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2021 Feb 1Z0-862 exam guide

Q81. Given:

1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

2. <soapenv:Envelope>

3. <soapenv:Body xmlns:ns2="urn:examples">

4. <ns2:name>Sun Solaris</ns2:name>

5. <ns2:price >99.99</ns2:price>

6. <ns2:description>

7. Solaris for Intel

8. </ns2:description>

9. <ns2:ID>A358185</ns2:ID>

10. </soapenv:Body>

11. </soapenv:Envelope>

Which statement is correct?

A. The message is SOAP-encoded because the encoding style is implied.

B. The message is RPC-encoded because in the absence of other specifiers, this is the WS-I default.

C. The message is document literal with type encoding, based on the schema provided.

D. The message is document literal wrapped because there is no encoded type information.

Answer: C

Q82. An automobile manufacturer publishes a Web service for use by their suppliers. The manufacturer has stringent security requirements that require suppliers to verify their identity. Data integrity and confidentiality must be maintained between the client and the server. Which two meet all of these requirements? (Choose two.)

A. X.509 and XKMS


C. SSL and mutual authentication

D. XML Encryption and XML Digital Signature

E. Private network and XML Signature

Answer: CD

Q83. Which two implementations of JSON Web services benefit from the inherent structure of JSON messages? (Choose two.)

A. remote procedure calls

B. geocoding

C. Enterprise Service Bus messaging

D. map image

E. stateful session management

Answer: BD

Q84. A company is implementing an accounting system, where every transaction is monitored and audited. They must implement message-oriented Web services in their accounting package to integrate various modules. All errors in computation or transmission must be logged. Which two technologies will they use? (Choose two.)







Answer: AD

Q85. A developer has an existing stateless session bean that contains a remote method. The method needs to be made available as a WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 compliant Web service. What is the correct mapping approach?



C. WSDL-to-Java

D. Java-to-WSDL

Answer: D

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Q86. Based on separation of concerns, which two are correctly implemented in the interaction layer of a Web service? (Choose two.)

A. validation of XML documents

B. saving document contents in a database table

C. application of the business logic to the XML document

D. translation of incoming XML documents to their internal XML representations

E. a new message for exceptions that are encountered in the processing layer

Answer: AD

Q87. Place the general steps in the JAXB data binding process in the correct order.

a . compile classes

b . generate classes

c . generate content tree

d . marshall

e . process content

f . unmarshall

g . validate

A. f,b,a,c,g,e,d

B. b,a,d,c,g,e,f

C. b,a,f,c,g,e,d

D. b,a,d,c,e,f,g

E. f,c,a,b,g,e,d

Answer: C

Q88. Which two statements are true about creating a SOAP message with an attachment? (Choose two.)

A. Binary attachments make SOAP incompatible with HTTP.

B. A SOAP Message package must specify Content-Type as multipart/related.

C. If one or more attachments are XML, they must be in the body of the SOAP message.

D. MIME attachments referenced inside the SOAP body must use SOAP references.

E. MIME provides a method to encode attachments in XML making them compatible with SOAP.

Answer: BD

Q89. A developer is defining a SOAP binding in the WSDL for their new service. Which XML fragment is WSDL 1.1 compliant?

A. <soap:binding transport=Http://"document"/>

B. <soap:binding transport=Http://"document"/>

C. <soap:binding transport=Http://"document"/>

D. <soap:binding transport=Http://"rpc"/>

Answer: C

Q90. What are three benefits of using SSL to connect to a Web service without mutual authentication?(Choose three.)

A. The server is assured of the client's identity if the client issues the certificate.

B. The client is assured of the server's identity.

C. Message integrity is preserved between the client and the server.

D. The communication between the client and the server is still logged.

E. The communication between the client and the server is encrypted.

F. Using SSL over HTTP incurs less overhead than HTTPS.

Answer: BCE