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2021 Jun 1Z0-532 free practice test

Q21. How many custom dimensions do Financial Management applications allow? 

A. 2 

B. 3 

C. 4 

D. 5 

E. None. Financial Management supports only fixed dimensions. 

Answer: C 

Q22. Identify two true statements about the native data load file format. 

A. The default column order for the native data file is Scenario, Year, Period, View, Entity, Value, Account, ICP, Custom1, Custom2, Custom3, and Custom4. 

B. You cannot change the column order for the data file. 

C. The Group section defines the POV for the data file; you can define only a single member for each POV dimension. 

D. The Line Items detail section contains data values. 

E. The Group section is required. 

Answer: AD 

Q23. You need to copy an FM Classic application including data from the production environment to the test environment to test new business rules. 

How can you do this? 

A. Use the FMCopyApplication.exe utility. 

B. Copy the application using the Admin Task list, select Extract Application and then import into a new application. 

C. Select the Copy User Provisioning in Shared Services. 

D. Use Life Cycle Management to migrate the artifacts and data. 

E. Use the EPMA File Generator Utility to extract and import metadata. 

Answer: A 

Q24. Assuming you are using version, right-click menus are available in 

A. Data grids only 

B. Data forms only 

C. Task lists only 

D. Data grids and Data forms 

E. Data grids, Data forms, and Task lists 

Answer: D 

Q25. Your source data file has values for 12 months across the columns. What is the best way to load this file into FM with native load functionality? 

A. Split the file into 12 different files, each with a single month. Set the POV for the Period dimension = specific month. 

B. Define a range for periods in the POV with the following syntax: !Period = January.. December. 

C. Make sure the column header has the month label; FM will load the column to the correct month. 

D. List the months in the POV with the following syntax:! Period = January-December. 

E. List the months in the POV with the following syntax:! Period = January, December. 

Answer: B 


Far out 1Z0-532 vce:

Q26. Identify the three true statements about ERP Integrator (ERPI). 

A. ERPI supports PeopleSoft, Oracle E-Business Suite and SAP. 

B. ERPI integrates metadata and data from ERP source system into an Oracle Hyperion EPM target application. 

C. ERPI provides drill through from Financial Management data forms, Smart View, and Financial Reporting. 

D. ERPI provides drill through to BI Dashboards. 

E. ERPI under the covers is Oracle Data Integrator. 

Answer: ABD 

Q27. You need to track and report an additional level of detail for journal entries, tracking whether the adjustment came from the GL, legal, or other source. Identify the best method to meet this requirement. 

A. It is not possible to track additional levels of detail in journals. 

B. Build a custom dimension to capture the additional level of detail. 

C. Build subaccounts in the Accounts dimension to capture the additional level of detail. 

D. Use commentary to note the sources of journals. 

E. Use line item details. 

Answer: B 

Q28. Identify the purpose of using task lists. 

A. To upload user “to do” items to FM with due dates and alert dates 

B. To organize and group related tasks into a navigational aid for users 

C. To create lists of members with VB script 

D. To list tasks to be executed by the FM Server 

E. To define the review path for consolidation review 

Answer: B 

Q29. For a classic application, what are the two valid methods to extract metadata to a text file? 

A. You can extract metadata using the EPMA file generator. 

B. Metadata can be extracted from within FM under extract tasks. 

C. Metadata can be extracted from within EPMA Dimension Library. 

D. Metadata can be extracted from the File > Export menu. 

E. Metadata can be extracted from an FDM application. 

Answer: AB 

Q30. What feature in Financial Reporting allows you to "drill into" a dimension? 

A. You cannot drill into dimensions in FR. 

B. Expansions 

C. Drill Options 

D. Zoom Options 

E. Enable for Smart Slice 

Answer: B