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2021 Jul 1Z0-521 free exam questions

Q31. The item sub inventory report output contains _______. (Choose three)


B. Source type

C. Locator control

D. Focus forecast

E. Fixed Lot multiple

F. Min-max information

Answer: BEF

Q32. ACME runs on the PTO fulfillment model.

All the business rules for configuring the model are set up using configurator, which makes it initial for configuring PTO models.

Which statement is true?

A. A routing needs to be defined for PTO model.

B. Ship the model completely or the individual options.

C. Process the configured item to generate the work order.

D. After selecting the all options, the PTO model must be processed to get the configured.

Answer: B

Q33. Identify three standard views that you can access from the notification Worklist of Oracle Workflow self service web pages in Oracle E-Business suit release 12. (Choose three)

A. Open notifications

B. To do notifications

C. Closed notifications

D. Notification from Me

E. Rejected notifications

Answer: ABD

Q34. Which three activities are the parts of shipping process in order to cash cycle? (Choose three)

A. Scheduling the order line

B. Splitting sales order lines

C. Assigning deliver to trips

D. Decrementing inventory after ship has happened

E. Moving materials from factory to the stocking warehouses

F. Create move orders to transfer the items to the shipping Subinventory

Answer: CDF

Q35. Identify three correct statements regarding customer acceptance setups. (Choose three0

A. Customer acceptance can be enabled at the inventory organization level

B. For enabling customer acceptance, no setup is required on OM

C. Customer acceptance can be enabled at the OM operating unit level

D. Define assignments rules for deferral reasons at the customer, site, or item level.

E. The first step to enable customer acceptance is to set the OM system parameter enable fulfillment acceptance.

F. The second step of the customer acceptance setup is to define customer acceptance deferral reasons in the AR revenue management setup.

Answer: CEF

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Q36. Event types in sub ledger accounting are groupings of ________.

A. Events

B. Accounts

C. Event models

D. Event entities

E. Event classes

Answer: E

Q37. Which three statements are true regarding OM system parameters? (Choose three)

A. System parameters can be set with different values of different operating units.

B. System parameters can not be set with different values for different operating units.

C. The profile OM: credit sales person for freight on sales has been changed to an OM system.

D. The system parameter OM Employee for self service order has been changed to an OM system parameter with the same name.

E. The system parameter name OM employee for self service order in single OM system parameter which ha not changed to an OM profile.

F. The profile OM employee for self service order is the only OM responsibility level profile, which has been changed to an OM system parameter with a new name requestor for drop ship order created by external users.

Answer: ACF

Q38. Select three ways to deactivate credit checking on an order. (Choose three)

A. Disable the credit checking defaulting rule.

B. Disable the credit checking flag at the operating unit level

C. Disable the credit security code system parameter

D. Use an order type that does not have an assigned credit rule

E. Use payment terms for which the credit check box is no selected

F. Define the customer profile so that the credit check box is not selected

Answer: DEF

Q39. In the multi-Org model of Oracle E-Business suit release 12, which organization type owns bank account.

A. Ledger

B. Legal Entity

C. Operating unit

D. Balancing Entity

E. Business Group

Answer: B

Q40. Identify four functional setup steps that you would perform for ATP base on collection data. (Choose four)

A. Define price lists

B. Define ATP rules

C. Setup stock locations

D. Setup transit lead time

E. Set up pricing modifiers

F. Select the ATP item attribute

G. Set up profile INV: capable to promise

Answer: BDFG