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Q11. During the customer phase of a project to implement Oracle E-Business suit Release 12, you are responsible for converting historical account balances into Oracle general ledger from a legacy system. There is no account code combination setup in the production instance.

Identify the setup in accounting key Flexfield structure that is requires to perform conversion.

A. Define value sets and assign them to segments.

B. Define segments in the accounting Flexfield structure.

C. Qualify one of segments as a balancing segment.

D. The key Flexfield segments have to be enabled and displayed.

E. Select the "Allow Dynamic inserts" check box in accounting key Flexfield Structure

Answer: E

Q12. Which three statements are true about Oracle Workflow and Oracle Alerts? (Choose three)

A. Alerts can perform only one action

B. Workflow can support complex conditional logic

C. Alerts can be configured for any frequency of occurrence

D. Workflow can wait for a user response during an activity

E. Alerts can perform multiple actions in sequence that you specify

F. Alerts run only when a data base record is either updated or created

Answer: BDE

Q13. Identify the four resources that Oracle technology network (OTN) provides. (Choose four)

A. Sample codes

B. Bug database

C. Technical articles

D. Product downloads

E. Product documentation

F. Application electronic technical reference (TRM)

Answer: ACDE

Q14. Identify three true statements regarding freight and special charges. (Choose three)

A. Accrual is valid application method for modifier type of freight/special charges.

B. Basic pricing provides seeded freight and special charges type of modifier list.

C. You can define your own implementation-specific freight and special charges type of the modifier list.

D. You can use the range price breaks in creating modifiers for freight and special charges if you are using only Basic pricing.

E. You can handle your own implementation-specific freight cost type or freight charges type codes for use in modifiers for calculating freight and special charges.

F. When there are two equal modifiers with the highest precedence in an incompatibility level, the pricing engine selects the modifier that provides the best benefit to the customer.

Answer: BEF

Q15. Daily business intelligence pages provide summarized content for a particular functional area. Name three feature that the page contain. (Choose three)

A. Regions

B. Reports

C. Parameters

D. Responsibilities

E. Key performance indicator (KPIs)

Answer: ACE

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Q16. Identify the four statements related to the MOAC functionality. (Choose four)

A. When querying any transaction, one must specify the operating unit.

B. The operating unit field is a display-only field for the transaction forms.

C. While entering a transaction, the operating unit needs to be selected in case the user wants an operating unit other than the default.

D. While querying for a transaction, entering the operating unit helps the application the query looser number of transaction and results in better performance.

E. A new operating field unit has been added to all the forms that allow the user to view and manage sales orders and returns across multiple operating units.

F. A new operating field unit has been added to all the forms that allow the user to view and manage sales agreements and Quotes across multiple operating units.

Answer: CDEF

Q17. Identify the profile option that is required to enable Multi-Org Access control for multiple operating units.

A. HR: User Type

B. MO: Operating Profile

C. MO: Security Profile

D. HR: Business Group

E. MO: Default Operating Unit

Answer: C

Q18. Identify three correct statements regarding the credit card encryption features? (Choose three)

A. Credit type is displayed as card brand.

B. The entire card information is stored at the order-line level.

C. Oracle payment is the single repository for multiple payment mode information access applications modules.

D. Oracle payment is the single repository for multiple payment mode information access set up options.

E. The main idea behind the credit card security code and credit encryption is the make the credit card and bank account information more centralized across the application and hence more secure.

Answer: ACE

Q19. Oracle daily Business Intelligence functions are secured using standard Oracle Application function security. Choose three dashboards that are secured by the inventory organization. (Choose three)

A. Inventory Management

B. Warehouse Management

C. Procurement Management

D. Commodity supplier Management

E. Customer fulfillment Management

Answer: ABE

Q20. Which statement best describe locator Control? (Choose two)

A. Cannot be changed after it is specified

B. Can be specified at the item master level

C. Can be specified at the operating unit level

D. Can be specified at the inventory organization level

Answer: CD