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Q51. Choose the correct statement that applies to LPNs.

A. LPNs are organization independent.

B. Deliveries must exist before creating LPNs.

C. No container item is required to create LPNs.

D. LPN number can be defined with a prefix, starting number and suffix.

E. The delivery line status should be pick released before it can be assigned to LPNs.

Answer: D

Q52. A global single instance (GSI) provides the global enterprise with a single, complete data model. Identify three features in Oracle E-Business suite Release 12 that support a GSI. (Choose three)

A. Maintenance of third-party applications

B. Automation of standardize documents and audit process

C. Decentralization of operations by regions, divisions, or processes

D. Consolidation of data centers and lowering administrative overhead

E. Capture of statutory and customary local requirements in same database

Answer: BDE

Q53. Which two statements are true regarding partitioning of data by an application? (Choose two)

A. General Ledger is portioned by Ledgers

B. Accounts payables is portioned by Ledgers

C. Fixed Assets are partitioned by operating unit

D. Accounts receivables is partitioned by operating unit

E. Order management is partitioned by inventory organization

Answer: AD

Q54. Select three valid values for action when defining ship confirm rules. (Choose three)

A. Cancel all

B. Delete all

C. Break order all

D. Cycle count all

E. Ship entered quantities

F. Stage entered quantities

Answer: CDE

Q55. Which two options would you use to restrict the functionality provided by responsibility? (Choose two)

A. Creating an appropriate role

B. Creating an appropriate group

C. Consulting a new menu hierarchy

D. Defining rules to exclude specific functions

Answer: CD

Renovate 1Z0-521 simulations:

Q56. Some customers of Sterlite Inc have special order processing requirements. A bill to location on a ship to location of these customers may also need to have its own speed order type.

However a general user in various departments needs to always centre orders for a particular type.

1) Domestic personal need to enter to order type domestic

2) Export department personnel need to enter orders of orders of order type international.

A new customer profile is created to the default order type for different responsibilities or users the special order types can be defined in customer, ship to, or bill to record as required.

A user has created a new sales order where would the order type default from?

A. Related record ship-to: Order type

B. Related record invoice to: order type

C. Related record customer: order type

D. Application profile XXOM : xxxxxxx (Customer profile option for different responsibilities an users)

Answer: D

Q57. In multiple organization access control-enabled environment you search for orders with the following criteria:

1) The operating field is null

2) A specific value is entered for the transaction type field

Which statement best describes the above mentioned search criteria?

A. It will find orders across all the operating units.

B. The scenario is not a valid one considering the release 12 functionality.

C. It will find orders across all the operating units for which the specific transactions types have been defined.

D. It will find orders across all operating units, which are accessible under the responsibility used by the application users.

E. It will find orders across all operating units, which are accessible under the responsibility used also across all the accessible operating units for which the specific transaction type has been set up.

Answer: E

Q58. All of ACME's order have a predefined freight charges for each line item

The company wants to apply the freight charge to the sales order automatically to increase the order amount.

Apply ______.

A. Freight charges at ship conform

B. The manual freight and special charges modifier to apply at each sales order line

C. The automatic freight and special charges modifier to apply at each sales order line

D. The surcharge list type of modifier to automatically apply the freight charge at the time of sales order.

Answer: C

Q59. Identify four features to Workflow monitor. (Choose four)

A. Enables you to view your Workflows

B. Enables you to modify a workflow definition file

C. Enables you to download a workflow definition file

D. Displays status information for the process instance

E. Enables administrators to perform control operations

F. Enables you to search for a Workflow process instance

G. Provide only summary level information about individual activities of a workflow process.

Answer: ADEF

Q60. Identify the two values that the reporting level parameter can have when using cross organization reports with the multi-Org access control system feature. (Choose twos)

A. Ledger

B. Legal entity

C. Operating Unit

D. Security profile

E. Business group

Answer: AC