of implementing a Front Controller?

A. servlets

B. servlet filters

C. JavaServer Faces

D. JavaServer Pages

E. session context listeners

Answer: E

Q87. Java Connector Architecture (JCA) as a technology solution addresses certain needs for your Java applications. What is the best description of a JCA solution?

A. Asynchronous message-based interfaces

B. Integration of slow responders in a loosely-coupled way

C. Access tightly-coupled business logic of legacy systems

D. Integration of systems/components and guaranteeing message delivery

Answer: C

Q88. ABC Travel offers a flight reservation service, exposed as a web service. XYZ Stays offers a hotel reservation service, also exposed as a web service. ABC and XYZ will not change their web services. A startup company has contacted you for advice about designing a new service that combines flight and hotel reservations, which they will offer as a web service. The startup company plans to provide their service by implementing a portable Java EE solution that aggregates the two services offered by ABC Travel and XYZ Stays. A combined reservation succeeds only if both the flight reservation and the hotel reservation succeed. What is the most effective way to meet the business requirement?

A. The startup company should implement their new service as a web service that uses an XA transaction manager.

B. The startup company cannot implement their new service as a web service, but must use an EJB component to gain transaction propagation.

C. The startup company should implement their new service as a web service by calling the two existing services, and implementing their ow compensating transaction.

D. The startup company can implement their new service as a web service by calling the two existing services in a single transaction, relying on transaction propagation to support this business rule.

Answer: C

Q89. Which two are benefits of using the Intercepting Filter pattern? (Choose two.)

A. Allows the recombination of filters

B. Provides efficient data sharing between filters

C. Facilitates creating a generic command interface

D. Facilitates common processing across heterogeneous requests

E. Helps to minimize coupling between the presentation and business tiers

Answer: AD

Q90. Which is an appropriate technique for minimizing the consequences of a successful attack?

A. Input validation

B. Principle of least privilege

C. Encryption of wire transmissions

D. Use of strong/two-factor authentication

Answer: B