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A BIG-IP Administrator needs to apply a health monitor for a pool of database servers named DB_Pool that uses TCP port 1521.
Where should the BIG-IP Administrator apply this monitor?

  • A. Local Traffic > Profiles » Protocol > TCP
  • B. Local Traffic > Nodes > Default Monitor
  • C. Local Traffic > Pools > De Pool > Members
  • D. Local Traffic > Pools > DB Pool > Properties

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
201 dumps exhibit
A BIG-IP Administrator creates a new Virtual Server. The end user is unable to access the page. During troubleshooting, the administrator learns that the connection between the BIG-IP system and server is NOT set up correctly.
What should the administrator do to solve this issue?

  • A. Disable Address Translation
  • B. Set Address Translation to Auto Map, configure a SNAT pool, and have pool members in the same subnet of the servers
  • C. Set Address Translation to SNAT and configure a specific translation address
  • D. Set Address Translation to SNAT and have self-IP configured in the same subnet of servers

Answer: C

The status of the pool can be seen that the members are all up, indicating that the network from F5 to the server is no problem, so there is no need to configure selfip on the same subnet. The monitor is normal but the access is not normal, you have to consider the problem of snat, you can configure automap or configure snat and specify snat ip.

A BIG-IP Administrator is checking the BIG-IP device for known vulnerabilities. What should the 8IG-IP Administrator upload to BIG-IP iHealth for further analysis?

  • A. QKView
  • B. EUD
  • C. UCS
  • D. tcpdump

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
201 dumps exhibit
How are new connections load balanced?

  • A. To the first two members listed with the same priority group
  • B. To the pool member with the least number of connections
  • C. To the pool member with a high priority group value defined
  • D. To the pool member with a low priority group value defined

Answer: B

You have a pool of servers that need to be tested. All of the servers but one should be tested every 10 seconds, but one is slower and should only be tested every 20 seconds. How do you proceed?

  • A. It cannot be don
  • B. All monitors test every five seconds.
  • C. It can be done, but will require assigning monitors to each pool member.
  • D. It cannot be don
  • E. All of the members of a pool must be tested at the same frequency.
  • F. It can be done by assigning one monitor to the pool and a different monitor to the slower pool member.

Answer: D

What is the purpose of floating self-IP addresses?

  • A. to define an address that grants administrative access to either system at any time
  • B. to define an address that allows either system to initiate communication at any time
  • C. to define an address that allows network devices to route traffic via a single IP address
  • D. to define an address that gives network devices greater flexibility in choosing a path to forward traffic

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.
A BIG-IP Administrator configures the Virtual Server to pass HTTP traffic. Users report that they are unable to access the application
What should the administrator do to resolve this issue?

  • A. Change the Virtual Server name
  • B. Disable .he State
  • C. Reconfigure the Source Address
  • D. Reconfigure the Pool Members

Answer: D

A BIG-IP Administrator adds new Pool Members into an existing, highly utilized pool. Soon after, there are reports that the application is failing to load for some users. What pool level setting should the BIG-IP Administrator check?

  • A. Availability Requirement
  • B. Allow SNAT
  • C. Action On Service Down
  • D. Slow Ramp Time

Answer: D

Option ABC is a global configuration, has nothing to do with the new pool member, select D after excluding

Refer to the exhibit
201 dumps exhibit
201 dumps exhibit
The network team creates a new VLAN on the switches. The BIG-IP Administrator needs to create a configuration on the BIG-IP device. The BIG-IP Administrator creates a new VLAN and Self IP, but the servers on the new VLAN are NOT reachable from the BIG-IP device.
Which action should the BIG-IP Administrators to resolve this issue?

  • A. Set Port Lockdown of Set IP to Allow All
  • B. Change Auto Last Hop to enabled
  • C. Assign a physical interface to the new VLAN
  • D. Create a Floating Set IP Address

Answer: C

A BIG-IP Administrator reviews the Plane CPU Usage performance chart and discovers a high percentage of Control Plane utilization.
Which type of traffic does this indicate a higher usage of?

  • A. Administrative
  • B. Tunnel
  • C. Accelerated ,
  • D. Application

Answer: A

A BIG-IP Administrator needs to determine which pool members in a pool have been manually forced offline and are NOT accepting any new traffic. Which status icon indicates this?

  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D

Answer: A

You have created a custom profile named TEST2. The parent profile of TEST2 is named TEST1. If additional changes are made to TEST1, what is the effect on TEST2?

  • A. All changes to TEST1 are propagated to TEST2.
  • B. Some of the changes to TEST1 may propagate to TEST2.
  • C. Changes to TEST1 cannot affect TEST2 once TEST2 is saved.
  • D. When TEST1 is changed, the administrator is prompted and can choose whether to propagate changes to TEST2.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
201 dumps exhibit
A BIG-IP Administrator configures a now VLAN on an HA pair of devices that does NOT yet have any traffic. This action causes the assigned traffic group to fail over to the standby device.
Which VLAN setting should be changed to prevent this issue?

  • A. Auto Last Hop
  • B. Fail-safe
  • C. Customer Tag
  • D. Source Check

Answer: B

A BIG-IP Administrator needs to install a HotFix on a standalone BIG-IP device, which has HD1.1 as the Active Boot Location. The BIG-IP Administrator has already re-activated the license and created an UCS archive of the configuration. In which sequence should the BIG-IP Administrator perform the remaining steps?

  • A. Install HotFix in HD 1.1, Reboot the BIG-IP devic
  • B. Install UCS Archive
  • C. Install HotFix in HO 1.2, Install base Image in HD 1.2, Activate HD1.2
  • D. Install base Image in HD1.2, Install HotFix in HD1.2, Activate HD 1.2
  • E. Activate HD 1.2, Install base image in HD 1.2. Install HotFix in HD 1.2

Answer: C

A BIG-IP Administrator makes a configuration change to the BIG-IP device. Which file logs the message regarding the configuration change?

  • A. /var/log/messages
  • B. /var/log/audit
  • C. /var/log/user.log
  • D. /var/log/secure

Answer: B

About audit logging
Audit logging is an optional feature that togs messages whenever a BIG-IP® system object, such as a virtual server or a load balancing pool, is confined (that is. created, modified, or deleted). The BiGIP system logs the messages for these auditing events in the file /var/log'audit
There are three ways that objects can be configured
• By user action
• By system action
• By loading configuration data
Whenever an object is configured in one of these ways, the BIG-IP system logs a message to the audit log

Given that VLAN failsafe is enabled on the external VLAN and the network that the active BIG-IP's external VLAN is connected to has failed, which statement is always true about the results?

  • A. The active system will note the failure in the HA table.
  • B. The active system will reboot and the standby system will go into active mode.
  • C. The active system will failover and the standby system will go into active mode.
  • D. The active system will restart the traffic management module to eliminate the possibility that BIG-IP is the cause for the network failure.

Answer: A


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