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2021 Jul 1Z0-591 brain dumps

Q71. Derived metrics are_____. 

A. Derived from other logical columns 

B. Derived from other physical columns 

C. Used to apply pre-aggregation calculations to measures 

D. Used to rename measures to user-friendly names 

Answer: A

Q72. Which two options are included in Oracle BI Server cache management techniques? 

A. Using NQSConfig.ini to manually edit the parameters 

B. Scheduling Server password 

C. Maximum Number of Rows to Download to Excel 

D. Inspecting the cache reports 

E. Manage access to Subject Areas 

Answer: AD

Q73. Which component is responsible for determining the device that receives the alerts for a given user account? 

A. Dashboard 

B. iBot 

C. Alerts 

D. Delivery Profiles 

Answer: B 

Q74. What are the two capabilities that users can apply to an Analysis when working within Plug-In for MS Office? 

A. Edit Analysis 

B. Refresh All 

C. Edit Prompts and Levels 

D. Publish 

Answer: BC

Q75. One of the initial phases in OBIEE implementation is the Discovery phase where the project team focuses on a few activities. Which option is not one of them? 

A. Business RequirementsDefinition 

B. Technical Requirements Definition 

C. Data Quality Assessment 

D. DashboardTesting 

Answer: B

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Q76. Under what circumstances would you model within the BI environment to include transactional data directly? 

A. When the customer needs near real-time data to support decision making in a fast changing environment 

B. When the customer is not prepared to spend budget on data-warehousing 

C. When the complexity of operational schema does not allow modeling in the BI repository 

D. When it is not possible to query against a transactional system 

Answer: A

Q77. When creating a Security Realm in the WebLogic Console, which object is created? 

A. Groups 

B. Row Level Filters 

C. Server Password 

D. Single Sign On 

Answer: A

Q78. Cache in OBIEE is used to_____. Select the two correct answers. 

A. improve performance of Dashboards and Analysis 

B. decrease query response time 

C. improve Analysis data quality 

D. eliminate Write Back Capabilities 

E. create Aggregate tables 

Answer: AB

Q79. Oracle BI Server cache setup information is configured by using Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware control. Which component stores the configuration Information? 

A. NQSConfig.ini 

B. Cache table inOBIEErepository 

C. WebCatalogue 

D. Instanceconfig.xml 

Answer: A

Q80. The Oracle BI office plug-in allows you to import the results of an OBI request into which two MS applications? 

A. MS Visio 

B. MS Excel 

C. MS Project 

D. MS Word 

Answer: BD