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Which is an advantage of terminating SSL communication at the BIGIP rather than the ultimate web server?

  • A. Terminating SSL at the BIG-IP can eliminate SSL processing at the web servers.
  • B. Terminating SSL at IP the eliminates BIG all unencrypted traffic from the internal network.
  • C. Terminating SSL at the BIG-IP eliminates the need to purchase SSL certificates from a certificate authority.
  • D. Terminating SSL at the BIG-IP eliminates the need to use SSL acceleration hardware anywhere in the network.

Answer: A

What is required for a virtual server to support clients whose traffic arrives on the internal VLAN and pool members whose traffic arrives on the external VLAN?

  • A. That support is never available.
  • B. The virtual server must be enabled for both VLANs.
  • C. The virtual server must be enabled on the internal VLAN.
  • D. The virtual server must be enabled on the external VLAN.

Answer: C

A configuration change is made on the standby member of a device group.
What is displayed as "Recommended Action" on the Device Management Overview screen?

  • A. Force active member of device group to standby
  • B. Activate device with the most recent configuration
  • C. Synchronize the active member configuration to the group.
  • D. Synchronize the standby member configuration to the group

Answer: D

Which two statements are true concerning the default communication between a redundant pair of BIG-IP systems? (Choose two.)

  • A. Synchronization occurs via a TCP connection using ports 683 and 684.
  • B. Connection mirroring data is shared via a TCP connection using port 1028.
  • C. Persistence mirroring data is shared via a TCP connection using port 1028.
  • D. Connection mirroring data is shared through the serial fail over cable unless network failover is enabled.

Answer: BC

A site needs a virtual server that will use an iRule to parse HTTPS traffic based on HTTP header values. Which two profile types must be associated with such a virtual server? (Choose two.)

  • A. TCP
  • B. HTTP
  • C. HTTPS
  • D. ServerSSL

Answer: AB

A BIG-IP Administrator needs to restore a UCS file to an F5 device using the Configuration Utility. Which section of the Configuration Utility should the BIG-IP Administrator access to perform this task?

  • A. Local Traffic > Virtual Servers
  • B. Local Traffic > Policies
  • C. System > Archives
  • D. System > Configuration

Answer: C

All pool members are online. All other virtual server settings are at default What might after the load balancing behavior?

  • A. enabing SNAT automap
  • B. enabing a falback host in the http profile
  • C. adding a oneconnect profile
  • D. adding a persistence profile

Answer: D

A custom HTTP monitor is failing to a pool member that serves up www.example.com. A ping works to the pool member address.
The SEND string that the monitor is using is: GET/HTTP/l.l/r/n/Host.www.example.com/r/n/Connection Close/r/n/r/n
Which CLI tool syntax will show that the web server returns the correct HTTP response?

  • A. curlhttp://
  • B. curl-header 'Host:www.example.com'
  • C. tracepath 'http://www.example.com:80
  • D. tracepath GET /index

Answer: B

Which three statements describe a characteristic of profiles? (Choose three.)

  • A. Default profiles cannot be created or deleted.
  • B. Custom profiles are always based on a parent profile.
  • C. A profile can be a child of one profile and a parent of another.
  • D. All changes to parent profiles are propagated to their child profiles.
  • E. While most virtual servers have at least one profile associated with them, it is not required.

Answer: ABC

Refer to the exhibit.
201 dumps exhibit
Which two pool members are eligible to receive new connections? (Choose two)

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.
  • E.

Answer: BD

DNS queries from two internal DNS servers are being load balanced to external DNS Servers via a Virtual Server on a BIG-P device. The DNS queries originate from and and target
All DNS queries destined for the external DNS Servers fail
Which property change should the BIG-IP Administrator make in the Virtual Server to resolve this issue?

  • A. Protocol Profile (Client) to DNS-OPTIMZED
  • B. Type to Performance (HTTP)
  • C. Protocol to UDP
  • D. Source Address to

Answer: C

A BIG-IP Administrator explicitly creates a traffic group on a BIG-IP device.
Which two types of configuration objects can be associated with this traffic group? (Choose two.)

  • A. Pool Members
  • B. Virtual Addresses
  • C. iRules
  • D. VLANS
  • E. Application Instances

Answer: BE

The current status of a given pool member is unknown. Which condition could explain that state?

  • A. The member has no monitor assigned to it.
  • B. The member has a monitor assigned to it and the most recent monitor was successful.
  • C. The member has a monitor assigned to it and the monitor did not succeed during the most recent timeout period.
  • D. The member's node has a monitor assigned to it and the monitor did not succeed during the most recent timeout period.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit
201 dumps exhibit
A connection is being established to IP on port 8080. Which virtual server will handle the connection?

  • A. fwd_8080_vs
  • B. host_vs
  • C. host_ 8080_VS
  • D. fwdvs

Answer: B

Active connections to pool members are unevenly distributed. The load balancing method is Least Connections (member) Priority Group Activation is disabled. What is a potential cause of the event distribution?

  • A. Priority Group Activation is disabled
  • B. SSL Profile Server is applied
  • C. Persistence profile is applied
  • D. incorrect load balancing method

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.
During a planned upgrade lo a BIG-IP HA pair running Active/Standby, an outage to application traffic is reported shortly after the Active unit is forced to Standby Reverting the flower resolves the outage. What should the BIG-IP Administrator modify to avoid an outage during the next for over event?

  • A. The Tag voice on the Standby device
  • B. The interface on the Active device to 1.1
  • C. The Tag value on the Active device
  • D. The Interface on the Standby device to 1.1

Answer: A


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