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2021 Jun 1Z0-862 exam topics

Q41. A developer intends to use JAXR to update information in a UDDI registry. Which two statements are true about JAXR? (Choose two.)

A. It requires the use of the JAX-RPC APIs.

B. It only allows clients to perform inquiries.

C. It provides a layer of abstraction over the particular registry provider.

D. If used carelessly, the API can allow clients to delete entries in the UDDI registry that were not created by them.

E. It works with basic level 0 and advanced level 1 features.

Answer: CE

Q42. A team of developers is designing RESTful Web services for a new application. What are three properties of the services? (Choose three.)

A. They can be stateful.

B. They can be stateless.

C. Components communicate by exchanging representations of the resource.

D. Components communicate by directly performing operations on the resource.

E. They require WSDL service API definitions.

F. Responses can be labeled as cacheable or non-cacheable.

Answer: BCF

Q43. Given the XML elements:

<sender fname="john" lname="smith"/>

<sender lname="smith" fname="john"/>

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. The two elements cannot be digitally signed.

B. The two elements will always produce different XML Digital Signatures.

C. The two elements will produce identical digital signatures with canonicalization.

D. The two elements will produce different digital signatures without canonicalization.

E. XML documents must be in canonical form before they are digitally signed.

Answer: CE

Q44. Which two features of JSON formatted messages in Web services are responsible for its increasing popularity? (Choose two.)

A. widely available implementations

B. built-in browser parsing support

C. well supported by Ajax toolkits

D. simple API

E. tag-based message format

Answer: CD

Q45. A developer is building a real-time stock market monitoring application. Due to the volume of stock information pulled from the financial markets and the delays encountered when receiving data back from the servers, the developer decides to implement the asynchronous interaction pattern. Which three are implementations of this pattern? (Choose three.)

A. client-side push

B. client-side pull

C. server-side push

D. server-side pull

E. JMS-based

F. JAXB-based

Answer: BCE

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Q46. A Web service developer notes the vast array of Web services specifications has changed since the last large project. The developer begins research for a new project. The clients are banks and exchanges with detailed security needs. The new service must be able to describe its security needs, help other systems determine algorithms, exchange identities and integrate well with SOAP. Which two does the research uncover? (Choose two.)

A. SOAP Message Security builds on a base expressed in WS-SecurityPolicy.

B. WS-Trust describes security enhancements for SOAP anonymous key exchange.

C. WS-SecurityPolicy can express what needs to be protected via a WSDL.

D. WS-SecurityPolicy is a next generation specification that can replace WS-Security in many cases.

E. WS-SecurityPolicy can use an advanced set of reference types when implemented in the context of JAX-WS.

Answer: AC

Q47. An engineer is studying the architecture of the JAXB implementation. What are three components in its design? (Choose three.)

A. schema compiler

B. built-in SAX parser

C. schema generator

D. built-in DOM parser

E. binding runtime framework

F. schema interpretor

Answer: ACE

Q48. Which two statements are true about the WSDL 1.1 part element? (Choose two.)

A. Global schema complexTypes must be referenced by the type attribute.

B. Global schema complexTypes must be referenced by the complexType attribute.

C. Global schema elements must be referenced by the type attribute.

D. Global schema simple types must be referenced by the element attribute.

E. Global schema elements must be referenced by the element attribute.

Answer: AE

Q49. How does JAXB associate XML schemas to Java objects?

A. via StAX API calls

B. through data binding

C. by using registration and discovery of services

D. by creating callback methods

E. via annotations

Answer: B

Q50. Which two statements are true about JAXB? (Choose two.)

A. Developers must design and code JAXB classes, based on the XML schema.

B. JAXB represents a schema in memory after parsing it with the SAX API.

C. JAXB maps Java classes to a derived schema.

D. JAXP is a lightweight version of JAXB, and is preferred for mapping classes and XML in Java SE 6 applications.

E. JAXB provides reading and writing to manipulate XML using Java classes.

Answer: CE