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2021 Oct 1Z0-581 practice exam

Q21. Indentify what must be required in order to receive alerts and email notifications from the Axiom storage system. 

A. Email server 

B. SNMP host 

C. Call Home enabled 

D. Primary Administratorcreated 


Explanation: You must designate one or more recipients to receive an event notification and define an email server to receive the notifications. Note: This email server is also used to send CallHome notifications to the Oracle Pillar Customer Support. 

Note: An event notification, when enabled, is defined as follows: A Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) email message that notifies recipients of specified system events. System events include informational, warning, or critical events such as the creation of a logical volume or the occurrence of a hardware or software problem. Event notifications are optional and supplement normal event logging and CallHome notification. (Formerly called an alert). 

Reference: Pillar Axiom Administrator's Guide, About Managing Event Notifications 

Q22. Which report types are available when creating a new scheduled report? Select all that apply. 

A. LUN Performance 

B. SAN Switch Performance 

C. SAN Hosts 

D. System Configuration 

E. Storage Allocation 

F. System Configuration Detail 

Answer: C,D 

Explanation: Select the type of report you want to generate from the Report Type menu. 

Choose one of: 


 SAN Hosts (C) 


 System Configuration (D) 


 Storage Performance 


 Storage Use 


 Storage Use per Volume 


 System Configuration Summary 

Reference: Pillar Axiom Administrator's Guide, Create a Reporting Schedule 

Q23. Identify the location where the AxiomONE Storage Services Manager software in available for download. 

A. via FTP (torn the Pillar Customer Support portal 

B. from a web browser, by specifying the name or IP address of the Axiom 

C. from a web browser, under Software on the Pillar Customer Support portal 

D. from the AxiomONEStorage Manager user Interface, by clicking the Download ASSM GUI link on the Support tab 


Explanation: Pillar Axiom Storage Services Manager graphical user interface (GUI) applications: 

Storage Services Manager and Pillar Axiom MaxMan 


The GUI applications are available in the following formats: 


 Windows Installer: Provides the download link for the 

Windows installer in MSI format. 


 JAR and Run Scripts: Provides the download links to the selfcontained JAR (Java archive) file and scripts in Zip and Tar archive formats. 

Reference: Pillar Axiom Administrator's Guide, About Accessing Pillar Axiom 600 Applications 

Q24. Identify the proper ways to connect the hardware power to the PDUs. 

A. alternating circuit breakers 

B. filling up one circuit breaker before using the others 

C. connecting half of the power on the hardware into one PDU and the other half into the second PDU 

D. connecting all Slammer CUs into one PDU and connecting all the Bricks and Pilots into the second PDU 

E. connectingall thepower for the Slammersinto one PDU and connectingall the hardware power into thesecond PDU 


Explanation: The Pillar Axiom 600 system components must be plugged into the PDUs such 

that they do not exceed the amperage rating of any outlet group. If you exceed 

the amperage rating, the circuit breakers trip. 

The power cords for each component must connect to separate PDUs, 

connected to separate power circuits. 

Note: 1 Review the Pillar Axiom 600 power requirements. 

2 Review the information about power cabling and verify that your PDUs meet 

the electrical requirements. 

3 Plug in your system components in such a way so that no PDU amperage 

limits are exceeded. 

4 Dress all power cables to the opposite side of the rack from any data 


We recommend dressing the power cables to the left side (when facing the 

back of the cabinet). 

5 Secure the power cables to the rack such that they do not restrict the 

removal of any other component. 

Reference:Pillar Axiom Administrator's Guide,Connect Power Cables 

Q25. When adding a user to the Axiom system, which role should be selected to allow the user to create volumes but not to update the Axiom system itself? 

A. Administrator1 

B. Administrator2 

C. Support 

D. Primary Support 


Explanation: Administrator 2: 

A login account that has the authority to perform all 

administrative and configuration tasks, except: 


 Create, modify, or delete administrator 

accounts and File Servers. 


 Modify systemwide settings such as Simple 

Network Management Protocol (SNMP). 


 Modify software or hardware configurations. 


 Shut down the system. 

Reference: Pillar Axiom Administrator's Guide, Create Administrator Account Dialog 

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Q26. Which hardware components are needed to increase bandwidth, assuming that there are IOP constraints? 

A. Brick 

B. Slammer 

C. Pilot 

D. Private Inter connect Module 

E. Private Management Interface 



Note: IOP: Input Output oPerations 

Q27. Identify three attributes that can be used to filter the event log 

A. Event Date Range 

B. Event Severities 

C. Event Categories D. Event Time 

E. Event Source 

Answer: B,C 

Explanation: Event logs display the system events of a Pillar Axiom system. Events include management actions such as the creation or deletion of LUNs and any problems encountered by the Pillar Axiom system, such as hardware issues or other problems detected in the Slammer or the Pillar Axiom management software. You can set filters for severity and category types. 

Reference: Pillar Axiom Administrator's Guide, About Event Logs 

Q28. Which dynamic status bar icon displays the overall system status of the hardware components? 

A. System Status 

B. System Alert 

C. Display Pillar Axiom system communications 

D. Hardware Status 


Explanation: Hardware status Displays the overall system status of the hardware components. A status of Normal (uncolored) requires no action. If, however, the status is Warning (yellow) or Critical (red), to view the Hardware overview page so the cause of the status can be identified, click this icon. 

Reference: Pillar Axiom Administrator's Guide, Status Bar Description 

Q29. Identify the quality of service settings that will create a RAID10 volume. 

A. Access Bias = Random 

B. Access Bias = Sequential 

C. I/O Bias = Write 

D. I/O Bias = Read 

E. Access Bias= Write 

Answer: A,C 

Explanation: The other combination are either not valid or give RAID 5. 

See table below. 

Effects of access and I/O bias 

Note: The combination of the access bias and I/O bias QoS properties of a logical 

volume can have varying effects on certain performance characteristics of that 


These performance characteristics can be effected by the access and I/O biases: 


 The amount of reading ahead performed by Slammers for the volume 


 The RAID configuration of the volume in the Bricks 

Reference: Pillar Axiom Administrator's Guide, Effects of Access Bias and I/O Bias 

Q30. The storage administrator would like to view the current software version that is installed on the system. Identify the navigation tab that the storage administrator will need to click. 

A. Support 

B. Monitor 

C. Manage 

D. Protect 


Explanation: You can display the versions of all software modules in your Pillar Axiom system. 

1 From the Support tab, click Software Modules. 

2 Review the displayed information to ensure that the versions are what you 


The version information includes: 


 Drive and Enclosure Services (ES) firmware in the Brick storage enclosures. 


 Application software and operating system in the Pilot management controller. 


 Software (SAN) and programmable ROM (PROM) in Slammer storage controllers. 

Reference:Pillar Axiom Administrator's Guide,Display Software Versions